Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tabenings - Free Hugs Edition

You have probably surmised that I have a bit of a sex-fetish for facehuggers (and to a slightly lesser extent their Alien brethren) at this point. If you haven't, just go read Pierced and get back to me.

So the year has gotten off to a bang with a SFM animation (what do they call them? "Machinima"? Where you use a video game engine, and usually characters, to make your own animated movies) called 'Bug Hunt' which basically consists of ten minutes of women getting vigorously fucked by Giger aliens of different (and improbable) sorts. Man, does it stroke me in all the right places.

I've been hoovering up SFM porn for quite a while now. Who doesn't want to see Triss from the Witcher or Elizabeth from Bioshock indulging in sweaty sex in thirty-one different flavors? I certainly do. And I have been!

The alien models, equipped with after-market cocks in most cases, have been around for some time, so I've seen them in action before, but this new version really took the cake.

Here, go have a look. You can get a download link from the artist's Twitter page: Klein Voimond. It's the post from January 4th. May take a few minutes to download.

So! I hope you enjoyed it! Since this is my blog, I figure I will take a few minutes and blather about my own personal tastes as regards 'Bug Hunt'. What do I particularly appreciate?

1. No one gets killed. That's a big turn-off for me. I love Aliens that capture women and use them as breeding slaves.
2. After a while the women appear to be enjoying it. The enjoyment is good, but of course for a mind control fetishist such as myself it's the conversion,the transformation from horrified abductee to that dazed smile on the protagonist at the end of the video that really gets me between the eyes.
3. Egg laying! Rawr. Dunno why, but the woman laying the alien egg(s)... oof. Right in the fetish. I only wish we could have some long, slow shots of the protagonists having their turn.
(As a side note, Klein Voimond posted the "drone cam" portion as a separate, earlier video late last year, without the "video camera" overlay. It was on tumblr, though, so has been nuked - hopefully it will become available again.)
I tell you what, if you can get KV to create an addendum where one or more of the protagonists lays her own eggs in loving slow motion, I will definitely produce the final chapters of 'Pierced'.
4. And of course, related to point #3 - impregnation. Love those swollen bellies at the end (given that they are accompanied by the dazed, happy faces, of course. Remember, it's about conversion to enjoying something initially terrible.

The facehuggers, although certainly present and quite tasty, didn't play as big a role as might have been hoped for. And the mechanics of the Alien warrior drones banging away on the women were quite nice but are not what hit my particular "over the top" buttons. Don't get me wrong, any of those alien/hot chick scenes would have been quickly gathered up onto my hard drive, but I wouldn't be writing about it here.

Those eggs, though. And that smile...