Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Tabenings - Sebille edition

Good news, everyone! I've just donated blood!


Mwah hah hah!

Sorry, just getting into the Halloween spirit. However, all tricks aside, I do have a treat for you. A video game clip!

I know, I know, not what you came here for. You only thought I was a pornographer. I'm really a video game player with a pornography hobby.

So, as mentioned last week, I have been playing this game "Divinity: Original Sin 2", or as I call it "Fuck! Reloading again...". Part of what has gotten me through the head-desking combat system has been the unusually heavy mind control fetish content. As I said earlier, one of the major plot points is the magic sucking-out of "source" from hapless victims, leaving them drained, with a big black sigil on their forehead and black-on-black eyes, and mindlessly obedient.

Mindlessly obedient. Mmm.

Well, another major Mind Control plot point revolves around one of the main playable characters, Sebille. You can pick her as your main character, and as with all of the six possible main characters, even if you don't pick her she can be part of your four-person party. As she is in mine.

Now, Sebille is an elf. Elves in Divinity are a bit more feral than usual - small sharp teeth, cannibalistic, a bit more on the creepy side than elves in Tolkien or D&D. And Sebille is an assassin. A brainwashed one.

At some point, she was captured by a shadowy character referred to as "the Master". He brainwashed her through the use of a magical scar on her cheek, which utterly enslaved her to him. Once she was his mindless tool, he kept her in a box. Now and then he would take her out and send her to kill people, which she would do.

Anyhow, she escaped one day when some bozo left the box open, and managed to put back together a bit of her personality. She's now focused on getting revenge against the Master.

The main problem with her plan, of course, is that if she meets the Master he will simply turn her back into his mindless slave. The mechanism by which he will do this is a song, which was programmed into her earlier and which will re-activate the brainwashing.

Luckily for her, she has discovered a counter-song, which she teaches to the player character. Thus, the plan is they will confront the Master, he will sing the brainwashing song, the PC will sing the counter-song, and Sebille will kill him. And finally be free.

Of course, when I played this, I got to this scene and said "Oh my God I have to watch him re-enslave her", so I did. And I did again. And a few more times.

It's not played for the fetish, sadly. If we were doing this there would be a LOT more "Yes, Masters" and follow-up slave-sebille scenes. Oh, the potential follow-up slave-sebille scenes. Sadly, no. But even so, the one scene was still hot enough to grab me right in the sex when I saw it.

And because I love you, I recorded it! And brought it here for you!

As a foreword - there is a lot of wordplay at the start of the scene, but I have skipped through that. I'm sorry if you want to hear all the exposition; you can pause and read it if you want. I wanted to get to the good stuff without the clip being ten minutes long. Everything past the halfway point of the clip is in full. I also included some of the initial loading screen, because it has a picture of Sebille front and center so you can have a good look at her.

I'll natter a bit more afterward, so: here's the scene!


Okay! It's like a quarter page later but I am gonna assume you watched it.

Obviously, it's much much more potent when you've been playing with Sebille in your party for hours, learning her backstory over time, using her as your heavy hitter in fights, and, in my case at least, romancing her. To then succumb to the need to see her enslaved, and have her taken away permanently, just because you betrayed her... RRRR. So hot.

Of course, in my "real" playthrough I ultimately reloaded and did sing the song, and saved her, and killed the Master. I mean, of course I did. And although it was tempting to let her get enslaved, go away and do that quest that the Master then offers you, and then come back to see if slave-Sebille has any new dialogue or has changed any, I am 99% certain that would not pay off and basically be a big waste of time without any new slave-sebille fun at all, so I haven't tried that. Yet.

Really, aside from the hot backstory, and the snapping fingers / snap to attention, all we get is one good "How may I serve you, Master." But given that this is not fetish porn, that's a lot!

Also, THE-HYPNOMAN really should nab that "How may I serve you, Master" audioclip, it's very hard to find those and it could be nicely re-used for the various shorts he does.

Alright, those of you here for the smut are dismissed. I'm now gonna ramble on a bit about HOW MUCH WORK it was to bring this clip to you.

I don't stream or twitch or any of that new-fangled stuff. So from the moment of "OH SO HOT I should share this on my blog" to me posting this here required that I perform all sorts of really bothersome computer bullshit.

To whit:

1. I needed a game recording program, so I downloaded and installed CamStudio. Which I'm not going to link because the fucking thing didn't work - the video recorded but I could NOT get the audio to work. I spent hours on google searches and hapless attempts to coax it to pull from my audio card. No dice.

2. Eventually I gave up on that and downloaded OBS. Which I am also not going to link because that fucking thing installed a smidgen of malware which I had to remove; thanks Malwarebytes! (It wasn't terrible, just an ad-bot, but come the fuck on.) And then OBS did not work for VIDEO; it recorded the audio just fine, but the screen was black.

