Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tabenings - Spin Edition

Hello again! I did mention that Wednesday was the new Tuesday, right?

Not much to report. I apparently really hosed Uzobono with the climactic scene of CORE #12, there are an Imperial shitload of props in the scene and they make the computer crash rather than render. I really should know better at this point, but having found myself hopeless in the face of Poser I don't really grok the issues, and therefore don't anticipate the problems I am creating when I write the script. Multi-hour render times only to bluescreen the computer.

I am assured that this will be worked through, but you all need to appreciate the problems I put Uzo through on your behalf. (And mine, obviously.) So get to appreciating.

It's holiday vacation season around here, and I'm going to be traveling until the New Year. This will quite possibly affect my posting - you recall the problems that Blogger gave me last year. I'm not sending Google my fucking cell phone number just to post on my blog when I have the fucking password. Gr!

So we'll see. I'll have my laptop and I'll have the Internet, so I'm hoping this isn't the last you'll hear from me in 2017, but if I go dark it's not because I don't love you.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tabenings - Wuesday Edition

Hi! Wednesday is the new Tuesday, didn't you hear?

Actually it's just the season coming into play. My spawn is part of a school performance, so that's what I'm doing on Tuesday nights this month. Luckily, Wednesday is still mostly free!

I hope you all noticed that Callidus posted a yummy new manip series over on his website! An alert reader commented on it here, but if you don't read the comments I am bringing it to your attention now. Go enjoy 'Compliance'!

Also, as you've seen, Uzobono and I have slowly been working our way through CORE #12, and we're close enough to finished at this point that the cover has been revealed:

Pretty yummy, eh? Rawr. I love hot, shiny, pod-hatched girls. Also I love Uzobono's artwork.

In truth, although pods do feature in the issue, no one actually hatches out of them. The cover is more metaphorical than 'lifted from the pages'. But if you like squicky things, then I daresay you will like it anyway!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tabenings - Day Late Edition


I bet you thought I'd died! Or fallen off the blogwagon again. But no, I just had stuff going on last night. Normally Tuesday is a good day for blogging, but every now and then something's happening on a Tuesday night which requires my personal attention.

Anywhoo... CORE #12 scene eleven is done, and now I'm writing the climactic scene twelve! Uzobono is right behind with the renders and we're both hoping to have the issue out to you in 2017. Only a few scenes after the climax, mostly short.

Not a lot otherwise on my smut radar. Looking forward to Half-Shim's story. I don't want to jinx things but it's looking like I should have some writing time this weekend, so if I can work the enthusiasm back up then I can jump back onto 'Modding'. Would be criminal to leave it half-done, especially after all the teasing.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tabenings - Turkey Edition

Once again I greet thee!

So, CORE is bubbling along. Uzo sent over the renders for scene 9, oh my goodness so hot. And nasty. And hot.

I've sent back the scene ten script, leaving only five scenes to go - but some of them are denoument and quite short. I'd say we have a good shot of having this thing out for you before the new year.

Other than that, not much to report. Thanks to the Kite, I've been playing some Fallout 4 again, heavily modded now. 'Jiggling', that's all I'm gonna say.

Have a loverly Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tabenings - Green Eggs Edition

Happy Mid-November!

Not much this week; I sent scene nine over to Uzo, three days late, but the scenes are shorter now as we near the dramatic conclusion so I gotta get scene ten written. I think there are, um, fifteen scenes total. But several of them in this near-ten area are quite short compared to the earlier ones.

I'm hoping that Uzo got the mail. If you've emailed me you know that I use an ancient email server hosted in some guy's basement, so the reliability is not exactly six sigma. My usual measure of how things are holding up is the amount of spam I get, which tends to be about twenty-five spam emails per weekday and maybe ten per weekend day; but since last Friday I have gotten maybe twelve emails total, so either the spam filtering got better (super unlikely) or my email address aged off of some list somewhere (unlikely) or some spam center got shut down (I wish) or some ISP has baselessly blacklisted my email provider, which is tragically the most likely scenario.

I have no fix for that, so for the moment I am just keeping my fingers crossed. I sent part nine on Sunday, Uzo, honest I did! If you haven't gotten it, it's not my fault!

Other than that not much going on. Need to get back to 'Modding' now that the recent black days are in the rear-view. Hopefully things will slow down to a tolerable pace around Thanksgiving and give me breathing room... or they might go crazy because the holidays approach.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tabenings - Kitenings

Well, the needle is moving back towards normal around here, and thank Goddess for that. No writing updates other than to say I am (just barely) managing to keep up with Uzobono; part eight of CORE #12 is sent over and I'm working on part nine. Also, I managed to come up with the plot device that will allow me to end the issue as I wanted to. I hadn't figured out a non-stupid way to do it and that fact was beginning to worry me. But now I know how! Allelujiah!

In other news I've discovered a new art blog which I'm not-quite-obsessively following: The Kite. I first bumped into the Kite's work over on Hentai Foundry - it's technically stunning, professional grade stuff, and smutty as all hell. Also, a lot of it revolves around video games, so that's right up my alley. Not all of it - Pokemon smut? I... what? - but currently Kite has an awesome series of Fallout 4 "question and answer" posts with his/her various porn-enhanced characters and I am eating it up like a bowl of chocolate lesbian rainbows.

Those there are the in-game avatars for said characters. I'm a big fan of the center and the center-right characters in particular, both of whom have super hot doses of Mind Control in their backstory.

The pink-haired one was a Vault Girl in a particularly sketchy vault, eventually having her limbs replaced with prosthetics and her mind reconstructed via the S.L.U.T. program, turning her into the perfect sexual slave. (Lesbian of course!). You should definitely have a look at the accompanying story.

Next to her is N/oR-A, who was snatched from her cryo-sleep but the Institute and her head filled with hardware, making her (a) perfectly obedient and (b) super deadly. Sure, she broke free of the mind control more recently, but life's not perfect.

Now, the Venn diagram of the Kite's likes and my likes are not perfectly overlapping. There's a lot more vicious sadism in his/her works than I enjoy; although I have to admit that it does mesh really well into the Fallout universe, what with the Raiders and Super Mutants etc etc. But I am loving the current "ask the Overbitch / ask the Atomic Bombshells" posts, which are both fun, sexy, and crazily prolific. It's hard enough to update my blog once a week, I have no idea how the Kite updates nearly every damn day. But I love it!

Anywhoo, one of my current go-to smut/fun destinations and I recommend it to you. Hell, this alone was enough to get me to mod up my Fallout 4 game with a bunch of smut mods - including some clothing actually produced by the Kite! - and give it a whirl again.

Also, the Kite also did a fun Secret World (another video game) series wherein her character was captured by demons (although she loved it as it basically involved non-stop sex) and ultimately corrupted into a sexy demon-bee-slave thing. Rawr. Pant pant.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tabenings - Spooky Edition

Happy Halloween!

Things are still tight around here, time-wise. I swear, back in the summer I was all "oh in the Fall I will have more time" and now I have what seems like *less* time, and the holidays are coming up... frak. Stupid adult life.

I have been just barely staggering along with CORE #12, Uzo has part 7 now and I'm working on 8. I will say that it is massively hot, if you like what we like, which most but not all of you do. But if you do squick that way, oh my gosh. Double gosh.

I got to see the new Blade Runner flick, which was enjoyable, although less internally consistent than the first one. Sexy robot girls - well, holo-girls - though, and who can say 'no' to that? Not I!

That's it. Gotta help with some homework and then do some grading, and then maybe some Internet before bed. Hope you have a fun halloween!

...I remember when I used to go to parties...

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tabenings - Black Dress Edition

Greetings and salutations!

So I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that Anaximanes released 'The Anax', the massive game he's been working on all year, and it's *awesome*! Super naughty, with lots of good smut and hot photomanips, intriguing plot and writing, and fun game effects. It's super high calibre. You must check it out. Go log into the Hypnopics Collective, hit the MC Game Zone board, find the "[HTML][FREE][FINAL]The Anax (Halloween 2017)" thread, and viola there's the download link. Enjoy!

The bad news is that there's been some bad news in real life around the Tabico household, and it put the kibosh on smut writing for a while, starting last Friday and extending through this week. I did manage to get a bit more CORE #12 over to Uzobono, but other than that I have been doing a bunch of RL things and not much Internet for the last several days.

Hopefully I will have better tidings next week!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tabenings - Next Up Edition

Hello again! I actually went upstairs and brushed my teeth and was all ready for bed when I recalled that it was Tuesday and I had a blog post to write. So here I am!

