Friday, April 29, 2016


I have other interests besides mind control smut - I bet you do, too - and in the pursuit of those interests noticed the following chart recently:

It's a newly-released chart from the USDA, showing the state of the American dairy industry. What I found startling is that red line representing the milk productivity per cow. It has almost doubled since 1980.

Think about that for a moment. Each cow now gives almost twice as much milk as a cow in 1980 did. That's incredible! What could be the cause of that?

Is it breeding? We've been breeding cows for thousands of years. And yet somehow in the span of the most recent 35 years, we've managed to double their milk output. Cows are ready to breed at 15 months, so at a really aggressive estimate that's only 28 generations. Are we that much better at breeding that we can double the output of an already thoroughly-customized species in only 28 generations?

Is it drugs? There are obviously a number of ways to increase milk output through pharmaceuticals. Is it process? Don't underestimate the ability to improve outputs by rearranging  processes, it's a major and effective component of industrial organization. Feed the cows at 11 rather than 9:30 and there could be a small but quantifiable change in their behavior and output. Add up hundreds of those little observed results and you can achieve real change (although I can't imagine an actual doubling of output).

Is it something else? Or, and this is the most likely, a combination of a lot of things?

Anyway. I don't want to get lost in the weeds, here - I'm not that interested in the American Dairy industry. What I am interested in are the fetish ramifications of this information. Particularly considering that I'm a huge fan of the whole human cow / human dairy concept (as made obvious by my story Herd Instinct).

Thus, being that sort of pervert, immediately I was struck by the idea of a mind-transformed human dairy herd having their productivity doubled. Mmm.

Of course, pursuing that idea with an eye towards a story immediately runs into some of my hesitancies. I don't write about things happening to children, which of course immediately causes challenges when writing about selective breeding. I do write drugs, so that part is easy, but frankly selective breeding has to be pretty central to this whole concept so there are some mines laid there. Also I am not pleased writing death (some people might be surprised to hear that, but it's true) so when breeding humans the generations in my story would necessarily be long and productive rather than quick and with a lot of weeding out, which is of course key to any real selective breeding.

Also, sort of as an aside, I would absolutely never include any sort of slaughterhouse concept. There are those who write human cattle stories who feature that prominently, and of course it fits squarely into the milieu. But the whole idea is a total unpleasantness for me, so no, never.

But I can work with drugs and selective breeding. Those of course lead to another major question. Who is doing this selective breeding? The immediate problem being that if it's a standard modern era Mistress/Master figure, they're not going to live long enough to oversee more than a few generations, as the cattle live as long as they do (as mentioned, in my stories the cattle will be living long, happy, mindless lives).

That, by the way, is why we don't have acorns next to the almonds on grocery shelves. There are oak trees that have mutated to produce acorns which are sweet and good to eat, but breeding oak trees is beyond our patience. In addition to their long lives and land requirements, the genes that produce the inedible tannins are multiple and complicated, so planting sweet acorns doesn't produce sweet acorn producing trees. Reaching sweet acorn trees that would breed true would take many human lifetimes.

But back to fetish. So, in this theoretical story focused around improving human cattle stock (and admit it, for some of us the idea of "improving human cattle stock" is erotic), who is doing the improving?

Could be aliens. But in this sort of story where you start with a big pool of enslaved humans, where's the interest in the aliens' motivations? Where's the conflict? Not to pooh-pooh alien stories, they can be done really well (e.g. trilby's Xenophilia), but it doesn't seem like the way I'd go here.

Could be robots. That might work; some sort of AI created a long time ago whose goal is to perfect a race of human cattle. I did something similar in 'Rouge', with a system that was set up to enslave people and then self-perpetuates. So that's one possible path.

But, let me go back to my initial human caveat "modern era". Let's discard that, and slide over to "fantasy future era". That opens up the field a bit. What about humans who are a different type of humans? In other words: a caste system. So there is a caste of Masters/Mistresses, and a caste of human cattle. Possibly other castes, possibly not. This would fit nicely in a "destroyed environment" dystopian future. And you also get to riff on caste/class themes. And you can have politicking going on within the Master/Mistress caste. That would work nicely, providing Master/Mistress figures who are properly dominant yet also can be related to by the reader.

