Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tabenings - Unveiling the FACs

Ha! It's Tuesday! Guess I won't be failing this week!

So, a discerning reader sent me a nice email asking "where the fuck are those FACs you talked about, like, years ago?"

No, I kid. It was a very nice letter. And effective! I mean it's been what, more than two years since I unveiled "The Secret Files", and right off the bat I revealed that there were these extra story chapters called Fanmail Appreciation Chapters for some of my stories - and then I never produced them! What a tease!

But as I say someone wrote a nice letter asking about the FAC for 'Rouge', so in response here are not one but three additional Secret Files, the FACs for 'Rouge', 'Allegiance', and 'Winter Flesh'. Enjoy!

Or don't - I'm still traumatized by a certain highly esteemed co-fetishist's disappointment. So if you think that reading one extra bit of any of those stories might in any way lessen your enjoyment of the way the are, canonically, on the EMCSA, then just pretend you don't even see the links over on the right there.

Oh, and for Boris, I have also put up the first couple chapters of 'Fake Ones', which was fun to write and I'm not really sure why I didn't continue it. The idea of using the same silicone-based goop to enlarge womens' breasts *and* to coat their brains (making them docile) is still super hot. Or maybe I'm just turned on by efficiency.

Which leaves 'Luthrina', which I have yet to broadly share. I have to say, it is one of my very favorite of my own stories. Both the hoarding and the favoritism are, I think, because it's played for comedy rather than eros. I've sent it to a few people over the years, although I dunno if they liked it. I think it's fucking hilarious.

In other news, CORE #13 is written through scene 11 (of 19), and illustrated through scene 9. I'm realizing that there's a lot of talking in this one, but sometimes that's how the rolling stone crumbles. You can't make a silk purse out of a pig in a poke!


  1. The NEW TABICO WRITING(!!!!!!!!!!!) can be found on the right in the side bar under "The Secret Files".

    Thanks a bunch Tab, will review after a read.

  2. My memory's fuzzy on this, but I think I read somewhere about the existence of a rough chapter 2 for Riders? I think it was also mentioned that it was incomplete, so I can understand if it's in a non-releasable state. Just faintly curious. ��

    Anyhow, I'm always happy to read new Tabby writing. Thank you!

    Btw, ever seen Agents of SHIELD? It's got some nice mc bits in there. Here's a hot clip: https://youtu.be/TET3CO99oYY

    And this: https://youtu.be/sEikUtQKbHk

    1. Yes! I would love to see more ‘Riders’! That story and ‘Adaptation’ after it are really what inspired me to start writing my own stuff. I always wanted to see Dani and Terry infect the rest of the crew and everything after that. That kind of slimy, sci-fi squick has always been perfectly up my alley.

      Anyway, I’m loving all the new stories Tabico has released and can’t wait for the next CORE.

  3. I enjoyed all the FACs. My favorite of the three was definitely "Allegiance" which read as a really tense short story in itself. Both the other two were nice vignettes. I thought "Winter Flesh" was suitably romantic, but also nicely unexpected in its setting. I think you made the right original choice to leave "Rouge" out as it felt more like an interesting DVD bonus deleted scene than the other two.