Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Hello, readers.

Well, it's been fifteen months since I've posted here; and about six since I've checked my email. A lot of smut creators simply disappear after a while. That's the nature of the business. But I care about a number of you and thought you deserved an explanation.

I'm going through a divorce.

It has nothing to do with this. But it's hard. It's really, really hard. I don't want it to happen, I didn't see it coming, and it hurts every day, all the time. It's fear and depression and loss and loneliness. It hurts. It just hurts so much. I walk through each day like a zombie, hoping the pain will stop for a little while. The only thing I look forward to is sleep.

I'll come out of it. I know I will. Things will get better. I have friends, I'm seeing a therapist, and all the research I do tells me that it will get better.

But it's really hard right now.

As far as relevance here, I'd say the odds of my returning to smut writing are about 66%. (I'm not sure who exactly I'll be when I'm on the other side of this.) If I still enjoy it, then I'll be back.

Anyway. I hope you are all well. I won't be around for a while longer. My best wishes to you, whoever you are and whatever you're doing.

- Tabico

Sunday, December 20, 2020

At Attention


 Merry Christmas! Here's a present!

There are two versions, one with irises and one without for those of us who like whited eyes (and you know who you are). Discussion after the images!

I recommend you download these and then set the video to loop, that will give you lots of time to read the text.

With irises above, without below.

The model's name is Olga Kobzar; I was trawling the Interwebs for pictures of naked ladies when I came across a varied set of her pictures and one of them was this superlative "at ease" shot... I don't know about you but that particular stance just bulls-eyes my fetish button. Seeing a beautiful woman staring blankly with her hands at her sides... Mmm. I decided I needed to share it, after some suitable work making the fetish explicit.

The original image has a picture on the wall, so if I wanted to mind control things up the clear path forward was to replace it with a brainwashing screen. Obviously, the A-1 place to go for mind control screens is Callidus, and I just happen to have worked with Callidus on and off (and on again! See the current 'Catching Up with Callidus') which gave me possession of some excellent video assets which he crafted during the creation of 'Decisive Results'. It's crazy, he makes fantastic stuff like what you see above and then discards it because he makes something better.

I can't video to save my life, so at least 60% of the credit for the images above goes directly to Callidus, who created that entire inset, I just framed it with a pretty naked lady.

And text, I also framed it with text. Which also is at least 33% Callidus, since the inspiration for this bit of prose came from his illustrated story 'Neighborly', itself a riff on my 'Lord May'. As I routinely observe, I love seeing stuff like the stuff I write, and Neighborly is one of my go-to pieces when I am in the mood. Soooo hot.

Anyway I hope you like 'Attention', either or both versions! I also hope that the videos work here on Blogger because I've never uploaded video here before. Let me know!

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Guy Fawkes Edition

Wait, another entry so soon after the previous one? What is this, a return to regular updates?

Eh, that's unlikely, to be honest... but you never know.

Anyhow I wanted to advise you, dear reader, of some recently available updates that might be your cup of tea!

First off, Draphy has produced the first installment of Artemis Continuum (or maybe "the" Artemis Continuum? I'm never sure about articles in the title.) It's great! If you like old-school Star Trek, only with liberal dollops of mind control and lesbian smut, you definitely need to check it out. A lot more to cogitate on in this one than is usually the case in our genre, so bring your thinking cap.

Secondly, Anaximanes has released the double-plus-alpha version of Slugs and Bugs: Conversion, a resource-management game where the resource you manage are the stable of women you, the alien OverMaster, have collected to convert into your drones and collaborators. Lots of squicky aliens and parasites and slime, etc etc, all directly up the center of my alley. You can download it from his TFGames Site page. I have played the available content (one character, three levels of corruption, seven different treatments to subject her to) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A third thing to be aware of is that in the very near future Uzobono will be releasing the Epilogue to CORE #15. I have had the pleasure of chipping in some final text edits and IMO it is super hot! But then, I am heavily partial to PX001, the Praedari drone once known as Tammy, so seeing her in action hits all the right buttons. Keep an eye out for it on Uzo's deviantart page in the next few days. It's a single scene, not a new issue, but then our single scenes are easily the length of other mind control comics' entire issues!

