Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Xiim Land

Nope, nope, not giving up yet! Still postin'!

I think I shall natter about a couple of things this week.

The first is not smutty - well, not very smutty - namely: Rammstein is back!

I love me some Rammstein. This will be their first album in ten years; the video for the first single ('Deutschland') off said album was released last week, and holy shit is it something. I've had it pretty much on constant rotation.

Now, as I say, I love Rammstein. Also, I speak German (poorly) and am quite the history buff, so watching Rammstein's take on what it means to be German, with all the historical baggage that brings, is super compelling.

 As a history buff, the video is a real feast. We start in the Teutoburger Wald, where Arminius and his Cheruscii wiped out three Roman legions, and bounce through a whirlwind of German history: medieval monks, Barbarossa, the DDR, Nazis, yes, but also Weimar Berlin and even the fucking Baader-Meinhof gang! It's fantastic.

Also, it's beautiful; the cinematography is gorgeous. And well over the top in the usual Rammstein way.

So I love it.

Now, I could lapse into a dialectic about whether it is good - or even possible - to love Germany (as a German), given Germany's history, but (a) that would last for pages, (b) who am I to say anyway, and (c) this isn't that sort of blog!

So on to the smut!

I believe I have written about Vice here before; he's been an erotic mind control artist and enthusiast for easily as long as I have, and has produced lovely fetish imagery regularly for years. If you're not familiar with his work you're either new or have been doing your masturbating under a rock.

Whatever floats your boat, man.

This month's illustrations once again feature the alien mind-controlling Xiim, who have captured and biologically enslaved (mmmm) a pair of lovely superheroines, Dare Damsel and the Awe, and are putting the pair through some paces.

The whole series is hot, of course, but I was particularly captured by the content of the last pair of images. Vice's text is as follows:

"The collective's science cell believes it should be to modify the human female's biology so that they are capable of parthogenic self-impregnation. In this fashion they will be able to birth their own clones, providing the Xiim with a self-sustaining population of slave-soldiers."

Holy shit. I mean, think about it. Picture it unfolding over time - Dare Damsel obediently pregnant with herself. Raising children who look just like she did at any given age, for the explicit sole purpose of serving their alien masters. Both superheroines, constantly pregnant, obediently/blissfully raising a slave army of themselves. Looking at the girls and seeing themselves as children - and yet, brainslaved into focusing only on turning the girls into the best slave soldiers the Xiim could want.

Think about the clones as hot nubile teenagers, with slave mothers who are what they themselves will grow into.

A slave race - or at least, slave extended family. Of themselves.

How enslaved do you have to be to eagerly abet that?

Anyway, I think it's super hot. Thanks yet again, Vice!

Saturday, March 23, 2019


Crap, it's Saturday! Four days late! I'm a little concerned about this trend...

Anyway, what happened in smut last week. Well, if you (like me) hadn't noticed, Callidus posted a new story with some accompanying images. Funny thing is, I check his blog every few days or so, but the sneaky fellow posted the story without posting a blog update and so although the story dates to February 19th I hadn't been aware of it until just a few days ago.

This is also another piece of annoying fallout of the bowdlerization of tumblr, which used to be the easy way to check these things but of course is now pointless.

So go check out 'Neighborly'. It's super hot, although I would say that because it's drawing a heavy influence from one of my own stories. And as I have said many times before, I write what I want to read, so if other people write similar stuff I am just chuffed. And I was so chuffed this time as well! Huzzah!

In other smut related news, three of my usual porn comics are going on and worth keeping up with:

and of course
I have to admit I don't know what a "Gardevoir" is (well yes, it's clearly a Pokemon, but I mean beyond that) but in The Kite's universe they are certainly very fuckable.

In non-smut news I watched 'Captain Marvel' the other night and liked it bunches. I've always been a fan of the whole Kree-Skrull conflict and it was fun to see it on screen, although their characterization of the skrulls was a bit off IMO. Also they juuuust shied away from having C.M. being a lesbian, which was regrettable as far as I am concerned but understandable given that they wanted that sweet, sweet $750 million (or whatever) in global ticket revenue. Alas. Still a fun movie.

