Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Final Tabenings of May

So, the 'Seed' epilogue has been split into two parts and nicely polished, so that's a go for this coming weekend. No sex, no mind control, but there are some good lines in it.

Not a lot of motivation beyond that, at least tonight. Playing a little more Stardew Valley and debating if 'Blood and Wine' is enough to motivate me to re-learn how to play Witcher 3. I played the entire release campaign, and liked it well enough to start a second 'complete everything' play-through, but that fizzled out somewhere in Novigrad and I haven't touched it since last year. I bought 'Hearts of Stone' but despite everyone saying how good it was, have never yet played it.

'Stellaris' still appeals, though waiting for the next major patch might be the way to go.

Not going to kick off 'Joba' (Note the cunning name change! Also... Novamist Valley. How clever! How obfuscated!) tonight. If I'm feeling horny tomorrow, perhaps.

Also need to get CORE #10 revised and completed and over to Uzobono (who sent me a nice email from Belgium, or maybe Belarus) before I leave on vaycay at the end of June. Obviously there's time, but since I need to do it, perhaps sooner is better than later.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Working for the Man

I'm thinking more seriously about writing that Joja story. It's providing good fuel for my random fetishizing during the day, and I think I've worked out how to move the plot forward with some tension in it.

Couple of problems - first, I'd like to go with the name 'Joja', but of course that's a direct lift from Stardew Valley and thus I am hesitant about it. Simon has a strict 'no fanfic' rule - which I think is wise and I have always abided by - although I think that using the name 'Joja' for the company but not swiping any of the other character names, place names, etc would skirt by with enough leeway.

Second of course is me - I daresay that the 'short' story I am describing in my mind would balloon outward as I drew in other characters and paced out the conversion over time, etc etc. I'll have to fight that tendency pretty hard.

Still, the idea is attracting me. Maybe it's just my desire to procrastinate from finishing 'Pierced', I recognize what a terrible habit I have in that way. On the other hand, if I start something else I could procrastinate from *that* by concluding 'Pierced'. Hard to say, really.

A good Tabico would procrastinate by writing the final bit of 'Compromise'. Not feeling romantic enough at the moment for 'Summer Flesh', or baroque enough for 'That Which Has Been Lost'.

Well, we'll just have to see, you and I. But smart money would bet on my starting 'Joja'.

Friday, May 27, 2016


I just now finished the Epilogue for 'Seed'. 50Kb, which will probably increase the usual 10% upon editing, and looking back I brought the chapters for 'Seed' in at under 25k each, so I'll need to break it in half for posting.

But it's done!


I still need to edit it up, and frankly I am not gonna chain myself to my desk and slave away at it tonight (as I do with surprising frequency) just to get it into Simon for this weekend's update. So you should expect not to see any Tabico prose for the Memorial Day weekend update, but (barring that ever-worrisome bus attack) you *will* see the conclusion to 'Seed' in next weekend's update.

There's no sex in it. Hell, there isn't even any mind control. It's pure fantasy-novel, from start to finish. So those of you who like that sort of thing will hopefully like it. And it will give you a chance to read 'Seed' again, because I had forgotten most of it and I daresay you have too.

Now to see if 'Pierced' is ready to be concluded or if I should switch gears again and put some milage down on, oh, say, 'That Which Has Been Lost'.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Seed part 12 is up to 22k, so trucking right along. I was aiming to get it done in 40k but I may not be able to fit everything in - a real shocker, I know. However, I will not be releasing any of it until the story is done and wrapped up, so don't expect an update this week and another one later. If I have to break the epilogue into two halves, it'll still all come out at the same time.

In other news, I've been playing Fallout 4's Far Harbor expansion, and it's given me an idea for a story. In the game, there's a synth doctor named Aster (no spoiler, you know it when you meet her), who's rather clinical and cool and I think she's dead sexy, albeit grimy in the usual Fallout 4 manner. She's got a fetch quest where you can bring her asters, flowers that you find around the island.

Sadly for me, that's the extent of it. Bring her asters, she gives you some caps. But inasmuch as my Nora would very much like to get into her artificial-human pants, it stirred my imagination.

Premise: a story world similar to Fallout 4. Main character / Player character encounters a cool, clinical, yet erotically compelling NPC, who sends the player on fetch quests. As the fetch quests proceed, a couple of things develop. The things being fetched start to imply that the quest-giver is concocting some sort - or multiple sorts - of mind control. Pieces for a mind control helmet, chemical ingredients for serum. Holotapes of long-extinct dommes.