Lastly I wanted to point out a yummy story over on Hentai-Foundry: The Incubator by AncientCipher. It's a lot like my own Adaptation - I mean, a lot, to the point where either AncientCipher has slain me and eaten my brain to gain my power, or very deliberately set out to capture the parts of Adaptation that make it yummy - but is also clearly its own story; the mind control (though present and delicious) is a lot more subtle, and the wasps lay their eggs a lot lower down than they do in my story. Anyway if you like giant alien wasps laying eggs in women (note: the eggs will birth "normally" so it's not a gore story. Killing the host always seemed terribly wasteful to me as well.) then give it a gander. As I have said before, I write what I enjoy, so when someone else writes something similar to my stuff I'm all in favor.



Saturday, October 17, 2020

2020 Spooky Edition

Well! It's clearly past time I should post something new here. It's been months, and obviously there's lots to cover.

First off of course is CORE #15. It was a long, arduous time coming and I and all of you are super indebted to Uzobono for the tremendous amount of superb work that went into it. 

You can find it for download on Uzo's DeviantArt page. It's a two-parter so be sure to get both!

After CORE #14 we both agreed that our issues were too long - they took too much work to produce and it took too long between issues. And of course then we wind up putting out our longest issue yet. The best laid plans of mice and men...

Gosh, what else. I'm super-thirsty for a new video game and am eagerly awaiting Cyberpunk 2077. I want to play Baldur's Gate 3 quite badly but I understand that the full game is not due for another year or more, and I worry that if I try out the early access version I will tire of it before the whole experience is available. So I've held off on that one.

If I troll back through the summer's porn folders, let's see what gems I socked away...

There was a gratifying uptick in Facehugger porn. KleinVoimond is a favorite of mine and if you scroll back through their twitter feed there are a couple of gems. Here's one from October and another from September

The Usual Suspects have also not been idle. Callidus is in the process of releasing a hot new story over on the EMCSA, and has a couple fun new pieces on his own website. I particularly enjoyed 'Breadcrumbs'. 

Dollmistress is always worth keeping up with on her DeviantArt page.

If you enjoy sci-fi themed sex although without mind control (I know, right? But some people seem to like it) you can hardly go wrong with Sindy Anna Jones, who puts out a couple of comics on a regular basis - lots of reading / porn if you haven't seen them before.

Oh, and I Roved Out is updating again! The plot is baffling and makes my eyes cross, but the dialogue is witty and the art is so lovely I could eat it with a spoon. One of the few kickstarters I have been part of was to print the second book, which duly arrived and made me quite happy.

Oh also, if you enjoy *snap* "Yes Master" mind control, someone commissioned an artist with the moniker of Eccentrix to produce a short comic (29 pages) of a fellow taking control of and then having his way with some girls. It's not in my sweet spot (the mind control is over in a blink and obviously I prefer f/f to m/f) but there's something in it that strikes right at the core of the fetish. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on whether you enjoy paging through unrelated naughty material, to read the story as far as I can tell you have to just step through his HentaiFoundry gallery, where the various pages of "The Master" are in a few different groups amongst other works.

As for me, well... there's CORE, obviously, but other than that I'm just not finding the space in my current COVID-19 life to do much smut writing. The ideas are there, but generally when I have time and privacy it's late in the day and I am tired enough that I consume smut rather than producing it. Hopefully this will change!

As a postscript, someone wrote to me a while back asking about a story which I had put out, uh, somewhere, years ago, and it turns out that (unsurprisingly) it was only the first part of a story but I did still have it. And since they were nice enough to ask, I have put 'Induction' part one up here into the Secret Files.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Little Silver Eggs

Hey-yo! Still alive!

