Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Tabenings - Spin Edition

Hello again! I did mention that Wednesday was the new Tuesday, right?

Not much to report. I apparently really hosed Uzobono with the climactic scene of CORE #12, there are an Imperial shitload of props in the scene and they make the computer crash rather than render. I really should know better at this point, but having found myself hopeless in the face of Poser I don't really grok the issues, and therefore don't anticipate the problems I am creating when I write the script. Multi-hour render times only to bluescreen the computer.

I am assured that this will be worked through, but you all need to appreciate the problems I put Uzo through on your behalf. (And mine, obviously.) So get to appreciating.

It's holiday vacation season around here, and I'm going to be traveling until the New Year. This will quite possibly affect my posting - you recall the problems that Blogger gave me last year. I'm not sending Google my fucking cell phone number just to post on my blog when I have the fucking password. Gr!

So we'll see. I'll have my laptop and I'll have the Internet, so I'm hoping this isn't the last you'll hear from me in 2017, but if I go dark it's not because I don't love you.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tabenings - Wuesday Edition

Hi! Wednesday is the new Tuesday, didn't you hear?

Actually it's just the season coming into play. My spawn is part of a school performance, so that's what I'm doing on Tuesday nights this month. Luckily, Wednesday is still mostly free!

I hope you all noticed that Callidus posted a yummy new manip series over on his website! An alert reader commented on it here, but if you don't read the comments I am bringing it to your attention now. Go enjoy 'Compliance'!

Also, as you've seen, Uzobono and I have slowly been working our way through CORE #12, and we're close enough to finished at this point that the cover has been revealed:

Pretty yummy, eh? Rawr. I love hot, shiny, pod-hatched girls. Also I love Uzobono's artwork.

In truth, although pods do feature in the issue, no one actually hatches out of them. The cover is more metaphorical than 'lifted from the pages'. But if you like squicky things, then I daresay you will like it anyway!