3. This time google searches said I should update my video driver, so I did that. I have a GeForce 960 which I got a few years back to play Witcher 3, and the NVDIA driver upgrade was (relatively) painless.

4. But now OBS decided to only detect my game screen some of the time. I would hit the record hotkey and get game video, but then when I did it again a moment later I got blank screen. I gave up and went to bed.

5. Tried again the next day and finally came up with the video AND the audio. But then Blogger would not let me upload a video larger than 100MB, and the FLV file OBS produced was 255MB, so... compression time. I installed Avidemux, which is a nice little video editing program and made me very happy by easily doing exactly what I wanted it to. Probably because it's made by French people. Anyway, it has a super nice feature wherein you simply pick your desired filesize and it compresses it in the optimal way to reach that filesize! *Happy Tabico noises*

All told, I put in way more fucking hours on this than I probably should have. Especially when I could have been writing smut! I hope you fucking appreciate it.

Speaking of writing smut, I haven't been entirely unproductive - 'Modding' is up to 21,038 words! I'm still thinking 38,000 when it's done. And Uzobono is working on Scene four, although at this precise moment I don't have a lick of scene five ready. So I guess I know what I'm doing next!

P.S. Callidus could have done all of that stuff in, like, 20 minutes. I know.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Tabenings - Getting Spooky Edition

Hello again!

Well, it was slow going this week. I do have CORE #12 up to halfway through scene four, and Uzo's done the renders through scene two. So progress is steady.

Nothing to report on 'Modding', unfortunately. However, I am strongly considering taking Friday off from work, and if I do, I solemnly promise to you that I shall put in several good hours on that front. I don't get my serotonin until people can read the story and I ain't releasing even a bit of it until it's finished, so it's got to get finished.

Say, did I mention that Callidus is back? He is! Go check out his website!

In other news, one of the reasons progress is currently slow is that I have been playing Divinity: Original Sin 2. Although it seems like it should be Divinity 2: Original Sin. Or, to be the most accurate, Divinity 2: Save and Reload Boogaloo.

It's an isometric fantasy RPG, one of the prolific spawn of Baldur's Gate. I... can't actually recommend it. Oh, sure, I'm still playing it, but it's teeth-grindingly frustrating and, as I observe, involves tremendous amounts of reloading. It's packed with fights where one fuckup, one click where a character moves when you meant for her to cast, one random die roll where one of the bad guys crits you, and you lose. And that's almost every fight. There is no build-up where you get to beat some minor baddies before hitting a mini-boss. Any random fight has a good chance of being lethal, and if you don't cheese the fights by using tricks to confuse the AI or doing things that don't fit the story, well, you're not going to get any further. There are plenty of mobs that can one-shot your characters, and they come in packs to boot.

Player level is critically important as well - if you are level 12 and you get into a fight with level 14s, you lose. Not that you have any idea where the level 12 area is, and if you miss a quest or two, well, they don't grow on trees so head back and find one because you need those XP to have any chance in the next fight.

So it's almost more frustrating than it is fun. But the reason I bring it up is that it has lots of really good fetish potential in it. In addition to succubi, corpse witches who lasciviously kiss you to deliver a nefarious spell, and demonic possession, the major plot revolves around the Magisters, a sadistic group of Inquisition types, rounding up people who have connection to Source, which is one way of casting spells. Also a type of shiny liquid, if you juice those people (no, really).

The problem is, using Source has started to summon other dimensional monsters who then murder pretty much anyone nearby. To forestall this, the Magisters, as a magical authority, are rounding up anyone who can use Source.

And then they suck the Source out of those people with magic wands. And, in so doing, the person is turned into an obedient zombie! Mmm. An obedient zombie with a big black sigil on her forehead and liquid black eyes. And then the Magisters dress these drones up and use them as shock troops, for although they are mindlessly obedient they haven't forgotten their combat skills.

And this is a major part of the plot, this life-energy-sucking dronification. I mean, that's how you get involved in the first place.

So it does have that going for it.

Aight, that's it for this week. I'm looking forward to Halloween and the reveal of Anaximanes' game the Anax! Also candy.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Callidus is back!

Callidus is back!


I mean, he never went away, really, but he's updated his website again - in a big way! *girlish squealing*

As you know, I've collaborated with Callidus on several occasions, all of which you should look up. It's great to see new material from him - not just the new animated manip, which is quite hot, but all the yummy bells and whistles that adorn the updated site. If you haven't checked it out yet, go enjoy!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tabenings - Dwindling September Edition

It's Tuesday! And here's an update!

Hmmm, perhaps I should make this a regular thing.


Okay, first let's talk about the stuff you care about. CORE #12 is proceeding - the first scene, which is much longer than has been the case for prior issues, is all rendered now, and is pretty darned hot. That is, it's hot if you share my various fetishes, which I assume you do. And I have written the second scene and sent that to Uzobono, who is working on it even as we speak. As usual, I'm just trying to keep out ahead so that Uzo doesn't suffer any downtime.