In fact, I'm busy writing CORE #15, as always in collaboration with the magnificent Uzobono. So look for that in, uh, mid summer?

I'm still getting good erotic mileage out of my Stardew Valley headcanon, the one with Abigail being seduced/programmed into becoming a Joja female appliance and accepting brain implants which basically turn her into a robot.

The original idea I formulated is here: Joja! and expanded upon with the brain implant design later on here: Apply Directly.

Since one of the purposes of this blog is to capture ideas for hypothetical later use, here's the third installment.

Here's a quick character reference, if you haven't played Stardew Valley.


As Abigail is transitioning to a female appliance, the story also is transitioning from her lived experience to that of the farm owner. As Abigail's brainwashing and dedication to Joja deepens, one of the key tasks that Joja sets her on is the brainwashing of the farmer (let's call her "Playa"). Thus, by the time Abigail returns from Zuzu City with her first brain implant, Playa is already erotically programmed to desire her own conversion into a Joja drone - to be specific a Joja farming asset.

The brain implants, as mentioned, are both internal and external - little egg-shaped devices of which half are visible on the outside of the head (and the other half, internal to the skull and radiating control wires across the brain). Aethernaut did a fantastic illustration of the concept:

 The first brain implant gives Joja more-or-less total control over their new asset. In theory a resistant subject could fight the brain implant's control - and lose - but of course at this point the asset has been deeply brainwashed and wants nothing other than to be the best Joja drone she can be. As the step up from brainwashing, the implant does allow Joja commands to be fed directly into the asset's mind, although the asset's brain still needs to process the instructions and take action (so not puppeteering). And the implant continues the brainwashing process; external hypnotic sounds and visuals continue to be applied (eagerly, by the asset herself) but are now accompanied and coordinated by the implant as it reads the brain and applies direct bio-feedback as appropriate.

A third task of the first implant is to record the asset's personality. This is because that personality will be erased by the implantation of the second implant, which is installed on the opposite side of the asset's skull. Thus, when Abigail returns from the Joja surgical facility the second time (an appointment that just thinking about made her almost climax, so intense was her desire to become a better slave), she's really not 'Abigail' any more. The second implant contains the slave personality that is now threaded throughout Abigail's brain, and integrated with the first implant. 'Abigail' - or rather, Joja female appliance #17,562 - is now essentially a robot, receiving commands and obeying them without really wanting anything, other than to obey.

Playa has been hypnotically primed for this and finds it intensely erotic, and when she fucks the very receptive female appliance (after all, that's one of a female appliance's core functions) she's almost more aroused by 'Abigail's' robotic demeanor than she is by her naked body. Playa herself at this point is becoming extremely receptive to the idea of getting her own brain implant.

Once the second implant is satisfied that any remaining traces of 'Abigail' have been dissolved, female appliance 17,562 returns for the third brain implant. As mentioned, it's a socket, a half-egg shaped depression in the center of her forehead. It's a receptacle for a personality module, of which female appliance 17,562 has returned with three, silver orbs in a small velvet box. One of them is labeled 'Abigail'. Inserting that module results in twenty seconds of fluttering eyelashes as female appliance 17,562 reboots; and then smiles. It is now perfectly able to simulate the mannerisms of 'Abigail', and has access to Abigail's memories via its link to the Joja databases. Of course, female appliance 17,562 has no desires other than to serve Joja and is merely pretending to be Abigail.

In fact, the 'Abigail' personality can and is applied to female appliances throughout the Joja economy, just as female appliance 17,562 can instead socket one of the other personalities - it has returned with one labeled 'Latisha', an identity once belonging to a different female appliance.

Then there is the third personality, labeled only with a red stripe around the silver orb. After several days using the female appliance both with and without the 'Abigail' personality, female appliance 17,562 instructs Playa to insert the third orb. She obeys. The third personality is entirely artificial, and has one mission: to complete Playa's transformation into a Joja farming asset.