So then, if that's the milieu, who is our protagonist? One option is a time-traveller; someone who was frozen from an earlier time and wakes up in this future. I did that in 'Codi' (see a few posts back). It allows the author an easy avenue to explain things.

Or it could be a cow. That's a good chance to write a mind controlled sub point of view. Hmm. Perhaps a cow whose Mistress is using her as part of the aforementioned machinations... raising her up for some reason? Which of course her upbringing and generations of selective breeding would struggle against. Yes, there's a good story in there.

But - I should be working on an existing story, rather than designing an entirely new one. Well, one more idea for the pile. But I figured I'd share what sort of thing goes through my head when I read USDA reports.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Sum of the Parts

When I was a much younger Tabico, trash day was Monday morning. Because of this I used to sneak out on Sunday night, cut through the Robinsons' yard and over to the condos just outside our subdivision, because there was an apartment there where, now and then, the inhabitant would throw out Playboys.

This was back when the Internet was young, you see, at the very dawn of the WWW, and porn was so much harder to come by. You could really only find it in printed form - and if you were a teenager, doing so was often quite an effort.

To make things more difficult, this was also before it was broadly okay to be gay. I knew at the time that I (also) liked girls, and liked nekkid pictures of them, but for a young lady in the mid 90s it was simply too risky to have any sort of real stash of girly pictures, lest questions be raised that would be too painful to deal with. And trading for girly mags - which is what I assume the boys did - was right out.

So I had a few, well-hidden, copies of Playboy, all of which I'd found discarded and snuck home with, heart in my throat. Now and then I would get paranoid that they would be discovered and throw them all out. Then, later, hornier, I would go hunting for more.

Now this fellow in the condos didn't just get the monthly magazine; he also got the all-picture special editions, which took things to the next level in terms of naughty picture payout. And one Sunday night I discovered one such issue in his trash and took it home to enjoy.

It was very nice, of course, but there was one full-page shot of a woman - I don't recall the name, I believe she was Australian - who was gloriously naked on some beach, just kind of standing there, and she struck me in an interesting way. She was... funny-looking. I don't mean ugly, on the contrary she was gorgeous - I mean, she was in Playboy for God's sake - but she had a collection of features that generally speaking I didn't find attractive. Her hair was wet and slicked back (I *do* like wet, slicked-back hair, oh how I do, but that's tangental) and it showed off that she had large, round ears. Her lips were large and full and almond-shaped rather than bow-shaped; she had prominent eyes, and very conical breasts with smooth puffy nipples. It was also obvious that she was quite tall, but not tall and lean, very long and smooth-looking. I dunno. Seal-like.

Now, she was very pretty - downright beautiful - but she was also a collection of features that I didn't, generally speaking, find attractive. If you'd asked me to design a woman I would have chosen almost none of the particular types of features she possessed. And yet.

And yet.

I looked at her picture and thought "huh, how odd-looking". And then I thought about her, and went back and looked, and thought about her some more - this all took like a week or two - and eventually realized that I found her to be really, really, really hot.

So in terms of jilling off, that magazine became basically all about her. And I would never have thought that, upon my first impression, she would become my 'it' girl, but something about the combination of her features all together really pushed my buttons. She just... *insert 'dat ass' picture here*

Which leads me to Rivaliant.

Rivaliant is an excellent 3D modeler and artist, and also a fan of shortstacks and bubble butts. Generally speaking, the girls that he designs are not my type. Very well done, but not particularly 'hot' to me.

Except... for Silk.

There's something about his tiny, albino, rabbit-girl OC that just slams its hand over and over on my libido console. I don't know what it is, exactly. I'm not into Lolitas. I'm not an ass woman particularly - I do love and appreciate a good booty, but I'd probably describe myself as more of a boob lover and Silk is a bit shy in that department - and the character model takes 'bubble butt' to a ridonculous extreme. I *do* like her unsmiling demeanor - I'm a sucker for cool, emotionless girls - and I'm a big fan of unusual skin color. But if you'd described her to me, and asked me if I would find her hot, I would probably have said "doesn't seem like it."