At the same time, the NPC is finding the player character increasingly interesting on account of their willingness to do her bidding, and of course their incredible competence. Although initially cool, she becomes intrigued (and turned on?) by the PC's combination of eager obedience and unstoppable success, and starts dropping hints to the effect that maybe this arrangement should become more permanent.

Eventually, the questgiver overtly starts to modify the PC, at first with their permission (opening with a powerful scene where she asks if she may use X on them) and subsequently without their permission. At the same time, the NPC, increasingly intrigued by some of the artifacts retrieved,  starts modifying her own personality to be more dominant, haughtier and more superior.

One could throw in some other NPCs who trust or rely on the PC, and who eventually the quest giver has the PC turn into her slaves. Lots of yummy possibilities.

As a meta-narrative, one might set the entire story of descent into slavery to this robot NPC within a computer game - and have the game start to act upon the player. This was done really, really well (in my opinion) in a Diablo III fanfic I've read called Braving Inferno (hentai foundry link) by aesthil, although sadly the story is unfinished (I'm not the only one!). So even as the PC becomes more and more an obedient minion, the player themself becomes more and more the thrall of the game, unable to stop playing it, and the quest giver NPC begins to show awareness of the human that she's actually enslaving.

But that's an optional extra. Just the narrative of the protagonist falling under the sway of the quest giver, bit by bit, partially voluntarily and partially involuntarily, could be a really sexy tale.

If you have good ideas for things the PC might do for the synth on the way to becoming her slave, do feel free to leave them in comments.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Tabenings

So! I've done no work on 'Pierced'. None at all! Ha! I'm not gonna return to it until I can come up with something that Vanderbilt won't frown at.

Actually, I know what I'm gonna write, but I need to rebuild my confidence to do it. This weekend was a bad one for "okay, the story's out there... no one is saying anything... still no feedback... argh, why do I do this, I suck, who am I writing for... this ending sucks anyway..."

Which is not fair, of course, Uzobono made a wonderful render based on the most recent update - how does she read me so well? - and I got, let me count, one, two... two pieces of email from people saying they liked it, and there were a couple of kind forum posts. But I built it up too much in my mind and need a while to bounce back from the comedown.

I dunno what it is, people seem to like, or at least comment on, the plot and dialoguey installments much more than the naughty smut bits, even when it's the naughty smut bits that bring us all here. I don't quite understand, it just, it... *waves hands around*

Anyway no 'Pierced', certainly not this weekend. Though I really should finish it before Uzobono returns and can chide me for not finishing it - and she is right to do so - which does mean June at any rate.

But no 'Pierced' does not mean no writing! That's right, bitches - I've just put in 12k on 'Seed' part twelve.

That's right! 'Seed'! Remember that? I have to say, I'm really rather fond of that story, and I never did finish it, and I am doing so now. Part twelve is an epilogue, basically, taking place many years after the events of part 1-11 - oh, sorry, (spoilers) I guess - that's the risk you take in the Secret Files! - but Eyna will be making an appearance. No, she didn't die in the giant "everyone gets absorbed by the Wicker-Man-like vine-Goddess-thing". It just seemed that way because I didn't finish the story.

If I were a good author - and I mean 'good' in the sense of being kind to my readers, I write purty enough - I would have wrapped the story up back in 2014 when it came out. But you get what you pay for, I guess; yet now the story will finally be complete! Unless I get hit by a bus.

Not that anyone is asking for more 'Seed', but ehh what the fuck. 'Not getting paid' and all that.

If I am really with it, 'Seed' 12 will be out this weekend, otherwise first weekend in June, but I expect I'll already be at work on the last bit of Pierced next week.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Mooning

No, not with my butt, you perverts.

So, Uzobono is off on her month-long trip for the CIA (note: informed speculation only), which basically means I can stop writing for a while. Right?


Eh. I did precisely bupkis this last weekend (aside from playing Fallout 4's Far Harbor DLC) so any chance of 'Pierced' the-conclusion-no-I-mean-it-this-time coming out over Memorial Day weekend is pretty much shot. Which may be for the best, I'm continuing to second-guess the endgame I've come up with. I'm having difficulty living up to the reputation I have created for myself in my own mind, and to be honest (spoilers!) I haven't been seeding the preceeding chapters with hints or clues with the intent of there being some big reveal, I've just been writing to move the story forward.