Helpless to resist her artificial Mistress' dominance, Playa submits to ever-deeper brainwashing, including the injection of drugs which both increase her strength (coupled with intense, Mistress-controlled workouts) and her bust size until Playa begins lactating. Not only will she serve Joja by working on the farm, she will produce milk with her own body for their use. Her days begin now strapped into a milking (and brainwashing) machine.

At this point we introduce Leah. A friendly neighbor, Abigail laid the stage for her intake into Joja slavery earlier, and now the Mistress Module instructs Playa to intensify the secret and then overt brainwashing of the red-headed artist. Playa eagerly complies. By the time Playa reports to the Joja surgical facility for her own brain implant, Leah is eagerly masturbating as she imagines one of her own.

Once Playa returns with the implant, the Mistress Module is no longer required and is returned to the box. Joja can control Playa's brain directly, and does so. Playa of course is now an eager farming asset, strong in body and productive with her pendulous breasts. She has sold her entire farm to Joja in return for a lifetime lease on the property, with the legal stipulations that Playa must work the property at Joja's direction, planting what they direct her to and selling the produce to Joja at whatever price Joja specifies. Playa herself is legally bound to the property and may neither leave nor alter the contract - not that she will ever wish to. She is a Joja farming asset, just like the farm itself, and her only desire is to produce for Joja.

Leah of course is an artist. As she hangs out with Playa and female appliance 17,562, who by now rarely has a personality module installed, and obeys Joja commands and Playa's commands equally robotically, Leah wonders what sort of Joja asset she will become. Can Joja make use of her artistic talents, once she is their property? Every day she edges closer to making that erotic and permanent leap.

In the event, the answer is "no". Leah returns with her brain implant and announces that she is to become livestock. Playa smiles and begins Leah's course of brainwashing and drugs and exercise, turning her into a milk-producing farm laborer much like Playa herself. Only where Playa is a Joja farm asset, receiving commands directly from her brain implant, Leah is livestock. She will work and give milk but will provide no input of her own.

When 'Leah' returns with her second implant, Joja Livestock Asset #4,901 mindlessly gets to work on the farm.


So! As you can see, I continue to evolve and get mileage out of this scenario. One challenge is that I almost certainly should not write it as erotic fan-fic, meaning that I should change all the names. Unfortunately I love the name 'Joja' - I've repeated it so much as part of the fantasy that it will be hard to break. What do?

Hope you all are well!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Porn in the time of Corona

So! Uh... second quarter! Not dead, just slow.

Obviously lotsa stuff has happened in the three months since my last post - and by "stuff" here I am referring to "Tabico's preferred genres of porn". But what finally got me off my duff and posting again is... Resident Evil, specifically Resident Evil 3. Even more specifically, Resident Evil 3 porn.

Now, I've not played the game but I am familiar with the franchise (from porn), and apparently Resident Evil 3 was released recently and the graphics are pretty in-fucking-credible. And also apparently the game has a pretty good modding community and amongst those modders are my kind of perverts.

So in the unmodded game there are various horrible crawly beasties that can prey upon your female protagonist. Some of that "preying upon" involves hoisting her up, shoving a tentacle down her throat, and squirting parasite larvae into her. Other beasties are head-swallowing things that latch onto a person and turn them into a shambling zombie.

If you are here, you know the effect this sort of thing has on my libido.

But what really turns this from "oooh, hot parasite action in main stream media" into "schlick schlick schlick schlick" are the mods. Specifically, mods which replace the normal clothes of your protagonist with a sweat-slick nude body wearing only a bondage harness. And with pierced nipples.

Oh, lawzy.

