Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tabenings - Painted Eggs

Herro! And happy spring break to those of you what has it!

I swear to God I keep meaning to get back to Tuesday, really I do, but then stuff happens and it's late and...

Anyhow, good news!(tm) Remember 'Mind Worms'? Gosh I was young. That was back in grad school, I think. Sweet fancy Moses.

But anyway, Draphy, a long-time co-fetishist of mine - and ours - has made a rendered comic of it! And it's quite good!

Here, go check it out:

(I think I got the image to be a link. If it doesn't link, go here:

I'll say it again, I love it when people riff on my work. Draphy asked permission, being a considerate human being and all, and I of course happily granted it. There are quite a few creators who don't like other people making use of their material, but as I've said before, I write what I want to consume. So if people make more stuff like that, I am happy!

That said, please don't pick up one of my stories and continue it, or write another story with the same characters - that would be going over my personal line. But writing in the same universe, or making reference to the characters, or adapting the actual work (as seen above), that's all fine. Ask and ye shall receive (permission).

Hope everyone has a Wormy Easter!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tabenings - Wet Edition

A Thursday update again! I swear I'm not trying to horn in Madam Kistulot's update day, it's just life gets busy, you know?

Although R/L is a whirlwind, I ain't got much going on in terms of Internet and/or smut. I played the Coceter Chronicles (porn game) for the first time and rather enjoyed it, although I think a bunch of the naughty content was recently stripped out? Because Patreon has decided to crack down on the non-societally approved fetishes (incest, bestiality, and of course mind control because it's rape) so in order to maintain an income stream the developer yanked that stuff. A shame. I enjoyed the game anyway.

And although I think the joke is that the game is pronounced "Cock Eater" Chronicles, I cannot help but pronounce it "Cosseter" Chronicles. Which I prefer, anyway. I dunno, how would you pronounce "Coceter"?

Speaking of video games, I finally burned out on Skyrim again after playing through a bunch of various mods and the Dragonborn expansion over again. Luckily Far Cry 5 is coming out in the next couple of days. Running around shooting people sounds like a nice change of pace. Hopefully my graphics card can handle it.

My spawn is off to a science camp for most of next week, so my evenings should be relatively free for a bit (although there are some girls I know what want to do girls' night stuff, which sounds fun) - hopefully I can leverage some of that into smut time. Depends on how much fun shooting people in the face turns out to be, really.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Tabenings - Mainstream Edition

Howdy-ho! It's Tuesday again, and... uh...



Anyway, checking in. Spring break is around the corner so the potential for some writing is there, we'll see if I can deliver or simply fail yet again. Let's discover together!

In other news, I've been enjoying the hell out of the music video for DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels 'Nobody Speak'. If you aren't afraid of some startlingly foul language, you really should check it out:

I enjoy the song, but really it's the acting that raises this from 'like' to 'love'. Those guys are fantastic.

Only encountered Run the Jewels recently; they have the main song on the Black Panther soundtrack ('Legend Has It'), which is also excellent. Was investigating their catalog when I bumped into 'Nobody Speak'.

And speaking of foul language, I also recently finished reading 'The Barrow' by Mark Smylie. I've been a fan of Smylie for a long time, due to his comic book 'Artesia'; the book is stand-alone but set in the same fantastically detailed universe. From the theology to the history to the criminal underworld, it's a thousand-faceted jewel. Also holy shit is it pornographic. If you don't object to more dick sucking than a Castro whorehouse on free MDMA night, you should definitely check it out.

If you do object, I'm kinda curious how you wound up here. 😀

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tabenings - Maerzen Edition

Good news, everyone!

Let's see. If you hadn't noticed, Callidus recently posted a new episode of the Black Room podcast for you to check out. Which you should do.

Also, as brought to my attention by an attentive commentarioir on this very blog - and thank you for that - thrall appears to be back! Yowza!

Additionally, Anaximanes just recently updated the free version of his most recent game, Cult of Corruption, with a Patreon version update apparently in the very near future.

'Modding' is up to 24,337 words, so slow progress but not zero. I just need a couple days off where I am not fixing the plumbing or taking the kid to a wildlife refuge or shopping or... or anything, really. I cling to hope.

Also I recently saw a hot parasite/egg-laying manga, "Alien vs. College girl - what's born from one's anus". Now, I'm not particularly into butt stuff, but I am into alien eggs, so pretty hot IMO. And the artist Ishimiso has done some other parasite (and butt) related stuff which is also in an art style I quite like and features parasitic aliens.