Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Tabenings - Day Late Edition


I bet you thought I'd died! Or fallen off the blogwagon again. But no, I just had stuff going on last night. Normally Tuesday is a good day for blogging, but every now and then something's happening on a Tuesday night which requires my personal attention.

Anywhoo... CORE #12 scene eleven is done, and now I'm writing the climactic scene twelve! Uzobono is right behind with the renders and we're both hoping to have the issue out to you in 2017. Only a few scenes after the climax, mostly short.

Not a lot otherwise on my smut radar. Looking forward to Half-Shim's story. I don't want to jinx things but it's looking like I should have some writing time this weekend, so if I can work the enthusiasm back up then I can jump back onto 'Modding'. Would be criminal to leave it half-done, especially after all the teasing.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tabenings - Turkey Edition

Once again I greet thee!

So, CORE is bubbling along. Uzo sent over the renders for scene 9, oh my goodness so hot. And nasty. And hot.

I've sent back the scene ten script, leaving only five scenes to go - but some of them are denoument and quite short. I'd say we have a good shot of having this thing out for you before the new year.

Other than that, not much to report. Thanks to the Kite, I've been playing some Fallout 4 again, heavily modded now. 'Jiggling', that's all I'm gonna say.

Have a loverly Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tabenings - Green Eggs Edition

Happy Mid-November!

Not much this week; I sent scene nine over to Uzo, three days late, but the scenes are shorter now as we near the dramatic conclusion so I gotta get scene ten written. I think there are, um, fifteen scenes total. But several of them in this near-ten area are quite short compared to the earlier ones.

I'm hoping that Uzo got the mail. If you've emailed me you know that I use an ancient email server hosted in some guy's basement, so the reliability is not exactly six sigma. My usual measure of how things are holding up is the amount of spam I get, which tends to be about twenty-five spam emails per weekday and maybe ten per weekend day; but since last Friday I have gotten maybe twelve emails total, so either the spam filtering got better (super unlikely) or my email address aged off of some list somewhere (unlikely) or some spam center got shut down (I wish) or some ISP has baselessly blacklisted my email provider, which is tragically the most likely scenario.

I have no fix for that, so for the moment I am just keeping my fingers crossed. I sent part nine on Sunday, Uzo, honest I did! If you haven't gotten it, it's not my fault!

Other than that not much going on. Need to get back to 'Modding' now that the recent black days are in the rear-view. Hopefully things will slow down to a tolerable pace around Thanksgiving and give me breathing room... or they might go crazy because the holidays approach.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Tabenings - Kitenings

Well, the needle is moving back towards normal around here, and thank Goddess for that. No writing updates other than to say I am (just barely) managing to keep up with Uzobono; part eight of CORE #12 is sent over and I'm working on part nine. Also, I managed to come up with the plot device that will allow me to end the issue as I wanted to. I hadn't figured out a non-stupid way to do it and that fact was beginning to worry me. But now I know how! Allelujiah!

In other news I've discovered a new art blog which I'm not-quite-obsessively following: The Kite. I first bumped into the Kite's work over on Hentai Foundry - it's technically stunning, professional grade stuff, and smutty as all hell. Also, a lot of it revolves around video games, so that's right up my alley. Not all of it - Pokemon smut? I... what? - but currently Kite has an awesome series of Fallout 4 "question and answer" posts with his/her various porn-enhanced characters and I am eating it up like a bowl of chocolate lesbian rainbows.

Those there are the in-game avatars for said characters. I'm a big fan of the center and the center-right characters in particular, both of whom have super hot doses of Mind Control in their backstory.

The pink-haired one was a Vault Girl in a particularly sketchy vault, eventually having her limbs replaced with prosthetics and her mind reconstructed via the S.L.U.T. program, turning her into the perfect sexual slave. (Lesbian of course!). You should definitely have a look at the accompanying story.

Next to her is N/oR-A, who was snatched from her cryo-sleep but the Institute and her head filled with hardware, making her (a) perfectly obedient and (b) super deadly. Sure, she broke free of the mind control more recently, but life's not perfect.

Now, the Venn diagram of the Kite's likes and my likes are not perfectly overlapping. There's a lot more vicious sadism in his/her works than I enjoy; although I have to admit that it does mesh really well into the Fallout universe, what with the Raiders and Super Mutants etc etc. But I am loving the current "ask the Overbitch / ask the Atomic Bombshells" posts, which are both fun, sexy, and crazily prolific. It's hard enough to update my blog once a week, I have no idea how the Kite updates nearly every damn day. But I love it!

Anywhoo, one of my current go-to smut/fun destinations and I recommend it to you. Hell, this alone was enough to get me to mod up my Fallout 4 game with a bunch of smut mods - including some clothing actually produced by the Kite! - and give it a whirl again.

Also, the Kite also did a fun Secret World (another video game) series wherein her character was captured by demons (although she loved it as it basically involved non-stop sex) and ultimately corrupted into a sexy demon-bee-slave thing. Rawr. Pant pant.