Friday, March 15, 2019


Argh, I swear I was going to post on Tuesday and get back into the swing of things, but the latest WoW patch dropped so I wound up doing that until midnight. And then I was going to post on Thursday but then the wife and I watched "The Fix" on Netflix until it was time for bed wink wink nudge nudge and then it was Friday.

*Is* Friday!

Also, I just mixed up a Kahlua and cream - well, technically 'and milk' because that's how we roll around here - and I used Kahlua that must be at least a decade old, so if that stuff goes bad then this might be my last ever post. Not likely, but I wanted to give some warning.

So, what's going on in smut this week. Well, KleinVoimond dropped their latest tasty machimina, of a freckled young thing in a spaceship getting it good and hard from a tentacle monster. Quite delicious, although a bit janky at times, and it reminded me of trilby's story Janissaries, also featuring nubile space pilots being manipulated by aliens.

Hmm, what else. Let me check my porn stash. Which, purely for your own curiosity, is 1.09 terabytes and dates back to 2003, with a few pieces older than that. Of course that's bulked up a lot by videos, I have no idea how many individual images/stories there are.

I did a fun DeviantArt meander recently which led me to some hot renders of a dark iron dwarf; I'm always ready for sexy bad girls, or good girls from canonically malevolent races. This is by NovaCG who's been around for a while producing a lot of enjoyable pinup work.

There is also a 'sex with bugs' image set that Nitely posted over on the e-hentai sites, called "Creature Get". No mind control, sadly, but as you know I'm certainly into women having icky squicky things crawl inside them for the purposes of reproduction. Had that happen to me once. Ha! Dick joke.

Okay, that's enough for now. Lemme know if you find anything worth a look!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Fleshy Things

So, only one week's delay, seems I'm getting back into the swing of things. You might think that since Thursday also begins with the letter "T", that I am changing my update day, but alas no - I'm just two days late. I admit it. The intent is still to update on Tuesdays - and other days when possible but Tuesdays at a minimum.

That aside, I have no big announcements but I have encountered a couple of nifty smut related things which I thought I could share.

First is an artist who has been around for several years now: Silverad0. That's "0" with a line through it. That link is to his DevianrArt page, I actually first encountered his stuff over on Hentai Foundry. I don't think there's a difference in the art that's there but I haven't checked thoroughly.

I love Silverad0's work - he draws women that are so fleshy. You can almost feel them. A lot of his stuff is light vore, which isn't my particular taste, but it's easy to pretend the women are just being hauled off for a brain makeover so that's all right. And he also did, several years ago now, a picture that just beautifully lines up with Alphax's classic story "Old Wives' Tales".

As an aside, Alphax has only ever shared two erotic mind control stories, but by God they are corkers. I love "Old Wives' Tales" obviously but then there's also the ultra-classic "Presents". If you're one of my younger readers and weren't yet into this stuff at the turn of the millenium, do yourself a solid and go read "Presents". Wow. Even now it's delicious and twenty years ago (!) it was delicious and ground-breaking.

But also check out Silverad0. To go even farther back (yes, I am old) it reminds me a lot of Richard Corben back in the 70s and 80s when he was doing naked people a lot. (The "Den" era). You almost ache to reach into the picture and knead the breasts portrayed there. At least, I do.

Also: Bee Girls!

As for Corben, if you haven't heard of him and you Google around a bit you will get the impression that he does creepy horror comics. And he does! But there was also a period where he did fantasy adventure comics except everyone was buck naked - big ol' titties everywhere, and cocks, and even some actual sex. A much younger Tabico collected these old nearly-porn comics whenever she could find them and now has a very nice collection, but I'll tell you they are pretty hard to come by these days and the Internet is sadly lacking in good scans of them. There's a lot more than you would think if you only go by what you can find online.