Now I don't have Resident Evil or, I suspect, the sort of console that it plays on (PC gaming master race reporting in), but luckily for me some person in Japan has posted a jillion screencaps, and some really hot videos, of his modded Resident Evil ladies dressed in sweat and damn near nothing else. And has shared them with us on his/her Pixiv account, under the name ASTROMONS: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/287982/illustrations

If you want my particular favorite, open up "RE3 log 2", skip the pictures (for the moment) and click "Continue Reading" to see links to the videos. The best of them is the head-swallowing parasite video, which because I am nice I will link to right here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ehIa-bxwwoFn63dw5rTDmz8MO8LmQ30E/view?usp=sharing

But if you like glistening video game ladies in fetish-skimpy outfits, many of ASTROMONS' videos and pictures are worth your while. Note that they are quite large and thus require some disk space and a decent Internet connection.

In other news... well, like I say there's a bunch that's happened and damn me if I can remember it. I am working on CORE #15 with Uzobono so you have that to look forward to, and of course if you have not seen her latest issue of Aria of the Hive you should reward yourself with it immediately.

Also, for no reason other than I feel bad for dropping to quarterly updates - at least, in practice, in theory I should be weekly! - there's a couple of other sites you can check out if you aren't already.

First is https://slushe.com/, which is a place porn artists post their work. It's very predominantly Poser/DAZ material, and 60% or more of it is futanari (not my thing), but there are some very good artists there and they update a lot so it's worth checking.

Second, although a lot of the porn that fled tumblr went to twitter, a lot of it also went to bdsmlr. My current most-checked bdsmlr page is https://girlzroolboyzdrool.bdsmlr.com/, due to its nice combination of hitting my particular smut interests and being updated what seems like every few minutes. I also check out https://callidus.bdsmlr.com/ regularly for obvious reasons, but Callidus updates only a bit more often than I do.

Hope you are all well in this strange, strange time of staying home.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Tabenings - 2020 edition

Happy New Year!

Looks like it was... geez, October (!) the last time I posted.

When writing this blog weekly, the problem was generally that I'd have to come up with something to talk about. With the sort of delays that have been going on around here recently, the problem is the converse - there's been so much mind control and smut related content to discuss that I've forgotten half of it and don't know where to start with the other half!

But there are at least a few things I have been keeping pinned to my mental corkboard for you guys, so let's start with those.

First, the realm of manga. The overlap between "yuri" (lesbian) and "mind control" content is sadly quite slim, but I read an intriguing translation recently and wanted to share it with you: Wizard after twelve o'clock.

If you want to read it without spoilers, go do so now, because the discussion in the next paragraph will give away a pretty major plot point.

The manga (technically a doujinshi, but I'm not gonna flirt with pedantry because I am not nearly enough of a weeaboo to do so successfully) dips into those convoluted realms of hypnotizing one's self and hypnotizing another to be dominant that trilby and I used to love writing and discussing. Plotting out who is programming whom to do what stretches mental muscles that are surprisingly  pleasurable to exercise.

In a different vein, fans of Hajime Sorayama will enjoy being made aware of an exhibit currently going on which features his work: Tokyo Pop Underground (exhibited by Jeffrey Deitch).
Finding photos involves going to a few different web page permutations; here are some:

It's decades ago now, but Sorayama's illustrations were a really big part of my fetish fantasies for many years. Speaking of the Great Old Ones, thrall also was strongly attracted to the visions he put forward. thrall, if you're reading this I hope you're doing well!

Amusingly, my teenage daughter recently noticed the collection of Sorayama art books I have on the shelf in my voluminous library downstairs and gave me one of those inscrutable "what is this / mom, you are such a..." looks that teenagers do so well. I never thought, back in the late nineties when I was hunting for physical copies of Sorayama art books the way a junkie hunts for that dime bag he just knows he put away for later, that one day middle-aged Tabico would have to deal with either hiding or explaining her arty porn from her daughter.

In other current news, Dollmistress made some very lovely images based on my story 'Rouge' - one of my best stories, I think - and was subsequently inspired to produce a marvelous new illustrated story set in the universe, a story which I am consuming like the aforementioned junkie (F5 - F5 - F5 - F5 - etc).

And there was lots of other lovely stuff in November and December of last year which I should be mentioning here but am not because I have the memory of a pop-tart. Feel free to remind me in the comments, though!