Maybe I should know better. Don't write anything without a solid, gut-punch ending ready for it.

But at any rate, I'm not best pleased with my plan for the finale at this point but I need to put the story to bed so I can move on to the next thing, whatever that may be. I'll try getting it underway this week so that I can hopefully conclude it first weekend of June.

I'm still a bit enthused by that Stardew Valley / Joja story idea I outlined a few posts back. Some intelligent, urbane commentators provided some really great suggestions there in the comments and cogitating upon them gave me the intertwined plotline I need to actually make it a story with some tension to it; if I could knock it off in a week, I'd do it, but I am doubtful of my ability to do that.

Also, need to write that last chapter of CORE #10, and then collect all the renders that Uzo has created thus far and re-edit the whole script. That is our process, by the way; here, I shall outline it for you:

a) I sit down with a blank page and write story pages, which consist of a page number, the layout of the panels on the page, a brief description of the content / image in each panel, and any dialogue. I'll do this one or two chapters, each between 4-12 pages, at a time. Send to Uzobono.
b) Uzobono renders the images. (As far as I'm concerned, this step is fucking magic, because holy shit does she make purty renders, with details and oh the expressions she can capture) She sends them back to me as individual images, a chapter's worth at a time.
Steps (a) and (b) proceed concurrently, so that in theory at least I am moving forward with writing while Uzo is moving forward with the renders. I throw in some initial comments on the renders in case there's something that I'd like changed or added.
c) Having received all of the renders, I review and edit the script both for general goodness and to best fit the images that Uzo has rendered. Send final, complete script back to Uzobono.
d) Uzobono does the necessary postwork and then stitches the images together onto the pages, and inserts all the word bubbles and sound effects.
e) Deliver to you!

So for CORE #10, we're well into step (b), with everything but one scene written and only two scenes left to render. But, as I say, Uzobono is off to Davos for some Illuminati consulting gig and won't be back until July, so there it shall stay until then, although I need to finish up my end through step (c) so that when she's back she can render the last two parts and kick right into (d) and then (e).

But tonight I'm still feeling 'bleh' so I'll probably do some video game and go to bed early. Perhaps tomorrow Tabico will be ready to kick ass and take names.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Prepare Your Body

Okay, just emailed Simon with chapter six part three. If you liked chapter two and all the sweaty poolside alien fucking, this installment will probably float your boat.

That's the good news. Bad news is that the final part is, at present, precisely 1k in size, i.e. I haven't even started it. (The disclaimer is 1k.) So unless this coming week turns out to be unusually productive, the final installment may not be ready for next week. I have gotten most of CORE 10 drafted and sent over to Uzobono; I sent her more last night, leaving only a single (albeit long) scene left to write, so I shouldn't have to split focus.

But, in truth, I actually work *better* when I multi-task. If I have only one story I am working on, and I sit down to write, and am un-motivated, then I will do something else. (Video games.) If I have multiple stories and I sit down to write, and one of them doesn't appeal in the moment, the chances are actually good that the other one will. Somehow procrastinating from writing one story by writing another actually works for me. Works really well, in fact.

So I'll try to wrap up Pierced for the Memorial Day weekend. But at the moment that's a tall order, so no promises.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

6.3 Is Go

Well, I didn't get any 'Pierced' done on Wednesday, but I did get another snippet of CORE 10 over to Uzobono; and then today (Thursday) I did write some Pierced and found a good dramatic stopping point, just after 40k, which is about perfect. So if I can edit it tonight and tomorrow, you will see part three of chapter six this weekend!

Aaaand it's not the end. One more part, I'm sure of it this time. Just one more.

Also, Chapter Six part Two went out with only a single edit and God DAMN does it ever show. I have found several totally embarrassing, flow-stopping typos as I read it in situ on the EMCSA. I swear I have got to spend the time to polish things better. But, of course, if I had waited for a third edit, you all would not have gotten the story for that update.

Le sigh. Now I know how Charles Dickens felt.

Well, without the piles of money, of course.

In other news - the Secret Files are about to be Secret no longer! I've authorized Callidus to publicize the existence of this blog on the next episode of The Black Room, his marvelous podcast about all things Erotic Mind Control. Now we will see how much attention you people are really paying. ;)

And yes, this means that for the last three weeks I have basically been writing these posts to myself. I only shared the existence of the Secret Files with Callidus earlier this week. I told Uzobono a couple of weeks ago so that I could solicit my sidebar art from her (and isn't it awesome?!? I love love love that glossy black brood babe over there) and managed to send the email to the wrong email address, so she, too, only learned about this little project this week. So I've been talking to myself for a month.