Obviously there won't be a lot tonight but I can natter for a bit. I got scene five over to Uzo, so CORE #12 is proceeding; scene five is pretty hot, too, I think. Scenes six and seven should be pretty quick. Right now it's fifteen scenes total, but some of those are just a couple of pages. Do not expect it for Halloween.

No progress on the 'Modding' front. I am trying to decide if my hand is too open in some of the scenes so far, where I am showing the brainwashing rather than simply proceeding with the story and implying the brainwashing. Undecided on that.

On the video game front, what I had suspected might happen, has actually happened. Sunday evening I sat down, ready to play some more Divinity 2, and I realized: I didn't want to. I looked at the icon on my desktop and thought "Shit, another long-ass fight that will only be won by abusing the mechanics after having to reload a dozen times... nah, fuck that."

I'm like two or three fights from the end of the game, the big reveals and all that story stuff. But... it's just... work. It's not fun.

This is what I was bitching about from the start. The fight mechanics are so unforgiving that every fight is a chore. And instead of finding cool new gear and learning new skills which make the next few fights easier because I'm more of a badass, the next fight is totally impossible unless you have leveled up as much as possible and found all the higher level gear you can and min-maxed everything. At no point in the game are you ever a badass. The bad guys are always more powerful than you, and you can only ever win by the skin of your teeth.

It's not fun.

So it looks like Divinity 2 will now go to that grey Hades where games that were kind of cool but ultimately not something that was worth playing go, at least as far as I am concerned. I switched back over to my Europa Universalis IV campaign, and diplo-annexed Savoy which finally gave me that land bridge between my Austrian heartland and all of my low country possessions. After several vicious, close-run wars, I managed to break France, and it was nice to spend an evening tinkering with my government and occasionally helping Poland to remove kebab without stressing about one mis-click sending my rogue out of backstab range in the second round and having to re fucking load yet again.

Yes, yes, I really should have been working on 'Modding'. Thursday. Definitely Thursday.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tabenings - Sebille edition

Good news, everyone! I've just donated blood!


Mwah hah hah!

Sorry, just getting into the Halloween spirit. However, all tricks aside, I do have a treat for you. A video game clip!

I know, I know, not what you came here for. You only thought I was a pornographer. I'm really a video game player with a pornography hobby.

So, as mentioned last week, I have been playing this game "Divinity: Original Sin 2", or as I call it "Fuck! Reloading again...". Part of what has gotten me through the head-desking combat system has been the unusually heavy mind control fetish content. As I said earlier, one of the major plot points is the magic sucking-out of "source" from hapless victims, leaving them drained, with a big black sigil on their forehead and black-on-black eyes, and mindlessly obedient.

Mindlessly obedient. Mmm.

Well, another major Mind Control plot point revolves around one of the main playable characters, Sebille. You can pick her as your main character, and as with all of the six possible main characters, even if you don't pick her she can be part of your four-person party. As she is in mine.

Now, Sebille is an elf. Elves in Divinity are a bit more feral than usual - small sharp teeth, cannibalistic, a bit more on the creepy side than elves in Tolkien or D&D. And Sebille is an assassin. A brainwashed one.

At some point, she was captured by a shadowy character referred to as "the Master". He brainwashed her through the use of a magical scar on her cheek, which utterly enslaved her to him. Once she was his mindless tool, he kept her in a box. Now and then he would take her out and send her to kill people, which she would do.

Anyhow, she escaped one day when some bozo left the box open, and managed to put back together a bit of her personality. She's now focused on getting revenge against the Master.

The main problem with her plan, of course, is that if she meets the Master he will simply turn her back into his mindless slave. The mechanism by which he will do this is a song, which was programmed into her earlier and which will re-activate the brainwashing.

Luckily for her, she has discovered a counter-song, which she teaches to the player character. Thus, the plan is they will confront the Master, he will sing the brainwashing song, the PC will sing the counter-song, and Sebille will kill him. And finally be free.

Of course, when I played this, I got to this scene and said "Oh my God I have to watch him re-enslave her", so I did. And I did again. And a few more times.

It's not played for the fetish, sadly. If we were doing this there would be a LOT more "Yes, Masters" and follow-up slave-sebille scenes. Oh, the potential follow-up slave-sebille scenes. Sadly, no. But even so, the one scene was still hot enough to grab me right in the sex when I saw it.

And because I love you, I recorded it! And brought it here for you!

As a foreword - there is a lot of wordplay at the start of the scene, but I have skipped through that. I'm sorry if you want to hear all the exposition; you can pause and read it if you want. I wanted to get to the good stuff without the clip being ten minutes long. Everything past the halfway point of the clip is in full. I also included some of the initial loading screen, because it has a picture of Sebille front and center so you can have a good look at her.

I'll natter a bit more afterward, so: here's the scene!

Okay! It's like a quarter page later but I am gonna assume you watched it.

Obviously, it's much much more potent when you've been playing with Sebille in your party for hours, learning her backstory over time, using her as your heavy hitter in fights, and, in my case at least, romancing her. To then succumb to the need to see her enslaved, and have her taken away permanently, just because you betrayed her... RRRR. So hot.

Of course, in my "real" playthrough I ultimately reloaded and did sing the song, and saved her, and killed the Master. I mean, of course I did. And although it was tempting to let her get enslaved, go away and do that quest that the Master then offers you, and then come back to see if slave-Sebille has any new dialogue or has changed any, I am 99% certain that would not pay off and basically be a big waste of time without any new slave-sebille fun at all, so I haven't tried that. Yet.

Really, aside from the hot backstory, and the snapping fingers / snap to attention, all we get is one good "How may I serve you, Master." But given that this is not fetish porn, that's a lot!

Also, THE-HYPNOMAN really should nab that "How may I serve you, Master" audioclip, it's very hard to find those and it could be nicely re-used for the various shorts he does.

Alright, those of you here for the smut are dismissed. I'm now gonna ramble on a bit about HOW MUCH WORK it was to bring this clip to you.

I don't stream or twitch or any of that new-fangled stuff. So from the moment of "OH SO HOT I should share this on my blog" to me posting this here required that I perform all sorts of really bothersome computer bullshit.

To whit:

1. I needed a game recording program, so I downloaded and installed CamStudio. Which I'm not going to link because the fucking thing didn't work - the video recorded but I could NOT get the audio to work. I spent hours on google searches and hapless attempts to coax it to pull from my audio card. No dice.

2. Eventually I gave up on that and downloaded OBS. Which I am also not going to link because that fucking thing installed a smidgen of malware which I had to remove; thanks Malwarebytes! (It wasn't terrible, just an ad-bot, but come the fuck on.) And then OBS did not work for VIDEO; it recorded the audio just fine, but the screen was black.

3. This time google searches said I should update my video driver, so I did that. I have a GeForce 960 which I got a few years back to play Witcher 3, and the NVDIA driver upgrade was (relatively) painless.

4. But now OBS decided to only detect my game screen some of the time. I would hit the record hotkey and get game video, but then when I did it again a moment later I got blank screen. I gave up and went to bed.

5. Tried again the next day and finally came up with the video AND the audio. But then Blogger would not let me upload a video larger than 100MB, and the FLV file OBS produced was 255MB, so... compression time. I installed Avidemux, which is a nice little video editing program and made me very happy by easily doing exactly what I wanted it to. Probably because it's made by French people. Anyway, it has a super nice feature wherein you simply pick your desired filesize and it compresses it in the optimal way to reach that filesize! *Happy Tabico noises*

All told, I put in way more fucking hours on this than I probably should have. Especially when I could have been writing smut! I hope you fucking appreciate it.

Speaking of writing smut, I haven't been entirely unproductive - 'Modding' is up to 21,038 words! I'm still thinking 38,000 when it's done. And Uzobono is working on Scene four, although at this precise moment I don't have a lick of scene five ready. So I guess I know what I'm doing next!

P.S. Callidus could have done all of that stuff in, like, 20 minutes. I know.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tabenings - Getting Spooky Edition

Hello again!

Well, it was slow going this week. I do have CORE #12 up to halfway through scene four, and Uzo's done the renders through scene two. So progress is steady.

Nothing to report on 'Modding', unfortunately. However, I am strongly considering taking Friday off from work, and if I do, I solemnly promise to you that I shall put in several good hours on that front. I don't get my serotonin until people can read the story and I ain't releasing even a bit of it until it's finished, so it's got to get finished.

Say, did I mention that Callidus is back? He is! Go check out his website!

In other news, one of the reasons progress is currently slow is that I have been playing Divinity: Original Sin 2. Although it seems like it should be Divinity 2: Original Sin. Or, to be the most accurate, Divinity 2: Save and Reload Boogaloo.