I see that volume one of "Den" is on Amazon used for $160, which seems about right. And what's worse, some of the "Den" comics you can find were mildly bowdlerized, you have to look for the original oversized editions ("Neverwhere") to get the real cocks-n-boobs glory of "Den" in its heyday.

My second find is at the other end of the time spectrum: a brand new smutty comic called "Lithium" by Sindy Anna Jones. It's more or less straight porn with a bit of sci-fi (at least, as far as the setting is concerned) and more than a hint of incest (cousins, so choose if that squicks you) but it's pretty and it's cute and it's fun and the second issue followed the first in record time, so I have high hopes for her smut output (at least in the near term).

So there, a couple of nice things for you to check out if you have not seen them already. Heck, maybe more if you haven't read Alphax or heard of Richard Corben. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Tabenings - Shortest Month Edition

Ha ha! I have not missed February entirely! Suck it, Trebek!

Anyhow, although I have been a squishy bundle of uselessness and non-porn production, there is nonetheless exciting news!

1. Uzobono released Black Helix, the latest Karo City mind control comic. It's excellent! As a disclaimer, it is about dickgirls rather than regular girls, so those of you who have come to love Uzo's lesbian mind control content, be advised that there are dicks galore in this issue. If you like futa, holy shit are you ever in luck. Regardless of dick preference, the mind control is super hot, and as usual crackingly well written and beautifully illustrated. So check it out.

2. Half Shim has a blog! Why did no one tell me this? Heck, it started back in January, almost exactly a week after... my... last... post...


Clearly, Half Shim is stealing my motivation! It's not that I am a squishy bundle of uselessness - Shimmy turned me into a squishy bundle of uselessness! Much like a newt!

Well, regardless, you should definitely check out Half Shim's marvelous blog. And I, for my part, will endeavor to update this blog once again on a regular basis, as I attempt to combat this motivation-sucking hex before it grows into anything more serious!

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tabenings - Free Hugs Edition

You have probably surmised that I have a bit of a sex-fetish for facehuggers (and to a slightly lesser extent their Alien brethren) at this point. If you haven't, just go read Pierced and get back to me.

So the year has gotten off to a bang with a SFM animation (what do they call them? "Machinima"? Where you use a video game engine, and usually characters, to make your own animated movies) called 'Bug Hunt' which basically consists of ten minutes of women getting vigorously fucked by Giger aliens of different (and improbable) sorts. Man, does it stroke me in all the right places.

I've been hoovering up SFM porn for quite a while now. Who doesn't want to see Triss from the Witcher or Elizabeth from Bioshock indulging in sweaty sex in thirty-one different flavors? I certainly do. And I have been!

The alien models, equipped with after-market cocks in most cases, have been around for some time, so I've seen them in action before, but this new version really took the cake.

Here, go have a look. You can get a download link from the artist's Twitter page: Klein Voimond. It's the post from January 4th. May take a few minutes to download.

So! I hope you enjoyed it! Since this is my blog, I figure I will take a few minutes and blather about my own personal tastes as regards 'Bug Hunt'. What do I particularly appreciate?

1. No one gets killed. That's a big turn-off for me. I love Aliens that capture women and use them as breeding slaves.
2. After a while the women appear to be enjoying it. The enjoyment is good, but of course for a mind control fetishist such as myself it's the conversion,the transformation from horrified abductee to that dazed smile on the protagonist at the end of the video that really gets me between the eyes.
3. Egg laying! Rawr. Dunno why, but the woman laying the alien egg(s)... oof. Right in the fetish. I only wish we could have some long, slow shots of the protagonists having their turn.
(As a side note, Klein Voimond posted the "drone cam" portion as a separate, earlier video late last year, without the "video camera" overlay. It was on tumblr, though, so has been nuked - hopefully it will become available again.)
I tell you what, if you can get KV to create an addendum where one or more of the protagonists lays her own eggs in loving slow motion, I will definitely produce the final chapters of 'Pierced'.
4. And of course, related to point #3 - impregnation. Love those swollen bellies at the end (given that they are accompanied by the dazed, happy faces, of course. Remember, it's about conversion to enjoying something initially terrible.