And yet... *dat ass*

Hell, I find her sexy enough that I wrote a (short) story about her, though until now no one would have linked it and her. If you want to read it, I hid the story in Captain Skel's Lilith Device, though he also doesn't know that. Well, he knows the story is there, I mean, he put it in, he just doesn't know the inspiration. You'll have to play a while to find it.

Unfortunately for me I am limited in my ability to use a credit card in pursuit of my fetish smut. So if for some reason you have random money or deviant art points lying around, you could certainly do worse things than to spend them on the January 2016 Silk in the Dollroom set and send it to me.

Bad Tabico, no begging! That's more than enough brain-dump for now! Have a loverly day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Roving Out

In an effort to provide sufficient initial content to satisfy peoples' interest - both of them - I shall endeavor to adhere to a daily update schedule for a while. I can do that, surely?

Anyhow - I love "I Roved Out (In Search of Truth & Love)". It's a fantasy (as in elves) sex webcomic by Rupert Everton, and is both sexy and hilarious in equal measure.

I'd first started following R.Ev on Hentai Foundry, having been unaware of his earlier (and still available) webcomics. He's got a deliciously wet and fluid art style, and coupled with his blink-blink-blink irreverent humor it's just awesome at all levels.

If you do read through the comic, don't overlook heading over to his Hentai Foundry page, as there are a number of short pieces featuring Cinder and Maeryll that are not (yet) present on the IRO website and which are awesome, including my favorite, "Maeryll Says". Page 9 of that sequence has my favorite ever Cinder panel and it doesn't even feature any titties!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Tabenings

Yes, yes, I need a better name for this column. ANYWAY, I figure I might as well have a least one anchor activity for the blog, so I shall endeavor to talk about what I am up to, smut-wise, at least every Tuesday. Probably a lot more often, at first, and then tapering down to only on Tuesdays as the novelty wears off. You know, as these things go.

SO, this week... well, I'm trying to wrap up 'Pierced', and doing a really crappy job of it. I am really struggling with where I want to end up. I've done the MC happy ending in 'Lens', and 'Pierced' is already an awful lot like 'Lens', so I don't want to go there, but... but I'm me and I like my Tabiconic happy endings.

(For those who have never communicated with me before, a Tabiconic Happy Ending is one where everyone winds up happy, frequently because they have been mind controlled and/or transformed into being happy. So the characters as they were at the start of the story would not consider what ultimately happens to be a happy ending, but the characters as they are at the end of the story think it's just peachy.)

So I'm really wrestling with the ending. I read a good observation recently, let's see if I can dig it up...ah, here it is. From Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of what are probably Nintendo's most acclaimed games: "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad." The same holds true for stories; I don't want to write something just to be done and then regret it at leisure.

On the other hand, if I leave it too long, I may never finish it, and I honestly do hate doing that, too. (And I also mean it when I say that I will one day release the final chapter for both 'Seed' and 'Compromise' - in both cases, I know what's going to happen and what it should say, and my problem is instead that it's good storytelling but not particularly erotic, and without any erotic punch I don't feel like I am delivering something to my audience. But I will finish them, dammit, I will.)

Anyway, 'Pierced' is definitely on the current docket, but progress is halting.

In OTHER news, however, some will be excited to see that this is on the way:

I've sent off four of ten scenes to Uzobono, and should have little problem with the rest, so I'd expect to see it late May (?) sometime. Maybe June. Though there may be vacations/visitors who get in the way.

And I have to observe yet again, it is so awesome as an author to be working with someone who can create such fantastic, really top-notch imagery based on my fevered scribblings. I write, I send it off, and then Wow Zowy look at the beautiful pictures Holy Shit Wow! Which is probably why there are already 9 episodes of CORE, representing a good chunk of writing; the process is inherently rewarding to me in a way that other forms of smut/action writing are not.