It's an isometric fantasy RPG, one of the prolific spawn of Baldur's Gate. I... can't actually recommend it. Oh, sure, I'm still playing it, but it's teeth-grindingly frustrating and, as I observe, involves tremendous amounts of reloading. It's packed with fights where one fuckup, one click where a character moves when you meant for her to cast, one random die roll where one of the bad guys crits you, and you lose. And that's almost every fight. There is no build-up where you get to beat some minor baddies before hitting a mini-boss. Any random fight has a good chance of being lethal, and if you don't cheese the fights by using tricks to confuse the AI or doing things that don't fit the story, well, you're not going to get any further. There are plenty of mobs that can one-shot your characters, and they come in packs to boot.

Player level is critically important as well - if you are level 12 and you get into a fight with level 14s, you lose. Not that you have any idea where the level 12 area is, and if you miss a quest or two, well, they don't grow on trees so head back and find one because you need those XP to have any chance in the next fight.

So it's almost more frustrating than it is fun. But the reason I bring it up is that it has lots of really good fetish potential in it. In addition to succubi, corpse witches who lasciviously kiss you to deliver a nefarious spell, and demonic possession, the major plot revolves around the Magisters, a sadistic group of Inquisition types, rounding up people who have connection to Source, which is one way of casting spells. Also a type of shiny liquid, if you juice those people (no, really).

The problem is, using Source has started to summon other dimensional monsters who then murder pretty much anyone nearby. To forestall this, the Magisters, as a magical authority, are rounding up anyone who can use Source.

And then they suck the Source out of those people with magic wands. And, in so doing, the person is turned into an obedient zombie! Mmm. An obedient zombie with a big black sigil on her forehead and liquid black eyes. And then the Magisters dress these drones up and use them as shock troops, for although they are mindlessly obedient they haven't forgotten their combat skills.

And this is a major part of the plot, this life-energy-sucking dronification. I mean, that's how you get involved in the first place.

So it does have that going for it.

Aight, that's it for this week. I'm looking forward to Halloween and the reveal of Anaximanes' game the Anax! Also candy.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Callidus is back!

Callidus is back!

I mean, he never went away, really, but he's updated his website again - in a big way! *girlish squealing*

As you know, I've collaborated with Callidus on several occasions, all of which you should look up. It's great to see new material from him - not just the new animated manip, which is quite hot, but all the yummy bells and whistles that adorn the updated site. If you haven't checked it out yet, go enjoy!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tabenings - Dwindling September Edition

It's Tuesday! And here's an update!

Hmmm, perhaps I should make this a regular thing.


Okay, first let's talk about the stuff you care about. CORE #12 is proceeding - the first scene, which is much longer than has been the case for prior issues, is all rendered now, and is pretty darned hot. That is, it's hot if you share my various fetishes, which I assume you do. And I have written the second scene and sent that to Uzobono, who is working on it even as we speak. As usual, I'm just trying to keep out ahead so that Uzo doesn't suffer any downtime.

In terms of overall progress, there will probably be eleven or so scenes total, so I'd say we're well underway but not close to any big milestones.

As for 'Modding', whose title I am shortly to change, I'm happy to report that I'm up to 18,875 words, so more progress there. And I *just now* actually got to the very first scene that my erotic imaginings conjured up back in Italy this summer. Yes, it's been almost twenty thousand words just to get to the first fucking thing I thought of. Damn me and my irresistible compulsions to tell a story "properly" rather than just writing down the hot parts. Not that the earlier bits aren't hot, mind you, there's monster fucking right off the bat, just that the really *POW* Holy Fuck My Genitals moments are only just now finally coming into being.

At least, I hope they'll be PHFMG moments. I mean, you never know, right? But I still think the core ideas are pretty fucking wow.

So that's me. Also I'd like to observe that there are some really tasty stories appearing on the EMCSA these days. I don't get there like I used to... who am I kidding, I check religiously every Saturday night for the update. But I haven't been really getting into the stories like I once did, probably for many reasons all of them personal to me and my aging self.

But recently more stories seem to be in the particular bents that I like. So I want to observe that I'm very much enjoying The Odyssey, a story of sci-fi alien squick and mind control. Clearly it would be up my alley on subject matter grounds alone, but that's not enough these days, and I'm very much enjoying this particular treatment of the subject and the authorial voice. I love stories about things that turn me on which are well-written but not by me; there's something about having someone else tell these stories that really pleases, both by virtue of there being surprises but also because it's simply nice to hear from someone else, as it were.

Also this week I quite enjoyed 113B, about fully-indoctrinated slaves escaping (maybe) from an industrial slaving facility. Again, the subject matter is smack dab in my favorites and I'm really pleased by the new and different treatment of some of my favorite ideas.

I generally hesitate to praise stories in public just because I worry that people I don't mention might feel slighted, so let me add that I am as scattershot as can be and these two stories happen to make me happy at this particular moment; there are many other recent stories that I'm not mentioning because, well, I'm flighty and tend to forget things. But feel free to recommend your own recent likes!

Okay, that's enough for tonight. Hopefully the act of finally reaching the actual PHFMG scenes that I've been wanting to write and share for months will spur me onward at greater pace in my production of 'Modding'. We'll see!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tabenings - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Edition

Ha-HA! I am not dead!

First off, sorry about that. Nothing dramatic happened, but my life just got super busy to the point where things were falling off the plate, as it were. And although you know I love you, when it comes down to it, it's family first, then work, and my porn-writing hobby comes in fairly far down that list. So when the going got hectic, the blogging got cut.

But I'm back! And I shall do my level best to keep updating.

Hmm. Not great news on the 'Modding' front - 16,895 words as I check this evening - and I did a little work on it this evening - so some movement, but that pretty much was on hold for the last month as well. On a different front, I *have* started CORE #12 with Uzobono; the first thirty or so pages are written and Uzo's cranking out the illustrations. So there are a couple of irons in the fire at the moment.

People continue to make the entirely understandable observation that they'd like the conclusion to 'Pierced'. And so would I! So let's not go writing that off just yet, it did take me over a year to get to the coda for 'Seed'.

But for now, let's just go with 'okay, I am blogging and writing smut again' and see how things pick up. My predictions about having more time at this time of year were laughably incorrect, so I shall refrain from further predictions and fall back upon hope.

Also, the solar eclipse was pretty cool.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tabenings - Finally Some Sex Edition

First off, 'Modding' is up to 13,293 words, so there's steady progress. I wrote the first actual sex scene which was nice. Still have a clear vision of where I'm going as well. Hopefully I can really move stuff forward on Thursday.

In other news, um, well, there's not much other news. I recently re-read 'Tether'. God damn that's a hot story. Quintessential trilby else, really: brilliant, prose you want to bathe in, hotter than fuck, wanders around a lot doing whatever really hot shit it feels like. ;)

Uzobono refused my demands for a salary renegotiation, but we're getting started on CORE #12 anyway. Right now we're hashing out the general plot so that Uzo can line up the Poser resources necessary. Feel free to let me know what you want to see, although of course I make no promises!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday Note

Had some writing time tonight; 'Modding' is up to 11,069 words. Got past a sticky point where I was stuck on some non-sex plot stuff. The next bit is clear to me, so I should make more headway this weekend in between all my usual chores.

Going to play some Dungeons and Dragons tomorrow night, so I shan't be writing then. Huzzah for babysitting!

Right now I'm guessing 'Modding' will come in at 38,000 words. Hard to say if that's accurate. And unfortunately as you rightly observed, this is coming at the cost of 'Summer Flesh'. I won't be able to get back to that until I have 'Modding' out of my system.

But I hope you'll like it.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tabenings - Word Count Edition

Herro yet again!

So I am plugging away at 'Modding'. Current word count is 9,535. I think I'm about 33% done with the initial draft. Gotta work through some plot and storytelling before I hit the really hot mind control bits.

Also in initial talks with Uzobono about CORE #12 or possibly another Division universe one-shot, a la Guided Tour. Since we're now into double digits I'm demanding a change in our profit-sharing arrangement. My current percentage is not enough but I figure a few more percent and I can give up the day job.


However, I have to say, if I did want to make some money with my smut - and I do but not enough to overcome the logistical challenges involved - I'd be writing a porn game. You have probably noticed but if you haven't there's a small gold rush going on. Big studios are not going to get near porn with a ten-foot pole so there's a nice wide niche for individuals to create porn games and make a decent sideline at it; for the biggest small games, even a reasonable living.

I can write (or so I delude myself) and I can also code fairly well. Art, not so much, but of course I could Opportunities that.

But if I don't have space in my free time to produce much smut anyway - and I don't, you can see my productivity - working on a game is of course right out. Alas! There are some good ones out there, though; I've linked to several in this space.

