Sunday, January 19, 2020

Tabenings - 2020 edition

Happy New Year!

Looks like it was... geez, October (!) the last time I posted.

When writing this blog weekly, the problem was generally that I'd have to come up with something to talk about. With the sort of delays that have been going on around here recently, the problem is the converse - there's been so much mind control and smut related content to discuss that I've forgotten half of it and don't know where to start with the other half!

But there are at least a few things I have been keeping pinned to my mental corkboard for you guys, so let's start with those.

First, the realm of manga. The overlap between "yuri" (lesbian) and "mind control" content is sadly quite slim, but I read an intriguing translation recently and wanted to share it with you: Wizard after twelve o'clock.

If you want to read it without spoilers, go do so now, because the discussion in the next paragraph will give away a pretty major plot point.

The manga (technically a doujinshi, but I'm not gonna flirt with pedantry because I am not nearly enough of a weeaboo to do so successfully) dips into those convoluted realms of hypnotizing one's self and hypnotizing another to be dominant that trilby and I used to love writing and discussing. Plotting out who is programming whom to do what stretches mental muscles that are surprisingly  pleasurable to exercise.

In a different vein, fans of Hajime Sorayama will enjoy being made aware of an exhibit currently going on which features his work: Tokyo Pop Underground (exhibited by Jeffrey Deitch).
Finding photos involves going to a few different web page permutations; here are some:

It's decades ago now, but Sorayama's illustrations were a really big part of my fetish fantasies for many years. Speaking of the Great Old Ones, thrall also was strongly attracted to the visions he put forward. thrall, if you're reading this I hope you're doing well!

Amusingly, my teenage daughter recently noticed the collection of Sorayama art books I have on the shelf in my voluminous library downstairs and gave me one of those inscrutable "what is this / mom, you are such a..." looks that teenagers do so well. I never thought, back in the late nineties when I was hunting for physical copies of Sorayama art books the way a junkie hunts for that dime bag he just knows he put away for later, that one day middle-aged Tabico would have to deal with either hiding or explaining her arty porn from her daughter.

In other current news, Dollmistress made some very lovely images based on my story 'Rouge' - one of my best stories, I think - and was subsequently inspired to produce a marvelous new illustrated story set in the universe, a story which I am consuming like the aforementioned junkie (F5 - F5 - F5 - F5 - etc).

And there was lots of other lovely stuff in November and December of last year which I should be mentioning here but am not because I have the memory of a pop-tart. Feel free to remind me in the comments, though!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Tabenings - Burglar Edition

CORE #14 Parte the First is out! If you haven't obtained it, you can now do so over at Uzobono's DeviantArt page. And of course I encourage you to do so!

So this post is a good spot for any CORE feedback you'd like to leave, although of course you can also leave feedback over there, I'm only checking it every fifteen seconds or so.

After posting here I'm gonna go answer some email. It was my habit for a really long time to answer every email I received, and I only fell off of that habit this year. I've gotten a number (like, ten) really nice emails this summer and haven't answered any of them. This of course is a self-reinforcing problem, because then I feel bad about not replying and so I don't go look at my email. But let's see if we can't get to some now.

Also, lots of hot ideas in response to my previous post. (Not a surprise of course given that some of my favorite fellow authors are represented there!) Some of them would work quite well in combination, too. I appreciate everyone's feedback and certainly enjoyed the mental imagery conjured.

Although may of my in-brain sex fantasies are still revolving around my Joja scenario, I would also like to get back to "Modding", it's like half done already. The trick is I need to write some vignettes and have been having trouble with them. If I can do it I'll try and leverage the Secret Files here and maybe hammer out one a week until I have the four or so that I need. Let's see if I can re-stack my life a bit to get at least two hours of smut writing time a week.

Okay, to the email before I run out of steam. Go read CORE #14.1! And let us know what you think.

P.S. The fact that Half Shim is slowing down blog posting just as I am ramping back up is NOT EVIDENCE that we are the same person, or share one brain between us, or anything like that. Not in the slightest.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Craftswoman

I had an interesting story thought recently.

In a lot of mind control stories, women who are brainwashed into becoming highly sexualized often get boob jobs. My particular ne plus ultra is the Mind Control Comics story Bearing Gifts, in particular issue #14 (which is #9 in the Found Objects storyline), in which the protagonist actually magic-brainwashes an actual cosmetic surgeon so that he will have an "on staff" person to give his ever-growing harem all the boob jobs he wants. But it's also in their titles Audiophilia and others, although in Bearing Rubies it's nano-magic-technology rather than silicone.

I recognize that Mind Control Comics are paywalled, I have had a subscription there off and on over the years. Apologies for referencing them and not sharing.

Anyhow, we take the cosmetic surgeon protagonist - female, of course - but we put her in the vicinity of a Wicked Mind Controller and turn on a slow burn. Let's say she works in the Valley (the San Fernando valley, a part of Los Angeles known for being home to a large amount of pornography production companies and their staff) so she does boob jobs and butt implants and lip implants etc etc and has no qualms about doing them.