The Meaning of the Secret Files

People often - well, occasionally - okay, once or twice - write me asking if my stories on the EMCSA "are it". I.e., do I have any more stories, anywhere else?

And the answer is, "not really, but sort of".

There are three sets of other stories that have seen the dubious light of the Internet.

Back in the day, I used to post something to one of the MC fora every week called "Tabico's Tuesday Tidbit". It was a small snackerel of writing, which I used as a motivator to get myself to write something, anything, as compared to sitting around on my butt and not writing, which was (and is) an easier state of affairs. At least two unfinished stories came out of that.

I think I still have some of those around here somewhere - yeah, there's "Codi" and oh, there's "Fake Ones". Neither of them are finished (as with so much of my smut) but if there's interest, they could again see the light of day. I think G.O.O. Boris Ludmenkov was a particular fan of "Fake Ones". Hell, he's probably the only person who remembers it.

So there are those. Secondly, also back in the day, I attempted to increase the level of email feedback I was getting by writing extra chapters for some stories, and sending those extra chapters via email to people who wrote me that they'd enjoyed the story. I called those the "FAC"s, for Fanmail Appreciation Chapter. There weren't a lot of those, but there are additional chapters for 'Allegiance', 'Rouge', and 'Winter Flesh'.

The 'Rouge' one killed the whole idea, inasmuch as I sent it to one of my favorite people, Dollmistress, and apparently it went completely against the grain of what she had enjoyed in the story and was icky and bad and how could I do that to her? So after a good crying jag and a pint of Ben & Jerry's I decided to do away with the whole FAC program, and had all the FAC elves shipped off to a sweatshop in Jakarta.

(Seriously though, I love DM and it's not her fault I am a clumsy storytelling oaf. And she did the best 'Rouge' visual adaptation, like, ever - which I just realized could be considered to be damning with faint praise, so let me be clear, it's awesome and I love it - so her opinion carries serious weight around these parts, let me tell you.)

And lastly there is 'Luthrina', a comedy mind-control adventure story I wrote and have only ever shared with a small coterie of EMCSA authors. That's right, we swap things amongst ourselves. And talk about you. Or at least, we did. Once.

Anyhow, the point of this post is not to tease you, but rather to say that here at Tabico Secret Files we will be at some point sharing these dubious goodies with you. Once I figure out how to do so. And if it suits my whim. And if you're nice to me. But the point is, thence the name of the blog.

Second Post!

So, apropos of nothing, I recently stumbled across a couple of music videos which I very much enjoyed, and which if not obviously mind control related, certainly partake in a "pretty women / wicked forces" vibe. I immediately dropped a line to fellow Great Old Ones Voyer and Vice, neither of whom I had written to (other than deviantart comments) in years, so struck was I by the 80's horror movie vibe.

Both videos are by Carpenter Brut, an (apparently French) techno group inspired by the films of John Carpenter - and Carpenter movies are quite fertile grounds for erotic mind control. That scene in Prince of Darkness... mmm.

Anyhow, the first one is for "Turbo Killer", and features a very striking woman who is also a car (?), and several awesome cars, and apparently satanic space aliens... just watch it.

The second one is "Le Perv", and has a whole gaggle of sweaty hotties in 1980s leotards performing dance and being stalked by the titular character. Come for the aggressive techno, stay for the leotard cut waaay too low in back.

Not a lot of direct fetish fuel from those, but certainly fun to watch.

First Post!

Some Anon over on 4chan observed that I hadn't updated my latest story, Pierced, and wondered if there was someplace that one might find out the status of what was up with me and my publishing schedule.

This crystallized a lingering desire I've had to blather about stuff, and having seen that thrall has maintained a blogspot blog for several years now, it seemed like a decent place to instantiate my pseudonymous presence.

So, here I am! I figure I should be able to generate a few posts a week as various fetishy ideas hit me, or I discover something I like that seems relevant, or failing that I fall back on other stuff I like which I simply hadn't mentioned yet. Also I shall try to update the status of things I may or may not be working on.