Okay, time to get a little more 'Modding' done!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tabenings - IBB Edition

I'm Back, Bitches! It's July 25th and-

Wait a minute. Oh shit, it's August! What happened?

Jet lag, actually. I got back from Italy on the 23rd - the trip was awesome, although mdqp never showed up, which was very disappointing - but ever since then my sleep schedule has been all fucked up. I've been waking up at 5 and practically passing out at 9, urgh. Anyhow, totally missed last week's update because of that.

Also, Habit! See what happens when I take two weeks off and break my update habit? That's right, no update!

I ain't gonna talk about my trip any more than that because this is my smut blog. One thing I will observe is that two solid weeks of no porn and my imagination got real fevered, and out of that I have a new story which I am working on. I don't want to give too much away, which makes it challenging to talk about the story because a lot of its punch comes from the way I handle the genre and the plot, etc. So: there's a new story, I am working on it, and if we are all real lucky it won't take more than August to get it out to you.

The title is "Modding".

It has *nothing* to do with early 60s Brits riding Vespas.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tabenings - Hiatus Incoming

Hey folks! Happy fourth of July!

I'm gonna be taking a little vacation for a while, off to the homeland of mdqp. I doubt I'll be doing much Internet while there, so please behave yourselves as best you can in my absence and I'll see you again on the twenty-fifth.

This is not to rule out additional posts this week, but I'm already stressing out about forgetting things so we'll see how it goes.

On the good news front, I've been doing a teensy bit of final editorial review for Uzobono, so you shouldn't be surprised when that next issue appears sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tabenings - Maria Edition

I've been working my way back to 'Pierced', recently - lots of people - well, a few people - want me to finish it, and I want to finish it, and I know what comes next although I am waffling badly on the ending.

As you are probably aware, Half Shim wrote a yummy riff on 'Pierced' titled 'Incubated', which slid neatly into my "reliable shlick" folder. As I have long maintained, I write the stories that I want to read / get off to; but for whatever reason reading my own stories doesn't really do it for me (the two exceptions being 'Adaptation' and 'Fitness'). So what is best in life? Having someone else write a story much like mine but not by me. And 'Incubated' went right into that bucket, oh yes.

I could name a number of other stories - 'Hornet's Nest' ferinstance - but that would be sliding away from the main thrust of this post.

So the other night while I was entertaining myself, wink wink, I imagined up a little riff on 'Incubated' and figured rather than just yammer at you this Tabsday I'd share that with you instead. It ain't much but, hey, maybe you'll like it.

One never knows what specific notes in a smut story will really hit the buttons - one of my favorite bits in 'Incubated' is the not-particularly-important scene where Alys, in a public restroom, finds a janitor who has been grabbed by one of the crawlers. Maybe it was the uniform, but I can really picture it in my mind. So whilst entertaining myself I mentally expanded upon the scene to add more, you know, hardcore porn.

Here's the original scene:

The first few stalls were empty, the toilets sitting there like silent sentinels. It was about halfway down the row that she found a victim. It was a woman, in her natural mid-thirties, no rejuv. She was wearing a gray janitorial uniform with the name ‘Maria’ printed in cursive above her left breast. Her mouth was jammed full of alien tail, her shiny cap staring back at Alys like a polished bowling ball. Her chest rose and fell, the alien’s legs twitching, but she was otherwise comatose.

Alys was surprised that the sight had gotten her aroused again. Not something she had expected after killing a gross alien and finding more evidence of their infiltration. Moreover, seeing the infested janitor was giving her a feeling of rightness. It was disconcerting—she couldn’t resolve the strange cognitive dissonance.

She shook her head. Couldn’t do anything for the lady now, their best hope still lay with getting the power back. Backing away, she was about to leave when the tail of the alien started to withdraw.

There was a wet slurp as it pulled out, the poor woman’s neck bulging as the articulated tail unfurled. It curled around the woman’s neck like a necklace. The rough segments, wet with saliva, dangled with a latent threat. The last section popped out of her rounded lips with a spurt.

Her frozen mouth twisted into a smile. She started to speak with a slight accent, her voice rushing out in a whisper. “The Brood speaks...obey. Listen to the Brood...obey. Worship the Brood...obey.”

Alys was frightened, but also—intrigued. It was so hot to watch the alien manipulate the former custodian’s thoughts. Did the alien squirt an egg into her brain? Had it tunneled inside? What would it be like to wear an alien controller and have her mind trained for obedience? Her bad thoughts displaced with an obedient core? Her thighs clenched.

The strange thoughts frightened her as much as they intrigued. Both her mind and body were starting to agree that being enslaved by the aliens was very fun, almost necessary. She needed to get out of the bathroom before she stripped down and masturbated in front of the brainless custodian.

I could get into how much fun the prose is ("being enslaved by the aliens was very fun, almost necessary") but that would distract from my purpose here. In 'Incubated', Alys, unnerved and aroused, hurries back to her friends.

In my mind, that just takes a little longer:


Her head capped by the crawler's carapace, Maria continued to whisper, utterly unaware of Alys' emotional turmoil. "Obey. Yes. Submit. Yes. Join..." Her voice caught, and when she resumed her soft off-world accent was suddenly more pronounced. "N.. n... no. What is... What is... nnn."

'She's fighting it,' Alys realized. 'It's inside her head - physically inside her head - like a tongue in her brain-" the mental image sent another inexplicable thrill through her sex - "but some part of her is still resisting."

The janitor's hands, lying limp on the floor, twitched. Then, jerkily, they rose, bending at the elbow, the hands reaching for the woman's breasts, fingers alighting on them, squeezing.

"Brood is," Maria gasped through glossy lips, "pleasure. Brood is.... master. Nnn..."

Alys watched the grey-uniformed woman awkwardly grope her own breasts and felt her cheeks flush.

Why was this so hot? Why couldn't she stop staring?

Why did she want to...

The idea bloomed inside Alys' own mind like an expanding star. The crawler needed to distract Maria with pleasure. It was in fact using the woman's own body to do so, but awkwardly. What it needed was...


Alys, already bent almost double to stare, let her knees sag to the ground. She swallowed hard, but something inside her, some... need... told her that she really wanted to do this, that... that... that doing this was really, really, really what she wanted to do. She was juicing like crazy, she could feel her own squishiness, and poor Maria just needed to, needed to cum, so that she could obey...

Now on her knees, Alys put a hand forward, between Maria's splayed legs. Then another. She crawled forward until she could smell the janitor's flesh, until Maria could have easily taken hold of Alys if only she could see.

Or think.

Maria squeezed her breasts again. "Obey. Brood." she mumbled.

Alys reached forward and took hold of the big brass zipper at Maria's neck.

When she began to pull down, Maria froze.

Alys wasn't worried about that. About what Maria might do. Alys... needed... to do this.

The zipper went down, and down, to Maria's waist. Maria's mouth was still moving, slowly, but not in speech - she was making 'o' shapes, and closing them, as though she were absent-mindedly sucking on something.

Alys, back on her haunches, reached forward with both hands and pulled the jumpsuit open. Maria was wearing a lacy pink bra, dark nipples very visible, aerolae peering over the top of the lace. Alys reached up, slid the shoulder straps off onto Maria's arms, and pulled the cups down, sliding the entire bra downward. Maria's breasts came free.

Alys leaned forward. She was panting.

Her pursed lips closed around Maria's left nipple.

Maria shivered and spoke: "Yessssssss..."

Alys suckled at Maria's tit, using her left hand to grope the other. This was so hot, so incredibly erotic, molesting this woman - this staff woman - as she lay helpless on the floor while her brain was consumed.

No, not consumed - reprogrammed.

Why was it so hot?

Alys suckled, and squeezed.

Maria's breath had sped up. "Obey. Brood." she whispered. "Worship. Brood. Become. Brood."

Alys suckled, and squeezed, and reached between her own legs; she almost came from the very first touch. She was just a tool, helping this woman, helping her to become-

A gentle hand alighted on Alys' head.

"Eat. My. Pussy." the glossy lips said.

Alys whined and let the nipple pop wetly from her lips. Maria's face was tilted towards the ceiling, but her hands were at her shoulders, sliding the uniform sleeves down her arms.

Alys took hold of the grey fabric around Maria's waist and knee-shuffled backwards on the concrete floor, pulling the uniform with her. The dark-skinned woman arched her back, raising her ass from the ground, and the uniform pulled smoothly away, revealing Maria's white panties - lacy bra or no, she apparently hadn't had plans that evening.

Alys stared at the white panties, a huge damp spot making them almost transparent over Maria's labia.

"Suck," Maria's lips demanded.

