Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Tabenings - Disposable Heroes Edition

Oh shit it's Tuesday! Ha-ha! Back on track, motherfuckers!

For those of you younger than I am - which is a lot of you - and/or those without good musical taste, the edition this week is a reference to the early 90s hip-hop group 'Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy'; one of their songs is Television: the Drug of the Nation, which includes the lyrics "Back again, new and improved, returned to our irregularly programmed schedule." Having listened to the 'Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury' album approximately 10,000 times when I was a much younger Tabico, any time I think the words 'back again', the slot machine in my mind instantly spins up that tune.

So! Aside from that totally pointless insight into my psyche, I'm pleased to report that the answer to Friday's question - namely, "can I rise to the challenge", was "yes!". Sunday I shipped off to Uzobono another three scenes of CORE #11, so we're back on track. I've been revising the overall plot but there should only be, let's see, four or so more scenes left in this issue, so a late February / early March release seems not unrealistic.

Other than that, nothing to report. Thanks for all the well-wishes here and in email, I appreciate the kind words.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Tabenings - Uh, Friday Edition

You see? You see? This is what happens when habit is no longer my ally! Friday!

And it's not like I have anything to post about, either. That week-long flu shot my libido deader than a gimpy racehorse, so all week long I've been not merely uninspired but utterly unable to discern what might even be erotic, or not. I looked at the last couple sections of CORE I'd written before the Bolivian Death Flu and they just looked stupid and pointless. And hard to render.

Nevertheless I am on the clock again, as it were - Uzobono has caught up to me! Yes, what I feared has come to pass and I am once more the bottleneck. Damn. Now everyone's waiting on me and here I am dead inside. Fucker-dy fuck fuck!

Well, the weekend shall see if I can rise to the challenge.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tabenings - Rare Collectible Thursday Edition

So! I bet you're wondering where Tuesday's post was? What's that you were saying about habit, Tabico? Not such a strong ally, eh?

Well, I spent all day Tuesday - and Wednesday for that matter - lying in bed, unable to find the energy even to listen to the radio. Apparently some sort of flu virus is going around and it just nailed me. Today's the first time since Monday afternoon that I've even turned on my computer.

So yes, I too am a fallible biological organism. Feeling a bit better now, but still unable to do much more than drink OJ in front of the Home and Garden channel. And I tell you, nothing kills your libido like the Peruvian Death Flu. I could have 'Hackers'-era Angelina Jolie doing a striptease in front of me right now and I'd just whine "ugh, paying attention makes me tired."

Hopefully better shortly.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tabenings - Post Eval Edition

So the stressful stuff has passed (for now), largely positively. I've been de-stressing for a day or so, then it will be back to the grind. And back to smut - I haven't heard from Uzo for a bit but my spidey-sense tells me that I am being solidly caught up to, so I need to get cracking on CORE 11 again. That sounds like a good goal for some of tomorrow.

Hmm, not much else to add. Received some very nice general fan mail, that always makes me happy. Also a correspondent from several years ago got in touch again which was also nice.

I have been considering doing something wicked, to amuse the slightly cruel part of myself. I still have Secret Files to release, and I've been mulling over pulling a 'really limited time' sort of thing, i.e. putting up a page with a story on it, then taking that story down after a week or so. So that if you didn't check the blog that week, you're out of luck.

Not sure if that would be right in line with the Secret Files charter or would instead go against the spirit of it. But the part of me that likes to cackle occasionally is amused by the concept.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Idea: Obey-Cam

Sweet fancy Moses! What's this, a Secret Files update and it's not even Tuesday!? It is!

But as I am sure you remember, one of the purposes of this blog (aside from 'Is Tabico dead Y/N' and 'Google: I just discovered Tabico and is that really everything she's ever written?') is to capture passing ideas I have of the mind control smut variety.

And I was just passed by one such idea, so I thought I would capture it! And share it!