First she notices that the most recent Pretty Young Things who've come in to have work done have the same address - an apartment complex, say. And they seem a bit spacey and use the exact same phrases. Then things get a little weirder - maybe a reference to "Mistress" (or "Master" if you prefer, frankly if we keep the W.M.C. offscreen it doesn't really matter their gender so pick what pleases you) and perhaps they bring in the same "this is what I want done" photos and so on.

Of course, in a Tabico story, all of this is simultaneously making the protagonist nervous and extremely horny. Should she be worried? Why are these young sex-drones-in-the-making all coming to her? Will the W.M.C. ultimately come to brainwash her (and does she secretly want that?)

Soon enough the W.M.C. would engage in overt communication. "I appreciate your work", "Here's a nice bonus", "Such artistry", etc.

And then things could get more dubious - maybe one of the drones comes in and requests to have something implanted. Won't say what it is. Iris dying. Tattoos with special ink. (Kind of shading into my Joja story, here).

So that's the idea. I haven't really settled on a conclusion - what do you think? How would one satisfactorily wrap that up? Simply having the protagonist ultimately get collected would be appropriate and desirable but would totally lack punch. I think a second plotline is necessary, something to weave in that could rise up at the end for a good solid climax.

Oh, yes, I appear to be back. I won't make promises but hopefully this will be regular again. (There are many many blog pages boldly proclaiming "I am back!" which are the last update ever seen, so I shan't tempt fate). Lots of stuff has come out during the summer and I aim to point out a bunch of it. Also, Uzobono and I are almost finished with CORE #14, we should see a release before Halloween, God willing and the creek don't rise.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Xiim Land

Nope, nope, not giving up yet! Still postin'!

I think I shall natter about a couple of things this week.

The first is not smutty - well, not very smutty - namely: Rammstein is back!

I love me some Rammstein. This will be their first album in ten years; the video for the first single ('Deutschland') off said album was released last week, and holy shit is it something. I've had it pretty much on constant rotation.

Now, as I say, I love Rammstein. Also, I speak German (poorly) and am quite the history buff, so watching Rammstein's take on what it means to be German, with all the historical baggage that brings, is super compelling.

 As a history buff, the video is a real feast. We start in the Teutoburger Wald, where Arminius and his Cheruscii wiped out three Roman legions, and bounce through a whirlwind of German history: medieval monks, Barbarossa, the DDR, Nazis, yes, but also Weimar Berlin and even the fucking Baader-Meinhof gang! It's fantastic.

Also, it's beautiful; the cinematography is gorgeous. And well over the top in the usual Rammstein way.

So I love it.

Now, I could lapse into a dialectic about whether it is good - or even possible - to love Germany (as a German), given Germany's history, but (a) that would last for pages, (b) who am I to say anyway, and (c) this isn't that sort of blog!

So on to the smut!

I believe I have written about Vice here before; he's been an erotic mind control artist and enthusiast for easily as long as I have, and has produced lovely fetish imagery regularly for years. If you're not familiar with his work you're either new or have been doing your masturbating under a rock.

Whatever floats your boat, man.

This month's illustrations once again feature the alien mind-controlling Xiim, who have captured and biologically enslaved (mmmm) a pair of lovely superheroines, Dare Damsel and the Awe, and are putting the pair through some paces.

The whole series is hot, of course, but I was particularly captured by the content of the last pair of images. Vice's text is as follows:

"The collective's science cell believes it should be to modify the human female's biology so that they are capable of parthogenic self-impregnation. In this fashion they will be able to birth their own clones, providing the Xiim with a self-sustaining population of slave-soldiers."

Holy shit. I mean, think about it. Picture it unfolding over time - Dare Damsel obediently pregnant with herself. Raising children who look just like she did at any given age, for the explicit sole purpose of serving their alien masters. Both superheroines, constantly pregnant, obediently/blissfully raising a slave army of themselves. Looking at the girls and seeing themselves as children - and yet, brainslaved into focusing only on turning the girls into the best slave soldiers the Xiim could want.

Think about the clones as hot nubile teenagers, with slave mothers who are what they themselves will grow into.

A slave race - or at least, slave extended family. Of themselves.

How enslaved do you have to be to eagerly abet that?

Anyway, I think it's super hot. Thanks yet again, Vice!

Saturday, March 23, 2019


Crap, it's Saturday! Four days late! I'm a little concerned about this trend...

Anyway, what happened in smut last week. Well, if you (like me) hadn't noticed, Callidus posted a new story with some accompanying images. Funny thing is, I check his blog every few days or so, but the sneaky fellow posted the story without posting a blog update and so although the story dates to February 19th I hadn't been aware of it until just a few days ago.

This is also another piece of annoying fallout of the bowdlerization of tumblr, which used to be the easy way to check these things but of course is now pointless.

So go check out 'Neighborly'. It's super hot, although I would say that because it's drawing a heavy influence from one of my own stories. And as I have said many times before, I write what I want to read, so if other people write similar stuff I am just chuffed. And I was so chuffed this time as well! Huzzah!

In other smut related news, three of my usual porn comics are going on and worth keeping up with:

and of course
I have to admit I don't know what a "Gardevoir" is (well yes, it's clearly a Pokemon, but I mean beyond that) but in The Kite's universe they are certainly very fuckable.

