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'Winter Flesh'
Fanmail Appreciation Chapter

"You think they're lezzies?" Billy hissed.

Rosalyn hit him with a wooden spoon, and he squawked. He and
Clark looked up at her with guilty expressions.

The two women in the booth by the window didn't appear to
have noticed. They were sitting next to each other; Rosalyn
had expected their boyfriends or husbands to come in any
moment and sit across from them, but when she'd gone over
to ask if they wanted drinks they'd said that no one else
was coming and that they were ready to order.

The black-haired girl had ordered french toast; the brunette
with the deep blue eyes just wanted a glass of water.

Which she hadn't touched.

With a sigh, Rosalyn left the two boys to their sniggering
at the counter. Billy and Clark, joined at the hip. They
worked the night shift at the styrofoam packing plant, had
for the last six months. At three a.m. they were her only

Most nights. "How you two doin'?" she asked the women,
who had paid no attention to her as she walked over
to them. They looked up from their conversation. The
neon 'Open' in the window above them buzzed.

"We're just fine," the one with the blue eyes said. "Thank
you." The other girl just nodded.

"Alright, then," Rosalyn said, and went back around
to her stool behind the register. Harry Moraine wanted
his diner open twenty-four seven, but there were hardly
any customers between midnight and five-thirty when Harry
came in for his coffee. A little burst of activity around
one, when the bar closed. That was it.

Rosalyn sagged onto the stool. Phillipsburg, Kansas. A
wide patch on route thirty-six, and the only home she
had known. Momma had died back in ninety-six, leaving Rosalyn
the house, and working for Harry paid the bills.

It was a life, of a sort.

There was a burst of suppressed snickering from the boys,
and she looked up from her reverie. They were giggling
again, looking at the women in the booth. Rosalyn looked

The women were kissing.

Not kiss-and-make-up french-style on the cheeks kissing,
either. The black-haired girl had her hand around the
back of the brunette's head, and they were... well, it
was french-style, all right. Only it was <i>not</i> a

Rosalyn was shocked. That sort of thing... not here,
not in Phillipsburg!

Harry would have pulled the shotgun
from under the counter and run them out of the diner.

Rosalyn... wanted to be them.

She'd known for years. She'd tried with boys in
high school. But even then, she knew. Knew what she
wanted. But it was a sin against the Lord and in a
small town like Phillipsburg there was no way - no
way - to hide it, and it would have broke mama's heart.

She'd wanted to run off, go to Wichita or Topeka or
please God Chicago, someplace like that. But she
never had. Never had the chance, never had the money,
never had the gumption.

One of the boys snorted out loud, and the girls in the
booth stopped kissing and looked over at them, which made the
boys duck their heads behind menus in the least effective
dodge ever, and snicker just a touch more quietly.

Harry would have run the lezbos out with his gun.

Rosalyn stood up, and went over to Billy and Clark instead.

"Hadn't you boys better be getting home?"

They looked at her, then at the women in the booth. "Aw,
c'mon, Rosalyn." In a lower voice: "They's lesbians!"

"It don't matter none," Rosalyn said, "you boys need
to be nice. And anyhow, your mamas' have asked me to
make sure you get home before three-thirty, so I reckon
it's time for you to git."

Billy was about to object, but Clark looked at his
Casio and tapped his buddy with an elbow. "She's right,
Billy. If I'm not home on time my dad throws a shitfit.
He don't want me driving the lift when I'm too tired.
I gotta go." The immediate glance at the women showed
how little Clark was enthused about going home.

But Billy agreed, with bad grace. They handed Rosalyn some
crumpled bills for their sodas and stood up.

"Sst," Billy whispered. "Now Rosalyn. Don't let them
lezzies get you or nothing. They start comin' on to
you, you call us right quick and we'll come save you."

Snorting and giggling, the two boys walked out into
the night. The bell tinkled behind them.

Rosalyn sighed. She looked over, but the women were
talking to each other again. The french toast was
still half-finished and the water was still untouched.
She went back to her stool.

<i>'Let them get me.' If only.</i>

She was forty-six, and had never been the prom queen
anyway. She'd been pretty, sure, the way that young
girls were, and she took care of herself. But if she'd
ever had a chance to leave this town and find a new
life somewhere else - with someone - it had been a
long time ago. Not now, not at forty-six.

God, how had her life gone by?

With a start, she realized that the women were
standing in front of the register. Time for them
to pay and to get the Hell out of Phillipsburg. Leaving
behind them a one-horse town and a lonely old
woman in an empty diner.