Alys hooked her fingers into the panties and pulled them down, revealing a neatly trimmed black pubis over completely hairless lips. Lips glistening with wet.

She needed to do this.

With a helpless moan, Alys lay down on the concrete floor and pushed her mouth into Maria's pussy. Maria's body jolted, and she made a strangled noise of appreciation.

Alys began to lick, and suck, and feed on Maria's wonderful pussy.

As she lapped away, Maria's lilting voice continued.

"Obey. Brood. Drone. Brood. Yes. Yes. I am a brood drone. Yes. Yes. I am a brood drone. Yes."

How wonderful that must be.


Alys smacked her lips and looked groggily down at the woman in the stall. She looked like she had just been fucked, her janitor's uniform wadded between her knees, her legs splayed open, her pussy bare and glistening and delicious-looking. Her pink bra was pulled down her torso revealing marvelous breasts sagging just perfectly to either side.

The crawler attached to the woman's head glistened in the dim lighting. Alys had a sudden desire to lie down, to press her own naked flesh against the woman and suck on her glistening mouth as she finger-fucked her until-

Alys shook her head. What was happening to her? She frowned. How long had she-?

She needed to get out of this bathroom before... before.

Dizzy, Alys turned from the obscenely splayed woman and stumbled towards the exit.


Monday, June 26, 2017

I Am A Pig

"I Am A Pig" goes in all fields!

What I am referring to is actually one of my favorite songs, "I Am A Pig". After Rob Halford left Judas Priest and came out as gay, he had a short-lived band called '2wo' (pronounced "two" I suppose) which had some totally under-appreciated songs, the best of which IMO is "I Am A Pig".

There's a poor quality video capture of the music video on YouTube:

Which, for us musical enthusiasts / perverts, is totally worth watching. If you like the song, try the audio only version, it's a much better sample.

I love the song - and I also love the video, and wish there was a better version available - mostly for the music, but check out the lyrics and see if you can understand how I might just feel they apply to me:

Who put all this
Dirt in my machine?
All I did was
Try to keep it clean

Don't be stupid
Everybody knows
I was only
Straightening my clothes

- chorus-
What do we got?
What do we got here?

You saw something
That had not begun
All the time I
Knew the light was on

- chorus-
What do we got?
What do we got here?

Perverts untie!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Tenebrous tape

It's Friday night and I should be on the dance floor watching television and going to bed early, but I saw something yummy and wanted to share.

I had not heard of the Black Tape Project before, but... mmm. Mmmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tabenings - Almost Late Edition

Yarg it's Tuesday! I'll have you know I was getting into bed when I remembered that I was supposed to post something. And by God here I am posting something, when I could be already tucked into my nice... soft... zzzz....

Anyways, let's see. Still working my way through The Last Sovereign (see last post). Lots of going back and reloading to get the "best" results. After I finish that up, I may be about ready to pick up Mass Effect: Andromeda. I wonder if there's some DLC lined up I should wait for.

Hmm, if you hadn't seen it - or heard it, I guess - Anaximanes posted an interview with Callidus on his YouTube channel that's worth a listen. Some more neat pictures from Telsis on his DeviantArt page, this time with Rouge-like latex nurses. Steri-Nurses, to be precise.

Okay, I'm going to bed. I've resolved a plot point in my head for 'Flesh', so although it will be hard to write (I hate being mean to my characters), I should be able to drive the plot the direction I want it to go.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tabenings - Harem Edition

So that's going fairly well, albeit slowly. I've been spending some of my free time recently playing The Last Sovereign, a pornographic RPG Maker game. It's... well, it's really good. Although frustrating.

Sierra Lee's writing is excellent, and her plotting is better - really, Bethesda, look at this game and then look at Fallout 4 and hang your head in shame - but there are a lot of hidden mechanics and it's really aggravating to find yourself with a bad or mediocre result at one point due to something you missed six hours of gameplay earlier. I've restarted from saves a number of times and it's getting old.

That said, find a good walkthrough and give it a shot, if you are fine with textual porn. And why would you be here if you aren't? But if you like naughty pictures - and I do, a bunch - she also has two other games with actual drawn porn in them, Noxian Nights and the recently inaugurated Kingdom of Deception. The KoD intro is fun, though a bit short, and personally I don't get into prostitution as a fetish so it's a bit lost on me. Orcs, sure, but whoring is 'meh' as far as I'm concerned. Not that it's mandatory, but if you want the small amount of smut in the KoD intro you kind of have to go that route.

All the games are free in one of the usual Patreon models, where the most recent content is for folks what pays their money and the earlier content is freely downloadable.

More 'Flesh' shortly.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tabenings - Minimalist Edition

So! The trial balloon has been released, as the observant among you probably noticed. Slow going to start, but I had to spend time looking some stuff up. And I forgot just how much I change things during editing - but then, you can witness that in action. I was gonna do some more tonight, but now it's late already. *frowny face*

I guess I'll keep things short this week, since I'll be back around on the other 'T' day. Adios!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday night again! Nattering time.

Hmm. Nothing really suggesting itself. I want to discuss my opinion of Patreon and its effect on the mind control smut ecosystem, but that's going to take more brainpower than I can currently muster. Iago sent a very nice - and detailed, holy cow - note about CORE #11 and in my response I wondered if he might give me an assist with 'That Which Has Been Lost', which he then offered to do, so now I kinda need to take him up on that don't I? Argh, where to find the time.

What I ought to do is set up a writing habit - not just this stream of consciousness blog posting, fun as it may be, but something like the original 'Tabico's Tuesday Tidbit' where I actually do some writing, just to get something down. Hrm. Not happening tonight, but maybe on Thursday... that would be alliterative...

Of course that does raise the quality control problem. Before I publish to the EMCSA I always edit my work at least a couple of times, and my edits are often fairly transformative. Whereas this sort of thing would be purely first-draft rough stuff, and if I did that with a story I want to actually publish, well, you dear reader would have your experience altered by seeing it first here, with all the warts and false starts, and then who wants to read it over again if it's just polished a little?

Then again, if I never write it at all, it doesn't do a whole lot of good that it didn't show up ugly to begin with. So maybe we'll try that. Lemme see what's in my bag.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tabenings - Why Are You Like This Edition

Another post saved by habit! I think "it's late, I want to watch last night's Daily Show and Late Night with Colbert and then hit the hay... oh, but it's Tuesday and I should post something. Eh, nothing much to say... can I just do it tomorrow?"

And the answer is no! Doing it tomorrow means that it won't get done!

So here I am.

Topic, topic... ah here's one!

As you have doubtless observed from the last few weeks, I snarf for porn on a regular basis. Generally I come back with between a few and a bunch of yummy finds - I'm like a dragon, man, lying on a hoard of mind control / lesbian / hot nekkid women pictures - but nothing that really flicks its finger between my legs. The sort of thing where I have to exert effort NOT to get off, as compared to working myself up to orgasm.

But then there's the infrequent instance that I bump upon something that just smacks its hand on my buttons, for reasons I mostly understand but still mystify me as to why they have such erotic power over me.

I encountered one of those this week!

It's just four pictures - actually, one picture with minor edits and dialogue changes to make a sequence - but, WHAM.

I understand to a first approximation why I like it:
  • Raven. Oh, is she hot to me. That grey skin, that attitude, I just, rrr. Rr.
  • Human cow fetishism. If you've read 'Herd Instinct', you know I swing that way. I love big tits (though I love small ones as well) and I love the whole 'domesticated animal' angle.
  • Scary intellection reduction. This is where it gets skeevy - and also so, so hot. I can't explain it, rationally it is ridiculous and frightening yet my libido is whistling and stomping its feet and waving its handkerchief.
  • Enthusiastic participation. Also intellectually a total baffler - yet one of my most powerful hot buttons. She wants this? WTF? And Oh God Yes.
As I say, if I try to understand why those last two points are so hot to me, I can't. Volunteering to have your brain shriveled up, leaving you a placid cow - no one would ever do it and it's really pretty horrifying. And yet DANG do I find it a turn-on. Ach, so helpless against how hot it is.

This is probably part of the reason I keep my mind control fantasies firmly behind the computer screen, where I can enjoy them without having to worry about how they get along with anything in real life. When folks ask me if I've tried hypnotism or do any sexy role-playing, the answer is "absolutely not" - because the kind of stuff I like just doesn't translate well to real people. And I don't want it to.

Luckily, I also don't need it to. When it comes time for morally questionable fetish smut, Raven is there for me, letting my imagination dance hand in hand with my libido down the slippery road to orgasm-town, with no requirement whatsoever that I take into consideration anything that might muddy up the picture.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tabenings - Mid May Edition

Herro again!