In non-smut news I watched 'Captain Marvel' the other night and liked it bunches. I've always been a fan of the whole Kree-Skrull conflict and it was fun to see it on screen, although their characterization of the skrulls was a bit off IMO. Also they juuuust shied away from having C.M. being a lesbian, which was regrettable as far as I am concerned but understandable given that they wanted that sweet, sweet $750 million (or whatever) in global ticket revenue. Alas. Still a fun movie.

Friday, March 15, 2019


Argh, I swear I was going to post on Tuesday and get back into the swing of things, but the latest WoW patch dropped so I wound up doing that until midnight. And then I was going to post on Thursday but then the wife and I watched "The Fix" on Netflix until it was time for bed wink wink nudge nudge and then it was Friday.

*Is* Friday!

Also, I just mixed up a Kahlua and cream - well, technically 'and milk' because that's how we roll around here - and I used Kahlua that must be at least a decade old, so if that stuff goes bad then this might be my last ever post. Not likely, but I wanted to give some warning.

So, what's going on in smut this week. Well, KleinVoimond dropped their latest tasty machimina, of a freckled young thing in a spaceship getting it good and hard from a tentacle monster. Quite delicious, although a bit janky at times, and it reminded me of trilby's story Janissaries, also featuring nubile space pilots being manipulated by aliens.

Hmm, what else. Let me check my porn stash. Which, purely for your own curiosity, is 1.09 terabytes and dates back to 2003, with a few pieces older than that. Of course that's bulked up a lot by videos, I have no idea how many individual images/stories there are.

I did a fun DeviantArt meander recently which led me to some hot renders of a dark iron dwarf; I'm always ready for sexy bad girls, or good girls from canonically malevolent races. This is by NovaCG who's been around for a while producing a lot of enjoyable pinup work.

There is also a 'sex with bugs' image set that Nitely posted over on the e-hentai sites, called "Creature Get". No mind control, sadly, but as you know I'm certainly into women having icky squicky things crawl inside them for the purposes of reproduction. Had that happen to me once. Ha! Dick joke.

Okay, that's enough for now. Lemme know if you find anything worth a look!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Fleshy Things

So, only one week's delay, seems I'm getting back into the swing of things. You might think that since Thursday also begins with the letter "T", that I am changing my update day, but alas no - I'm just two days late. I admit it. The intent is still to update on Tuesdays - and other days when possible but Tuesdays at a minimum.

That aside, I have no big announcements but I have encountered a couple of nifty smut related things which I thought I could share.

First is an artist who has been around for several years now: Silverad0. That's "0" with a line through it. That link is to his DevianrArt page, I actually first encountered his stuff over on Hentai Foundry. I don't think there's a difference in the art that's there but I haven't checked thoroughly.

I love Silverad0's work - he draws women that are so fleshy. You can almost feel them. A lot of his stuff is light vore, which isn't my particular taste, but it's easy to pretend the women are just being hauled off for a brain makeover so that's all right. And he also did, several years ago now, a picture that just beautifully lines up with Alphax's classic story "Old Wives' Tales".

As an aside, Alphax has only ever shared two erotic mind control stories, but by God they are corkers. I love "Old Wives' Tales" obviously but then there's also the ultra-classic "Presents". If you're one of my younger readers and weren't yet into this stuff at the turn of the millenium, do yourself a solid and go read "Presents". Wow. Even now it's delicious and twenty years ago (!) it was delicious and ground-breaking.

But also check out Silverad0. To go even farther back (yes, I am old) it reminds me a lot of Richard Corben back in the 70s and 80s when he was doing naked people a lot. (The "Den" era). You almost ache to reach into the picture and knead the breasts portrayed there. At least, I do.

Also: Bee Girls!

As for Corben, if you haven't heard of him and you Google around a bit you will get the impression that he does creepy horror comics. And he does! But there was also a period where he did fantasy adventure comics except everyone was buck naked - big ol' titties everywhere, and cocks, and even some actual sex. A much younger Tabico collected these old nearly-porn comics whenever she could find them and now has a very nice collection, but I'll tell you they are pretty hard to come by these days and the Internet is sadly lacking in good scans of them. There's a lot more than you would think if you only go by what you can find online.

I see that volume one of "Den" is on Amazon used for $160, which seems about right. And what's worse, some of the "Den" comics you can find were mildly bowdlerized, you have to look for the original oversized editions ("Neverwhere") to get the real cocks-n-boobs glory of "Den" in its heyday.

My second find is at the other end of the time spectrum: a brand new smutty comic called "Lithium" by Sindy Anna Jones. It's more or less straight porn with a bit of sci-fi (at least, as far as the setting is concerned) and more than a hint of incest (cousins, so choose if that squicks you) but it's pretty and it's cute and it's fun and the second issue followed the first in record time, so I have high hopes for her smut output (at least in the near term).

So there, a couple of nice things for you to check out if you have not seen them already. Heck, maybe more if you haven't read Alphax or heard of Richard Corben. Enjoy!