"That was sweet of you," the brunette with the blue eyes

"That'll be five-forty... what?"

"It was nice of you to run those boys out of here,
instead of us."

Rosalyn blinked. The girl had such intense eyes, dark blue
like a deep lake on a summer evening.

"Oh, that's... um. That's all right."

The brunette was leaning closer, over the counter.
Her eyes were pulling at Rosalyn, drawing her closer.
"Most folks, you know, they catch two girls kissing,
they might take offense."

"That's," Rosalyn whispered - why was she whispering? -
"that's not... I don't think that's true."

"Rosalyn," the girl said, and reached out with a long
finger to gently tilt her nametag. "That's a pretty
name. On a very pretty woman."

Rosalyn's head was swimming. Was this...? Was she...?

The black-haired girl was lifting the countertop
and coming around behind the counter.

Rosalyn's heart was hammering like Indian drums.

"You're beautiful, Rosalyn," the girl said. "Very,
very beautiful." Her eyes were so deep and Rosalyn
was sinking into them. And she wanted to, so much.
Wanted to sink into them and be beautiful for this
beautiful, beautiful girl.

Then there was breath on her ear. The other girl
had come around the counter and was touching her,
sliding a hand around her back and another around
her head, and breathing into her ear: "...so

Rosalyn whimpered.

It was wrong it was a sin and she wanted it
<i>so much</i>...

The black-haired girl turned Rosalyn's head with
her hands and looked into her eyes. Her own eyes
were brown, a light brown that wasn't the bottomless
blue of her girlfriend's eyes but was beautiful
too, and Rosalyn tasted her breath...

And then she was kissing Rosalyn, her lips on
Rosalyn's own, this beautiful twenty-something
was kissing her, and Rosalyn stared for a moment,
stiff, before surrendering and closing her eyes
and kissing the girl back, relaxing into her
arms and gingerly wrapping her own around.

The girl pulled her off the stool, to her feet.
Rosalyn opened her eyes and the other girl was
there too, had come around the counter and was
touching them both, moving them towards the swinging
door to the back.

Somehow their embrace had opened up, and now it
was the blue-eyed girl who held Rosalyn, whose
hands were tingling magic against her side. The
other girl opened the swinging door, passed
through, and then the two of them moved through together
into the back. Harry's office was back there, and the
black-haired girl flipped on the light and dragged the
chair out into the hall, and smiled at Rosalyn and the
other girl with a hungry intensity.

The blue-eyed girl pushed Rosalyn up against the
wall, kissing her fiercely; it surprised her for a
moment, and then Rosalyn responded, kissing back,
and she felt hands on her clothes and did nothing
to stop them, held up her hands and let the
girl with the blue eyes pin her wrists to the
wall while the other girl stripped her,
untied her apron and undid her shirt and unzipped
her skirt and pulled it all off, leaving Rosalyn
pressed against the wall in an open shirt, breasts
hanging out, bra on the floor, and a pair of pantyhose
that were dark at the crotch.

The blue-eyed girl stepped back, and she and her
girlfriend looked at Rosalyn.

For a moment, Rosalyn felt panic, standing almost
naked in the back of the diner while the two girls,
fully clothed, looked her over. Was this a prank?

But then the girl with the blue eyes caught her gaze
again, and Rosalyn fell right back into the,. "You
are so beautiful," the girl whispered,
whispered just to her, "beautiful all over."

And then she began to strip, lifting her shirt off
and with it the sports bra underneath, and Rosalyn
stared at her breasts as the other girl took off
her clothes too and it was just like in her fantasies
only it was real, it was real girls taking off
their clothes and showing their bodies to her right
in the back room-

And they thought she was beautiful.

<i>They</i> were beautiful. The black-haired girl
was voluptuous, large breasts with large areolae
and a close-shaven mound between smooth round
hips - and the hair there was lighter than the
pitch-black hair on her head, she
must have dyed it, and so had the brunette, her
patch was blonde - and the blue eyed girl was
more athletic, the muscles in her hips and her
shoulders flexing and visible as she sauntered
towards Rosalyn.

As she sauntered towards - for a moment, Rosalyn
thought she was going to pass out. It could not
be real, not be happening, not to her. But then she
felt the hands on her body, stroking her skin,
cool hands, and they were pulling down her hose
and another pair were lifting off her shirt and
then she was kissing again, pressing her flesh
into the cool body of the girl and their breasts
met and Rosalyn's nipples fired electric pleasure
directly into her brain.