So at least habit is clearly helping with this Tuesday thing, but we both know that what you want is not me nattering at you about random things but rather more salacious story writing. I gotta figure out a way to get some smut writing back in my life.

The problem is, Tabico daughter doesn't go to bed until nine, and I can't get into the zone writing if I'm worried about her walking in to see what I'm doing and finding this sort of stuff on the screen. So that means no writing until night time.

And at night I'm tired. Whine. I work weekdays and do errands and chores all weekend... when do I get a block of a couple of hours when I'm not tired and not vulnerable to "hey what'cha writing?" in my life? The answer is: I don't.

Barring the invention of Lokisday, I'm just not sure what I'm gonna do. One ray of hope is the summer - although the spawn will be around even more frequently, my work schedule does change potentially allowing me to be at home on a weekday or two. That's how I was able to work on 'Pierced' last year, and the majority of CORE #11 as well - my work schedule didn't cover all five days.

But until then I just gotta see what I can do with weeknights. There's gotta be a few more hours in here somewhere...

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tabenings - HF Edition

Ackpth, Tuesday again? I haven't even responded to the very nice fan mail that came in... last week... gahhh...

Well anyways.

A couple of you were kind enough to respond to my question about smut browsing. Now, I love you both - everyone else can suck my metaphorical dick, but not you guys - so please remember that when I say:

Get on my level!

Hypnohub? Daily! Sometimes twice! E-hentai? No... EX-hentai! I want the forbidden stuff too! Also daily! First search: parasite. Second search: mind control. Third search: corruption!

Sometimes I'll use my years of accumulated smut knowledge to go beyond that - for instance, for some reason the Japanese love their Dragon Quest V / Bianca doujinshi; and so do I! And, knowing that, I have only to search 'bianca english' to get a good helping of delicious corruption.

See, apparently in Dragon Quest V the protagonist is forced to leave his lovely wife Bianca in the nefarious clutches of the demon horse-man Jami. In the game I suppose this all works out okay - I've never played it - but in the pages of smut Bianca winds up getting banged by demon horse cock in a variety of unrealistic ways and most often winds up loving it, and once corrupted sets about helping her new master take over the kingdom.

Which leads to lovely shots like this:

As a corrupted and pregnant Bianca returns to her castle to betray the place to her demon lover.

Why, just recently this one showed up:

Wherein we get some (I guess it's an obvious choice) pony play along with the yummy moral collapse.

So, yes, ex-hentai. Definitely. (Links here are to e-hentai because you don't have to log in.)

Hentai Foundry? Daily as well - but where? Be specific, my friends!

Are you referring to... (you'll need to connect to HF to see these...)

Rupert Everton?

The Kite?

Maybe you also like Mad Scientist?


Or even Synthean?

All favorites of mine! Oh, sure, they don't always hit the right buttons - ferinstance, futa, blech - but when they do... BAM!

So! Any gems out there?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tabenings - Deviant Edition

Tuesday again!

Me? Smut? No, don't ask.

On the other hand, though, if you aren't regularly checking DreampaintLoon's Deviant Art page, you won't have seen the yummy new Overwatch latex pics displayed there:

And the follow-up pic of post-latexification Tracer, for which you I shall make you go visit the page, is equally searing hot! I dunno what it is about the open mouth with covered eyes look - and of course the whole glossy latex thing - but... RAWR. Rawr, I say.

Of course, the marvelous execution helps.

I wish I could draw. I know DPL can write, I mean you only have to look at the captions for the pictures to recognize that.  I've been a fan for years, actually, through multiple moniker changes, back to well before Second Life was a thing; I have photomanips DPL did from the late 90s.

That's right, buddy, they're mine and I'm keeping them. Ha ha!

If only I had saved more of Maddy Wrose's stuff.

Anywhoo, my usual late-night smut habits almost invariably start off with a trip to Dreampaint's Deviant Art page, not just for any new updates there, but more usually just to use the favorites tab. Why should I search for hot pics when I can just parasitically avail myself of the efforts of someone who shares my tastes? Hmm? I mean, come on - Shiniez, Telsis, RubberMatt... and updated regularly! What more could I ask?

Now, if that only whets the appetite, I find that creativeguy59 also has a well-chosen and oft-maintained favorites page, in addition to creating very yummy artwork of his own.

Another tactic I'll take is to visit Uzobono's page, bring up the latest issue of CORE or Aria, see who favorited it, and then jump to their favorites page and see if anything similar yet new to me is revealed - as it often is.

It's true I can check my notifications page, which I do, but it doesn't help me bump into new artists.

What about you? Any good jumping-off points you recommend for naughty art perusal?

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tabenings - Brief Edition

Tuesday again!

Nothing to report, sadly. Life in Springtime is kicking my ass, basically - it's sports season again for my spawn, and end of school year activities, and yard work, all on top of the humdrum laundry and shopping and cooking... the boring miscellania of modern life. I barely scrape together a few hours a week to play video games, much less write porn.

I finally finished the Blood and Wine expansion of Witcher 3, and it was awesome. Did I already write about that? I can't remember. Vampires everywhere - just like Santa Carla, and a Tabicookie for whomever gets that reference - and fun storytelling. I wish we saw AAA titles like that more often, I don't know how the billion dollar games industry manages to only reach those heights once every couple of years.

I also did get to see the Ghost in the Shell movie, and enjoyed it. It wasn't awesome - there was too much simple stupidity, to the point where I could have dramatically improved the script in a week - but the main thrust of the story was well executed. The visuals were generally nice. The two assholes behind me in the theater who would not stop whispering to each other, those guys need to get Horrible Face Cancer and die ASAP though.

I shall try to have something smuttier to discuss next week!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tabenings - Round Edition

Sweet Fancy Moses, is it Tuesday again already? Sheesh.

So, let's see... not much to report on the smut production front. I've been playing and enjoying Roundscape: Adorevia. Mmm, that Meredith is such a spicy minx once she's got a little corruption in her. Rrrr.

Oh! But more importantly, Callidus has released a new episode of the Black Room! Yes! You should go listen to it right away. He talks about Sleepy Gimp, his own latest manip 'Failsafe', some tumblr stuff, and has more of his interview with Jukebox! And a few kind words for CORE #11. You should check it out.

Let's see, what else... oh yeah, I mentioned last week that I had some questions about your impression of certain elements in CORE #11. Now, if you haven't participated in the official questionnaire, you should go do that. It covers general topics that help Uzobono and I shape the direction the series is going in. And by answering it, you'll get CORE #12 days earlier than other people!

But I had some more specific questions about a couple of things we introduced in #11. To whit: the Mindshaping Drone, and the Bunnygirls.

What did you think about them? Were the character designs visually good? What might have worked better for you? How about the characterization - did they have enough specific character and life for you? I'm curious as to people's impressions of them. Feel free to just put down whatever observations come to your fingertips.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tabenings - Post Release Edition

Hey, there's a title field up there! Only been using this Blogger thing for, oh, six months now and this is the very first time I notice I can actually title a post. Let's see what happens.

So, CORE #11 is out! You should go read it, if you haven't, but I expect anyone who is here reading this post already has. If not clicky-clicky for link:

And then hit the "Download" button on the right.

In related news, we'd really like to know what you thought about CORE #11, so you can leave notes here or you can fill out the official questionnaire. The questionnaire has the advantage that, if you fill it out, you will get your copy of CORE #12 early!

For questionnaire, clicky clicky:

And in unrelated news, Anaximanes has posted a video to his YouTube channel about me! And that is over here:

He had, not unreasonably, hoped that I would provide verbal responses to his questions, but sadly I only provided text, so you don't get to hear my 80s valley girl tones in the video. On the other hand, he got an actual voice actress to read my responses! So there are WAY fewer "um"s and "uh"s than there would have been had I done it. Altogether it's very nicely put together, and you should check it out.

I also have some questions of my own about your thoughts on CORE #11, but it's late and I'm bushed, so I shall save those for another post - which would mean at least two posts in a week! Woo!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tabenings - Eleven edition

So it's done! CORE #11 will arrive on Wednesday for those prescient enough to provide feedback on CORE #10, and on Friday for the rest of you hoi polloi.

Me, I'm sore - got back to working out after six months of not, and now I am all achy and weak like a kitten. But it's a good weak, I guess. Also gym time always has that undercurrent of sexiness for me - witness 'Fitness' - there's nothing that hits one of my big red buttons like the idea of a muscular woman enthralled. That combination of strong body and enslaved mind, mmm.

Sadly I don't think we have any of those at the gym I go to - you have to go to Equinox for that, and I can't afford $200 a month for a gym membership.