Now, this is more of a visual idea than a pure textual/story idea, and so is not really in my wheelhouse. The person who is really needed to bring this to life, IMO, is Callidus. I haven't communicated directly with him in a while - due entirely to me being a miserable failure as a correspondent, Callidus is awesome and fantastic to talk to and work with, we have done a number of projects together and I love corresponding with him - but I know he's alive because he updates his tumblr, so, uh, Callidus, paging Mr. Callidus, there's a blog post for you on line one.

Other viable creators to make use of this idea would be any commercial / semi-commercial mind control video producers, such as Lex over at Hypnodolls and Entrancement.co.uk; I haven't purchased any of his stuff (or any commercial MC) but his freebies are excellent and I'm always pleased to see them when they pop up at hypnohub or the MC forum. Honour May is totally hot.

Enough blather! What's the frelling idea?

So. Camgirls. (Camwhores, if you want to be arrogant and vaguely misogynistic about it.) Girls who get naked on webcam, and if we are lucky, masturbate and/or talk dirty or whatever. I was watching one in particular:

(If you want to see the whole video, it's on most porn streaming sites, often known poetically as 'Girl with short hair and huge tits'. For instance, here: http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph55e0adb9c3854 )

While I was watching her, my mind blended in a couple of yummy images I had seen over on hypnohub, of a camgirl (played in this case by a SFM model of Elizabeth Comstock from Bioshock, who is also totally hot, if fictional) being hypnotically captured. By Ridley. Here's the sequence:




The sequence does have someone come to take advantage of our lovely Elizabeth in person, but it starts with her being hypnotized remotely. 

Now obviously, webcams and internet chatting and hypnosis is not a brand new idea, sprung from the forehead of Zeus. Far from it. Among many other examples, there's the double wonderful Skypenotized by Zko, who I have mentioned in these pages before and is a marvelous asset to the community. I'm also pretty sure Jukebox has touched on the subject... ah yes, there it is: “I Can’t Wait” by Jukebox and Lady Ru‘etha. And I've seen it come up on hypno-tumblrs and -blogs elsewhere. It ain't new.

But what I am envisioning - and this is where Callidus and his particular sort of magic comes in - is a video feed of a camgirl who, having started her cam session, then puts on a mind controlling device. Voluntarily - it's part of the show. In fact, it's the whole point of the show. And then her audience members (not the hoi polloi, obviously, but rather a few pre-selected and probably financially generous individuals) are given remote control over the mind control device, and use it to control the camgirl in question. And, you know, have her show us her tits.

So let's picture it. Hot girl, fully clothed, on webcam. On our screen the video of the girl is surrounded by several translucent overlays - initally they are empty readings, flat lines. The girl smiles, does some initial chit-chat...