In terms of overall progress, there will probably be eleven or so scenes total, so I'd say we're well underway but not close to any big milestones.

As for 'Modding', whose title I am shortly to change, I'm happy to report that I'm up to 18,875 words, so more progress there. And I *just now* actually got to the very first scene that my erotic imaginings conjured up back in Italy this summer. Yes, it's been almost twenty thousand words just to get to the first fucking thing I thought of. Damn me and my irresistible compulsions to tell a story "properly" rather than just writing down the hot parts. Not that the earlier bits aren't hot, mind you, there's monster fucking right off the bat, just that the really *POW* Holy Fuck My Genitals moments are only just now finally coming into being.

At least, I hope they'll be PHFMG moments. I mean, you never know, right? But I still think the core ideas are pretty fucking wow.

So that's me. Also I'd like to observe that there are some really tasty stories appearing on the EMCSA these days. I don't get there like I used to... who am I kidding, I check religiously every Saturday night for the update. But I haven't been really getting into the stories like I once did, probably for many reasons all of them personal to me and my aging self.

But recently more stories seem to be in the particular bents that I like. So I want to observe that I'm very much enjoying The Odyssey, a story of sci-fi alien squick and mind control. Clearly it would be up my alley on subject matter grounds alone, but that's not enough these days, and I'm very much enjoying this particular treatment of the subject and the authorial voice. I love stories about things that turn me on which are well-written but not by me; there's something about having someone else tell these stories that really pleases, both by virtue of there being surprises but also because it's simply nice to hear from someone else, as it were.

Also this week I quite enjoyed 113B, about fully-indoctrinated slaves escaping (maybe) from an industrial slaving facility. Again, the subject matter is smack dab in my favorites and I'm really pleased by the new and different treatment of some of my favorite ideas.

I generally hesitate to praise stories in public just because I worry that people I don't mention might feel slighted, so let me add that I am as scattershot as can be and these two stories happen to make me happy at this particular moment; there are many other recent stories that I'm not mentioning because, well, I'm flighty and tend to forget things. But feel free to recommend your own recent likes!

Okay, that's enough for tonight. Hopefully the act of finally reaching the actual PHFMG scenes that I've been wanting to write and share for months will spur me onward at greater pace in my production of 'Modding'. We'll see!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tabenings - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Edition

Ha-HA! I am not dead!

First off, sorry about that. Nothing dramatic happened, but my life just got super busy to the point where things were falling off the plate, as it were. And although you know I love you, when it comes down to it, it's family first, then work, and my porn-writing hobby comes in fairly far down that list. So when the going got hectic, the blogging got cut.

But I'm back! And I shall do my level best to keep updating.

Hmm. Not great news on the 'Modding' front - 16,895 words as I check this evening - and I did a little work on it this evening - so some movement, but that pretty much was on hold for the last month as well. On a different front, I *have* started CORE #12 with Uzobono; the first thirty or so pages are written and Uzo's cranking out the illustrations. So there are a couple of irons in the fire at the moment.

People continue to make the entirely understandable observation that they'd like the conclusion to 'Pierced'. And so would I! So let's not go writing that off just yet, it did take me over a year to get to the coda for 'Seed'.

But for now, let's just go with 'okay, I am blogging and writing smut again' and see how things pick up. My predictions about having more time at this time of year were laughably incorrect, so I shall refrain from further predictions and fall back upon hope.

Also, the solar eclipse was pretty cool.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tabenings - Finally Some Sex Edition

First off, 'Modding' is up to 13,293 words, so there's steady progress. I wrote the first actual sex scene which was nice. Still have a clear vision of where I'm going as well. Hopefully I can really move stuff forward on Thursday.

In other news, um, well, there's not much other news. I recently re-read 'Tether'. God damn that's a hot story. Quintessential trilby else, really: brilliant, prose you want to bathe in, hotter than fuck, wanders around a lot doing whatever really hot shit it feels like. ;)

Uzobono refused my demands for a salary renegotiation, but we're getting started on CORE #12 anyway. Right now we're hashing out the general plot so that Uzo can line up the Poser resources necessary. Feel free to let me know what you want to see, although of course I make no promises!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday Note

Had some writing time tonight; 'Modding' is up to 11,069 words. Got past a sticky point where I was stuck on some non-sex plot stuff. The next bit is clear to me, so I should make more headway this weekend in between all my usual chores.

Going to play some Dungeons and Dragons tomorrow night, so I shan't be writing then. Huzzah for babysitting!

Right now I'm guessing 'Modding' will come in at 38,000 words. Hard to say if that's accurate. And unfortunately as you rightly observed, this is coming at the cost of 'Summer Flesh'. I won't be able to get back to that until I have 'Modding' out of my system.

But I hope you'll like it.