Anywhoo, hope you enjoy CORE #11 - it's a little off-beat, and I think a little longer than it needed to be, but there are some hot scenes in there and some fun moments, and Uzobono's art is as gorgeous as ever. And after you've read it through a time or two, don't forget to read it through with an eye towards providing us with your feedback.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tabenings - Shuffling Towards

CORE #11 continues to approach - I'm 2/3 finished with the final script edit, and Uzo has already done the first third or so of the postwork, so I'd say we're definitely looking at next week.

At this point I am as usual having the second thoughts. It's awfully wordy, lots of talking without action, maybe it's too boring, and is the resolution too pat? Am I drawing things out too much? I dunno, maybe people won't like it, why do I even bother.

You know, that sort of thing. The collective recoil from CORE #10 didn't help, mind you.

Anyway, it would be cruel... deliciously cruel... to keep it from you at this point. Being so very nearly finished. So close. But not... quite... available... yet. Could still change our minds.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tabenings - Tuesday Again Edition

Hey, I'm posting on time for once! How about that?

So CORE #11 is fully scripted and 50% edit complete. I wrote an additional scene because I had this really hot idea on how to implement it. So, uh, look for that.

Uzo tells me that postwork is gonna proceed at a steady pace, but the damned issue is crazy long (weird, given that nothing really happens - oh WAIT) so it'll be another two-ish weeks before it's all wrapped up. So look for it right around the turn of April.

Hmm, which means that now Uzobono will be back on Aria or Synthetic, or something, and I'll have to come up with something else to fill my time. Hmmm.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tabenings - Cleanup Edition

Once again I forget a Tuesday!

Ah well. I have a good excuse, I was working on the final draft of CORE #11. As mentioned, after Uzobono has rendered all the things I go back through and re-match the initial text to the renders. There's a little tinkering here, a little re-arranging there, etc etc.

So I was working on that - Uzobono has only one section (out of sixteen) left to render. And now parts one through five are finalized and ready for postwork; I'll plug away at the next part right after this post. Or maybe I'll get some booze first. Yes, booze. Then smut.

Also, for those of you foolish enough not to regularly visit Uzo's DeviantArt page, the cover for Issue #11 is up now:

Prepare your body!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tabenings - Ogrek Edition

Good news, everyone! You're all being sold for parts! No, wait, that's later. CORE #11 is done!

Well, almost. The scenes are all written, save for the last 1-2 pages which I am still phrasing. Now I need to go through Uzobono's renders and polish the script before the postwork and lettering goes in. I write the script, send it to Uzo, and then I get back individual renders matching each frame. Then I revise the script to best match the renders as they came out; often I don't need to do anything but sometimes I revise more or less heavily to get things to mesh as perfectly as possible.

So that's where we are, the last two scenes are in the render engine and I've got to get the script polished so that there's no holdup on the postwork. If all goes according to plan, you'll see CORE #11 before April!

Today's Edition comes from a comic strip called "Yamara" which used to run in Dragon magazine - I told you I was an old geek - which had a character named 'Ogrek'. (Who was a half-orc? Probably?) In addition to being a would-be boyfriend of the titular main character, he also the sort of NPC for whom everything always worked out swimmingly and he always wore the most self-satisfied smirk - not in a mean or supercilious way, just the perennially pleased expression of someone whose plans always come together.

Example: Yamara got ahold of a ring (or lamp?) of wishes, and after some skeptical fol-der-ol she realized that it actually was a really-o truly-o ring of wishes and made a wish that whenever she stole something (did I mention that she was a rogue?) no one would notice.

She then went on a crime spree, snatching purses and looting storefronts. Unfortunately for Yamara, it was a ring of limited wishes and the last wish had been the one immediately prior to her larcenous one, so basically she went on a really obvious crime spree and wound up in the pokey post-haste.

Well, her would-be boyfriend Ogrek strolls into the jail with his smirk on and pays her bail, leading to the following exchange:

Yamara: "You bailed me out? Where'd you get that much money?"

Ogrek: "I stole it."

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tabenings - Fingertips Edition

I'm not dead! I've just been playing Witcher 3, that's all.

See, this is what happens when you lose the benefit of habit. Tuesday night you play Witcher until Colbert is on, watch for fifteen minutes or so, and go to bed. Wednesday, getting ready for work, think "wasn't there something I do on Tuesday nights oh, shit."


Anyhow, not dead. Fetish-wise, let's see, Vice's update this month had more Xiim - mmm, Xiim - and is delicious. CORE #11 is on schedule for later this month (now that it's March). Um... probably some other stuff I've forgotten.

But there are a bunch of nekkers that need slaying before Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out, so that'll have to do for now.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tabenings - Semi-Communicado Edition

So my email provider is acting up again. It's run on a toaster in a guy's basement (honestly, not much of an exaggeration) and he said something about "hard drive fan" and "need to rebuild". Not sure if it will be back on - well, no, I am confident that it will, what I am not sure of is when - or for how long, etc, etc. So if you are trying to email me, you should anticipate possible difficulties.

I can't complain, I've had it for seventeen years, and never paid a dime. I trust it will be back so am not looking into alternate providers, at least not for a while.

This shouldn't affect ongoing commitments (CORE), although how I will communicate with Uzobono now is an open question. Mebbe deviantart messages or something.

In other news... well, not much other news. Working on the day job, helping the spawn out with homework, grocery shopping. The usual. No good video games at the moment - I'm hoping Mass Effect Andromeda will be good, although given the current dearth of options I daresay I shall be buying it anyway. I did not pre-purchase, of course, because I don't do that. But day one seems quite likely.

Hmm. I miss my email.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tabenings - Penfold Edition

Almost forgot! But didn't!

So, Uzobono is off and rendering the new scenes I sent over, and I said that I'd have the final couple of scenes written this week, so that should happen. Still aiming for that late February / early March release. I'm still astounded whenever I get back these stunning images in exchange for the dry prose I send over.

Also, DollMistress (hence 'Penfold'... 'DM'... get it? Yes I'm old...) updated her deviantart page with some new teasers from 'Replis City Blues', the game she's working on. If you haven't played 'Miss Adventure' (or 'Space Ditz' or 'Overseer') you owe it to yourself to do so; it sounds like we won't see RCB any time soon but I'm sure it will be worth the wait when it arrives.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tabenings - Disposable Heroes Edition

Oh shit it's Tuesday! Ha-ha! Back on track, motherfuckers!

For those of you younger than I am - which is a lot of you - and/or those without good musical taste, the edition this week is a reference to the early 90s hip-hop group 'Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy'; one of their songs is Television: the Drug of the Nation, which includes the lyrics "Back again, new and improved, returned to our irregularly programmed schedule." Having listened to the 'Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury' album approximately 10,000 times when I was a much younger Tabico, any time I think the words 'back again', the slot machine in my mind instantly spins up that tune.

So! Aside from that totally pointless insight into my psyche, I'm pleased to report that the answer to Friday's question - namely, "can I rise to the challenge", was "yes!". Sunday I shipped off to Uzobono another three scenes of CORE #11, so we're back on track. I've been revising the overall plot but there should only be, let's see, four or so more scenes left in this issue, so a late February / early March release seems not unrealistic.

Other than that, nothing to report. Thanks for all the well-wishes here and in email, I appreciate the kind words.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Tabenings - Uh, Friday Edition

You see? You see? This is what happens when habit is no longer my ally! Friday!

And it's not like I have anything to post about, either. That week-long flu shot my libido deader than a gimpy racehorse, so all week long I've been not merely uninspired but utterly unable to discern what might even be erotic, or not. I looked at the last couple sections of CORE I'd written before the Bolivian Death Flu and they just looked stupid and pointless. And hard to render.

Nevertheless I am on the clock again, as it were - Uzobono has caught up to me! Yes, what I feared has come to pass and I am once more the bottleneck. Damn. Now everyone's waiting on me and here I am dead inside. Fucker-dy fuck fuck!

Well, the weekend shall see if I can rise to the challenge.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tabenings - Rare Collectible Thursday Edition

So! I bet you're wondering where Tuesday's post was? What's that you were saying about habit, Tabico? Not such a strong ally, eh?

Well, I spent all day Tuesday - and Wednesday for that matter - lying in bed, unable to find the energy even to listen to the radio. Apparently some sort of flu virus is going around and it just nailed me. Today's the first time since Monday afternoon that I've even turned on my computer.

So yes, I too am a fallible biological organism. Feeling a bit better now, but still unable to do much more than drink OJ in front of the Home and Garden channel. And I tell you, nothing kills your libido like the Peruvian Death Flu. I could have 'Hackers'-era Angelina Jolie doing a striptease in front of me right now and I'd just whine "ugh, paying attention makes me tired."