The facehuggers, although certainly present and quite tasty, didn't play as big a role as might have been hoped for. And the mechanics of the Alien warrior drones banging away on the women were quite nice but are not what hit my particular "over the top" buttons. Don't get me wrong, any of those alien/hot chick scenes would have been quickly gathered up onto my hard drive, but I wouldn't be writing about it here.

Those eggs, though. And that smile...

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Apply Directly

So I had intended my previous post to be the last post of 2018, and what with the whole "not updating for months" thing that seemed like a pretty good bet.

Buu-ut, as is frequently the case when I'm away from home and therefore wind up in an extended "no-schlick" period, I've been having some pretty kinky dreams, one of which was so tasty I wanted to capture some of the imagery and I figured I would capture it here and thereby share it with y'all.

I'm sure you've probably forgotten my little outline for a story based on the game Stardew Valley. I posted it back in 2016 and it hasn't yet turned into a story. I, however, have not forgotten it, as I still think it's a smoking hot idea and also still occasionally use it for the aforementioned schlick sessions. Come on, a hot nubile gradually converted into a sex robot, and dressed in blue latex? Rawr.

Tying into this is a recent enjoyment of women who have some of their hair shaved. I think Natalie Dormer did it - ah yes, here she is with that hairstyle - and I saw some tasty nekkid photos of a Suicide Girl who also had shaved the side. Let's see, this was after tumblr bowdlerized itself so she must be.... here.

Now, with that in mind, we return to the brain implants from my story outline above. As so often happens I pull from trilby's work, in this case the incredibly powerful 'Hive' (Tabico pours out a small vial of Chris Chris' honey fluid in memory of her absent comrade). So the brain implants are, in my vision, plastic orbs the size of a half-egg. I'm thinking opaque plastic with maybe some points of light that turn on and off inside them.

Our heroine has returned from the Joja facility with her first brain implant, the irrevocable primary step on her way to becoming a plastic pleasure appliance. It's located on the side of her head, on that shaven patch, a glossy plastic bump whose dimly seen lights shift and pulse in time with the activity being monitored and controlled inside of Abigail's head.

But, and here's the new part, one implant is not the end state. No, now Abigail is only transitioning to a plastic appliance. Over the next two months, she returns to the Joja conversion facility for additional implants. The second is on the back of her head; the third on the right side. When she returns from the third implant her beautiful blue hair is tied up in a tight knot atop her head, revealing the shaven rear and sides and the three plastic half-orbs that pulse softly all around her circuitry-riddled brain.

And then, one month later, our farm-owning protagonist (who, by the way, in my fantasies is a muscular female, and even as Abigail is undergoing her transformation into a Joja plastic appliance, is undergoing her own transformation from Joja-hating independent farmer into a Joja farming asset, dedicated to providing her new corporate masters with all the produce they tell her to grow. Abigail is, of course, totally dedicated to abetting this transformation) returns home to discover the former Abigail standing nude and mindless in the center of the room.

Her beautiful blue hair is piled in a complicated knot atop her head, showing the three brain implants encircling her head. And in the center of her forehead, in perfect counterpoise to the implants, above and between her utterly blank eyes, is a smooth, half-egg sized divot, indicative of the Joja corporation's total removal of the plastic applicance's free will.

At the rear of the smooth cavity is a silver-edged socket. A plastic egg with a small plug clicks easily and firmly into the docking port, and now the plastic appliance that once was Abigail has four brain implants, encircling her head.

The front implant contains a personality chip. The plastic appliance standing in the farming asset's living room has arrived with several of them: maid, dominatrix, adoring bimbo. One of these orbs, a stunning royal blue color, will even equip the plastic appliance with the external traits and mannerisms of a young woman once named 'Abigail'.


So! Thought I'd share that. I really ought to turn that fantasy into a full-fledged story. Even if we all know the ending.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2019!