Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tabenings: Tylmarande Edition

Not a lot going on smut-wise this week, I spent much of the weekend working on someone's costume for Halloween. No, not mine, I have plenty already in my closet.

Fun discussion from last week on video games and their possible mind control / corruption themes. I am as it turns out a big fan of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, and have re-installed it (and applied the fan patch) a couple of different times. I can rarely bring myself to fight through the interminable Hollywood sewer, but I do love me that Heather, rrr. There's a mod I apply to her, 'nigh-naked Heather', and... well. Rrr Heather. Also a fun game aside from that, I've rarely seen its equal in sheer atmospherics.

I also did Star Wars the Old Republic for six months or so when it came out - some fun corruption there, including as mentioned the girl who joins the sentient bugs (Tabico? Enjoying girls turned into bugs? Who would have thunk?) I understand that there has since been an update or two which allow for same-gender romance (at least, of a specific NPC) but thus far that hasn't been enough to lure me back in. I did enjoy several of the different class story arcs, though, at least one of which (Imperial Agent) played with mind control liberally.

And I do recall that set of Silithus quests! Mmm Cthulhoid Bug Overlords.

Now one instance of video game corruption that hasn't come up, but was exceedingly powerful to me - and those who recognized the name in the title are nodding their heads - was from Neverwinter Nights, the isometric Dungeons & Dragons based game from 2002. Aribeth de Tylmarande, smexy elven paladin, is seduced and corrupted into a Chaotic Evil blackguard during the main story quest.

At this remove, a lot of that storyline was pretty forced, and the seduction was sadly not all that seductive, more "look at how badly they treated you - why not join team CE?", but at the time good damn did it push my buttons. I loaded and replayed and loaded and replayed the scene where she gives in and converts to evil oh so many times.

And then in the Hordes of the Underdark follow-up campaign, you can find her wicked spirit in the underworld and get her to sign up with your party, either by returning to the light side (*roll eyes*) or remaining as a wicked, wicked, naughty girl (*rrrr*).

Heh. I'm tempted to go play it again right now just for that, and I don't even own the game any more.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tabenings - Spooky Edition

Gar, it's late on Tuesday and I almost forgot to post!

Been working on M&A, hit a bit of a stopper but I'll try to plow through it. Um.... what else. Hrm.

As I may have mentioned, I picked up World of Warcraft again, and am enjoying it relatively well. I've been playing my Demon Hunter class recently, and one of the decisions you need to make early on in the class is which of two other Demon Hunters you want to make your lieutenant; the decision doesn't really affect your ability to do anything later on, but it gives flavor and determines which of a set of quests you get to do.

The two options are a 'loyal lieutenant' sort and a 'questioning / greater good' person. I suppose each have their appeal, from a persona perspective, but of course I made my choice based on totally different criteria.

If you pick one of them, Kayn, then you wind up getting the option sometime down the road to do a small set of quests involving a Demon Hunter you encountered in the prelude, Cyana Nightglaive, who has apparently been tempted to the dark side and gone over to the legion.

Rrrr. That hits the spot. I love me some corruption. Blizzard delivers on that - although obviously in a rather G-rated way - as anyone who played the Diablo games can tell you. So, since Kayn is the one who offers access to this particular set of Evil Cyana quests, Kayn is the fellow I signed up with. Loyal? Rebellious? Who the fuck cares? I want to see me some corrupted elf-girl!

(Sadly, the eventual quest has almost zilch in erotic corruption payoff, but even so it's the razor I went with to make the decision. Which probably says a lot about me.)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tabenings - Half Halloween Edition

Hi again!

I hope you all are enjoying 'Incubated', I know I am! I'm also avidly consuming 'Internal Affairs Bureau', and if you missed 'Mindworms Unchained', here's a chance to go back and read that, too!

This is an outcome which I find really gratifying. I write smut because I consume smut, and I write the type of smut I like - mind control - because that's the stuff I really enjoy reading / get off on. So really there's nothing better for me than when people write stories like the stories I write, because then it's exactly the sort of thing I enjoy only there's that new-story aura to it because someone else wrote it.

So it's certainly a good time for me, consumption-wise. Production-wise, I wrote some more M&A - that new idea/story element I slotted into it last week has proven to be a real key in driving part of the action forward that I had been sort of lacking, so that's good. The lack of business trip did kind of leave me without that high-productivity boost I was hoping for, but we persevere.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tabenings - Time Warp Edition


Wanna know a secret?

I did some writing again this week! Yay!

Wanna know another secret?

It wasn't Pierced.


See, that's how it goes in the 'smut hobby' world. I write as the spirit moves me, since the spirit comes with no cash whatsoever.

Anywhoo, I had this really strong vision of a scene come to me, and it slotted perfectly into M&A, a 50% finished story I've had around forever. Like, 2007 or earlier. In fact, Synthetic, M&A, and That Which Has Been Lost are all sister stories of a sort, I was trying quite hard to keep my story output up and failing badly, and had all three chugging along at the same time. If I felt like fantasy, I'd write some TWHBL, sci-fi then I'd write Synthetic, and modern era I'd work on M&A.

And I've finished none of them, which is quite sad, really.

Yet! None of them, yet. As I say, I got a good erotic vision last weekend and squeezed it for some good smut writing impetus, so M&A has crawled out of its coma bed and shown a little legs.

Oh, and my trip got called off. One of the people I was to meet with had a stroke. Yeah, sucks. I don't know him very well, but obviously it still sucks.

So I'm at home playing World of Warcraft and eyeing more M&A, or maybe that story I really ought to be working on. We'll see.

If I don't get M&A out at some point it will have ceased to be "modern" and will have turned into historical fiction!