Hopefully better shortly.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tabenings - Post Eval Edition

So the stressful stuff has passed (for now), largely positively. I've been de-stressing for a day or so, then it will be back to the grind. And back to smut - I haven't heard from Uzo for a bit but my spidey-sense tells me that I am being solidly caught up to, so I need to get cracking on CORE 11 again. That sounds like a good goal for some of tomorrow.

Hmm, not much else to add. Received some very nice general fan mail, that always makes me happy. Also a correspondent from several years ago got in touch again which was also nice.

I have been considering doing something wicked, to amuse the slightly cruel part of myself. I still have Secret Files to release, and I've been mulling over pulling a 'really limited time' sort of thing, i.e. putting up a page with a story on it, then taking that story down after a week or so. So that if you didn't check the blog that week, you're out of luck.

Not sure if that would be right in line with the Secret Files charter or would instead go against the spirit of it. But the part of me that likes to cackle occasionally is amused by the concept.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Idea: Obey-Cam

Sweet fancy Moses! What's this, a Secret Files update and it's not even Tuesday!? It is!

But as I am sure you remember, one of the purposes of this blog (aside from 'Is Tabico dead Y/N' and 'Google: I just discovered Tabico and is that really everything she's ever written?') is to capture passing ideas I have of the mind control smut variety.

And I was just passed by one such idea, so I thought I would capture it! And share it!

Now, this is more of a visual idea than a pure textual/story idea, and so is not really in my wheelhouse. The person who is really needed to bring this to life, IMO, is Callidus. I haven't communicated directly with him in a while - due entirely to me being a miserable failure as a correspondent, Callidus is awesome and fantastic to talk to and work with, we have done a number of projects together and I love corresponding with him - but I know he's alive because he updates his tumblr, so, uh, Callidus, paging Mr. Callidus, there's a blog post for you on line one.

Other viable creators to make use of this idea would be any commercial / semi-commercial mind control video producers, such as Lex over at Hypnodolls and; I haven't purchased any of his stuff (or any commercial MC) but his freebies are excellent and I'm always pleased to see them when they pop up at hypnohub or the MC forum. Honour May is totally hot.

Enough blather! What's the frelling idea?

So. Camgirls. (Camwhores, if you want to be arrogant and vaguely misogynistic about it.) Girls who get naked on webcam, and if we are lucky, masturbate and/or talk dirty or whatever. I was watching one in particular:

(If you want to see the whole video, it's on most porn streaming sites, often known poetically as 'Girl with short hair and huge tits'. For instance, here: )

While I was watching her, my mind blended in a couple of yummy images I had seen over on hypnohub, of a camgirl (played in this case by a SFM model of Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock, who is also totally hot, if fictional) being hypnotically captured. By Ridley. Here's the sequence:




The sequence does have someone come to take advantage of our lovely Elizabeth in person, but it starts with her being hypnotized remotely. 

Now obviously, webcams and internet chatting and hypnosis is not a brand new idea, sprung from the forehead of Zeus. Far from it. Among many other examples, there's the double wonderful Skypenotized by Zko, who I have mentioned in these pages before and is a marvelous asset to the community. I'm also pretty sure Jukebox has touched on the subject... ah yes, there it is: “I Can’t Wait” by Jukebox and Lady Ru‘etha. And I've seen it come up on hypno-tumblrs and -blogs elsewhere. It ain't new.

But what I am envisioning - and this is where Callidus and his particular sort of magic comes in - is a video feed of a camgirl who, having started her cam session, then puts on a mind controlling device. Voluntarily - it's part of the show. In fact, it's the whole point of the show. And then her audience members (not the hoi polloi, obviously, but rather a few pre-selected and probably financially generous individuals) are given remote control over the mind control device, and use it to control the camgirl in question. And, you know, have her show us her tits.

So let's picture it. Hot girl, fully clothed, on webcam. On our screen the video of the girl is surrounded by several translucent overlays - initally they are empty readings, flat lines. The girl smiles, does some initial chit-chat...

"All right, guys, I think I'm ready for this. I've got Timea sitting over here behind the camera watching me to make sure I don't give out my credit card number or go walking naked out of the apartment - not that you'd do that to me, would you? But everything else is fair game. I, uh, I've got my box of toys right over here."
She takes a deep breath.
"So I'm going to enable remote control of the full range of brain-band functionality. You should be able to put me as deep into trance as you want... and get me to do... whatever you want. Let's see who's going to be at my controls tonight. We've got, uh, Mr_Mxyzptlk, deniserossi, and umbrafox. Okay, you're all in chat? "
(Responses scroll in chat window.)
"Okay, good. And you've all read the documentation, and know how to operate the brain-band? I'm pretty sure you can't fry my brain but if you don't work it right you won't get the most for your money."
(Reassurances in chat window.)
She shivers, and pinches her breasts. "This always makes me so excited and nervous at the same time."
Camgirl reaches offscreen, lifts a metallic headband with a bunch of wires on it, holds it above her head.
"Okay," she says a little nervously, and lowers the headband onto her head, pulling it down tightly across her forehead. She swings the fat earphones over her ears. Then she reaches up behind her head, touching places on the band. "It's got a few - ow - places where it needs
solid contact - ow - so I'm inserting the needles... don't worry guys, they're like half a centimeter long. I'm fine. Okay," she says, pushing firm fingertips on two places just above her eyebrows, "last ones. Ow."
She shakes her head slightly. The wires wiggle, but the headband doesn't shift. "Okay," she says, looking into the camera, "the brain-band is attached." She holds her hands up to the camera. "Look, I'm shaking." She squeezes her breasts again.
"All right," she says, leaning forward, "let's turn the hypnotrode on." A greenish light illuminates her face and glints in her eyes.
"Right," she says, a flutter in her voice. "Okay. Earphones, check. Hypnotrode, check. Brain-band attached, check. Let's... turn it on."
 She swallows, and reaches down and turns the brain-band on. All around her video image, the overlays spring to life, with numerical readings, pulsing lines, sine waves.
The girl looks into the camera. "Okay. Okay. I can hear it. It's got me. I'm... I'm ready to become your plaything." She swallows again and leans forward. "I'm turning on the remote control. And... remote control activated. Okay Mxyzptlk, Denise, Umbrafox. I'm yours. My brain is open and ready for your control."
The girl leans back in the seat. She's breathing heavily. A moment passes, then she shakes her head.
"Woah. I felt that. You guys are... are..."
Her mouth sags open, and her eyes slowly start to glaze. Around her image, the overlays slowly change, the sine waves flattening, the numbers decreasing from 120, to 90, to 70, to 50.
"I," she mumbles. "Must..."
The spikes on the heartrate monitor come further and further apart. The greenish lights are pulsing, playing across her face, her glassy eyes.
"I will," she suddenly says, quietly, "not resist. I will. Obey."
As the various biological readouts slow, and dwindle, the chat window scrolls at a leisurely pace.
The chatting is limited to the three participants, who have clearly rehearsed a plan and are acting in concert.
deniserossi: "Aural signals are receiving proper responses. Uptake seems good. Subliminal feeds alpha and beta at one hundred percent."
Mr_Mxyzptlk: "Biorhythms are textbook. I think she's becoming trained to this, she's losing volition even faster than last time."
umbrafox: "Hypnotrode set to pattern 7, pulse rate 5. Myx, is she ready for sleep?"
Mr_Mxyzptlk: "Shortly. Heartrate not quite there yet."
deniserossi: "I wish she'd use the injector attachment. I've mailed her the drugs."
Mr_Mxyzptlk: "We know, Denise. She will. Soon. She'll want to. Okay, I think she's ready for Morpheus. Denise, please feed her command sequence three."
The girl has lost all expression, her mouth hanging open, her head tilted to one side.
Her eyes close.


Well! Wrote more than I intended to! But that'll do for now. Obviously, Camgirl proceeds to do camgirl things - the best camgirl things: stripping naked, lathering herself in baby oil, frigging herself on a dildo or two (or better, a sybian attached to the brain-band). But all with a blank, obedient face, and the yummy replies we so love: "Yes, I must obey. Yes, Masters. Yes." Lots of 'yes'es, basically.

Maybe I should write it up as a story. Opinions? Me, I'd mostly just love to see it done as a video. I'm sure that one of Lex's girls could do a really hot interpretation. And, of course, Callidus could do magic with the premise, though I'm not sure where he could find appropriate enough source material. Always the problem with this sort of thing.

At any rate, I think it's a hot idea, I have now captured it for future, er, use, and I have shared it with you! Enjoy.