Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tabenings - Minimalist Edition

So! The trial balloon has been released, as the observant among you probably noticed. Slow going to start, but I had to spend time looking some stuff up. And I forgot just how much I change things during editing - but then, you can witness that in action. I was gonna do some more tonight, but now it's late already. *frowny face*

I guess I'll keep things short this week, since I'll be back around on the other 'T' day. Adios!


  1. I really liked Winter Flesh, so I'm having a hard time not waking the neighbours squeeing.
    Thanks for the tasty morsel!

  2. An intriguing start. One wonders where all the radiators came from, and where all the broken automobiles are hiding. :)

  3. Ooo my. How exciting. I should have checked earlier this week for updates.