And they kissed and then she felt hands inside her
thighs and the other girl, the warmer girl was
on her knees, pulling Rosalyn's legs apart, and
Rosalyn couldn't believe it and it was really
happening like it had never happened before and
it never would happen ever please God just let
it happen and there was breath and then there were
lips and a <i>tongue</i> and she cried into the
blue-eyed girl's mouth as she came, only a
second after she had felt the other girl's mouth
on her pussy.

But the blue-eyed girl propped her up, and began
to whisper into her ear, as the other girl moved
away and licked her thighs, her knees, and the
blue-eyed girl told her how beautiful she was and
how beautiful her body was and what she was going
to do to that beautifly body, how she would lick
Rosalyn all over and how she would lick her wonderful
breasts and her smooth belly and her beautiful neck,
and how Rosalyn had beautiful eyes and a beautiful
mouth and a beautiful, beautiful body; and then the other
girl's breath was back on her pussy and Rosalyn
shifted, spread her legs and pushed herself forward,
because it was <i>not</i> too good to be true, and
this time she lasted for almost a minute before she
was coming again.


They fucked in the hall and they fucked in Harry's
office, on his shag carpet that hadn't been cleaned
in years but none of them cared a whit.

At some point, the black-haired girl went out front
and turned off the 'Open' sign.

Rosalyn tasted pussy for the first time, the first
ever time for real, and it was not like she had
thought it would be and it was wonderful, soft and
fleshy in her mouth and it made the other woman
shiver and moan just the way it made her shiver and
moan, and Rosalyn could give her pleasure, too, and
it felt warm and right inside to do so.

And the two girls were different, wonderful and
real and different, and their bodies felt the same and
didn't feel the same and Rosalyn tasted them both,
touched them all over the way she had always wanted
to and stared wonderingly at their pussies from
inches away and from upside and downside before
touching them with her tongue and her lips and
her fingers, the way they touched her.

It was the best thing that had ever happened to her,
and Rosalyn wondered if she ever deserved it.

Time, however, does not stop.

Rosalyn sat on the carpet, naked, her legs splayed
open, and enjoyed the feel of her lovers looking at
her pussy. The blue-eyed girl wanted her attention,
though, and she she found herself looking irresistibly
up into those deep dark eyes.

"Rosalyn," She said. "Rosalyn. You are a beautiful
woman, and we both love you. But it is nearing dawn,
and we need to go."

"Dawn," Rosalyn repeated. Harry would be here soon.
Finding her, here, like this... it would be bad, but
it didn't scare her like it once would have.

It was worth it. Anything, anything at all - death -
would have been worth it.

She spoke again. "I need something, Rosalyn. I need
something from you."

"Take it," Rosalyn breathed. "Please, take it."

The blue-eyed girl got onto her hands and knees, and
crept forward. "It will hurt a little," She said,
drawing near.

"Take it," Rosalyn repeated. "Please, please, take
it. Please."

There was a kiss, on her lips, and then the blue-eyed
girl tilted Rosalyn's head to the side, and then-

There was a sharp pain in her neck as the girl bit
her. Bit her, and began to drink.

Rosalyn shivered and came again, helplessly.


"Rosalyn? You in here?"

The door jingled as it swung closed behind him. Harry
frowned as he pocketed his key. Where had she gone to?

He hadn't quite made up his mind whether to be worried or
angry when Rosalyn came bustling out of the back.

"Rosalyn! What the Hell's going on? Why aren't you

Rosalyn looked at him, and he blinked in surprise.
She looked - alive. Very alive. She practically
glowed, her cheeks red, the rest of her skin
startlingly pale but somehow vibrant.

"Christ Jesus, woman, are you sick?"

"Oh Harry," she said, and it was the sound his wife
used to make when he walked into the bedroom wearing
boots and spurs and nothing else, "Harry I feel

"Then why the Hell were you closed? I don't pay you
to feel wonderful!"

She came to him and leaned on his chest, her eyes
wide open and wild. "Harry," she said, her face
inches from his, "I quit. You've been a pretty good
boss but I quit."

"You what?"

"I'm going to Chicago Harry, I'm going to Chicago
and I'm going to make myself a life. A real one,
not this cotton wool life I've been living in here.
Take care of yourself, Harry. Have a good one."

He stared at her as she walked around him and
out the door. The rising sun colored her apron
pink as she took it off and threw it into the

Harry sat down at a counter stool. "Well,
shit," he said. "Who'm I going to find to make
me coffee?"

END Fanmail Appreciation Chapter

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