"All right, guys, I think I'm ready for this. I've got Timea sitting over here behind the camera watching me to make sure I don't give out my credit card number or go walking naked out of the apartment - not that you'd do that to me, would you? But everything else is fair game. I, uh, I've got my box of toys right over here."
She takes a deep breath.
"So I'm going to enable remote control of the full range of brain-band functionality. You should be able to put me as deep into trance as you want... and get me to do... whatever you want. Let's see who's going to be at my controls tonight. We've got, uh, Mr_Mxyzptlk, deniserossi, and umbrafox. Okay, you're all in chat? "
(Responses scroll in chat window.)
"Okay, good. And you've all read the documentation, and know how to operate the brain-band? I'm pretty sure you can't fry my brain but if you don't work it right you won't get the most for your money."
(Reassurances in chat window.)
She shivers, and pinches her breasts. "This always makes me so excited and nervous at the same time."
Camgirl reaches offscreen, lifts a metallic headband with a bunch of wires on it, holds it above her head.
"Okay," she says a little nervously, and lowers the headband onto her head, pulling it down tightly across her forehead. She swings the fat earphones over her ears. Then she reaches up behind her head, touching places on the band. "It's got a few - ow - places where it needs
solid contact - ow - so I'm inserting the needles... don't worry guys, they're like half a centimeter long. I'm fine. Okay," she says, pushing firm fingertips on two places just above her eyebrows, "last ones. Ow."
She shakes her head slightly. The wires wiggle, but the headband doesn't shift. "Okay," she says, looking into the camera, "the brain-band is attached." She holds her hands up to the camera. "Look, I'm shaking." She squeezes her breasts again.
"All right," she says, leaning forward, "let's turn the hypnotrode on." A greenish light illuminates her face and glints in her eyes.
"Right," she says, a flutter in her voice. "Okay. Earphones, check. Hypnotrode, check. Brain-band attached, check. Let's... turn it on."
 She swallows, and reaches down and turns the brain-band on. All around her video image, the overlays spring to life, with numerical readings, pulsing lines, sine waves.
The girl looks into the camera. "Okay. Okay. I can hear it. It's got me. I'm... I'm ready to become your plaything." She swallows again and leans forward. "I'm turning on the remote control. And... remote control activated. Okay Mxyzptlk, Denise, Umbrafox. I'm yours. My brain is open and ready for your control."
The girl leans back in the seat. She's breathing heavily. A moment passes, then she shakes her head.
"Woah. I felt that. You guys are... are..."
Her mouth sags open, and her eyes slowly start to glaze. Around her image, the overlays slowly change, the sine waves flattening, the numbers decreasing from 120, to 90, to 70, to 50.
"I," she mumbles. "Must..."
The spikes on the heartrate monitor come further and further apart. The greenish lights are pulsing, playing across her face, her glassy eyes.
"I will," she suddenly says, quietly, "not resist. I will. Obey."
As the various biological readouts slow, and dwindle, the chat window scrolls at a leisurely pace.
The chatting is limited to the three participants, who have clearly rehearsed a plan and are acting in concert.
deniserossi: "Aural signals are receiving proper responses. Uptake seems good. Subliminal feeds alpha and beta at one hundred percent."
Mr_Mxyzptlk: "Biorhythms are textbook. I think she's becoming trained to this, she's losing volition even faster than last time."
umbrafox: "Hypnotrode set to pattern 7, pulse rate 5. Myx, is she ready for sleep?"
Mr_Mxyzptlk: "Shortly. Heartrate not quite there yet."
deniserossi: "I wish she'd use the injector attachment. I've mailed her the drugs."
Mr_Mxyzptlk: "We know, Denise. She will. Soon. She'll want to. Okay, I think she's ready for Morpheus. Denise, please feed her command sequence three."
The girl has lost all expression, her mouth hanging open, her head tilted to one side.
Her eyes close.


Well! Wrote more than I intended to! But that'll do for now. Obviously, Camgirl proceeds to do camgirl things - the best camgirl things: stripping naked, lathering herself in baby oil, frigging herself on a dildo or two (or better, a sybian attached to the brain-band). But all with a blank, obedient face, and the yummy replies we so love: "Yes, I must obey. Yes, Masters. Yes." Lots of 'yes'es, basically.

Maybe I should write it up as a story. Opinions? Me, I'd mostly just love to see it done as a video. I'm sure that one of Lex's girls could do a really hot interpretation. And, of course, Callidus could do magic with the premise, though I'm not sure where he could find appropriate enough source material. Always the problem with this sort of thing.

At any rate, I think it's a hot idea, I have now captured it for future, er, use, and I have shared it with you! Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tabenings - Welcome to the 2017 Dome

Back again! Not that I have much to report, I enjoyed my holidays but was as expected unable to post from locations which Google does not believe are my home. Ah well.

Nothing on the burners at the moment other than CORE #11 - Uzobono has been making great progress through the first scenes and will catch up to me shortly unless I get moving, which will not happen until the weekend at the earliest. This is a stressful week for me in RL so no chance of smut until Friday.

Best wishes for everyone in 2017 - I am interested to find out if we turn a corner or if, as I suspect, 2016 was just the opening salvo of terribleness and we're all in an accelerating handbasket down the fiery slope.

Did I mention that this is a stressful week?