Not that that's a huge change, or anything. I talk to myself a lot - it increases the chance of having an intelligent conversation. ;)

But if you are joining us (well, me) based on your listening to the Black Room, welcome aboard and congratulations on your excellent taste. Have a look around, leave a comment or two. Don't believe anything the brood babe tells you, she doesn't have your best interests at heart.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tuesday Tabenings 3

So, Pierced 6c is up to 34k, and not quite at a stopping point. If I can write the next bit up to a dramatic moment tomorrow, then I'll have Thursday and Friday for editing and this installment will be released this coming weekend. If I don't get anything done tomorrow, that will be in jeopardy.

This won't be the concluding part in any event, though the part after may be only half length. We'll see when we get there.

Also, ZKO recently released an awesome little 8-bit pixel hypno animation. Cute and hot in equal - and tremendous - measure. You should check it out:

Go see it in its original habitat:


Monday, May 16, 2016


As mentioned, I've been playing a lot of Stardew Valley. Got gay married to my sweetie Abigail, because how could I resist a purple-haired proto-goth who loves pumpkins, autumn, cemetaries, and rainy days? I couldn't, that's how.

Also, purple is her natural hair color (the game is set in a universe with both trains and soda pop but also with dwarves and wizards), and let me just say: purple pubes. Oh. My. God. I would kill to rub my face in those.

So she's mine now and we are happy down on the farm.

Meanwhile, there's an entity in the game known as the Joja corporation, a faceless corporate behemoth that seeks to crush any independent commerce and force everyone to shop and work at their soulless identical stores and/or numbing corporate offices. The local Joja-mart manager even has devil eyes, that's how bad they are.

The combination of these two items - my loverly Abigail and the malevolent Joja Corp - recently smeared together into a rather hot fantasy.

It starts with coming home to find Abigail in some skin-tight shiny latex getup - think the outfit of the lead singer from The Pretty Reckless in their Going to Hell video - with cut-outs for the breasts and crotch, acting all submissive and enticing ("I got this to please you.")

She starts sliding further into sex-kitten over the next indeterminate period of time, discovering that she likes being naughty and objectified.

Then come the breast implants; she gets them as a surprise, and loves having them, they're so plastic and unreal.

She got them, of course, from Joja, which is more or less the only game in town for that sort of thing. And now her slide into becoming more and more designed for sex starts becoming tinted Joja; the idea of being a sex object and being a faceless corporate cog - no, corporate asset - blend together in her fantasies.

She begins going off to 'workshops' offered by a particular branch of the Joja corporation. In theory they are about skills and etiquette and such, but of course they are really a sort of corporate indoctrination, deepening her (and the other participants') desire to become Joja assets. Joja property.

Then comes the tattoo, the Joja logo on her shoulder, prominently displayed when she is wearing her tight Joja-blue latex lingerie. She takes a job at the local Joja mart; during which time she wears headphones that pump Joja subliminals into her mind as she smiles and vapidly rings up the customers.

Her salary is put into the Joja bank. It is immediately loaned back to Joja corporation at zero percent interest.

The next tattoo is on the nape of her neck. It's a Joja bar code.

When scanned, it reads 'plastic appliance'.

Now she's listening to the headphones while she sleeps. During sex, she refers to herself as a 'plastic appliance', as 'Joja property'.

The next time she's in the city, she visits the Joja surgeons again.

For the brain implant.

The headphones are unnecessary now. And her personality has changed; she's no longer playing at being a Joja puppet because it turns her on. It's more natural now; she simply thinks of herself as a Joja plastic appliance, a servile sex device which obeys because that's its purpose. She still answers to 'Abigail', but that's because Abigail is a Joja plastic appliance.

She sleeps standing upright now, in a barometric chamber, which Joja installed in the house. It wirelessly connects with her brain implant to guide her through her day; at night she sleeps within it, eyelids fluttering as it bombards her unresisting mind.

She has a new focus now: dissolving her personality.

She is a Joja Plastic Appliance. It says so on her neck. And there is a standard personality implant for Joja Plastic Appliances. Her last desire as Abigail is to melt away 'Abigail' so that she can become a pure servile device. So that she can become Joja Plastic Appliance #19,201 (the number that was tattooed on months ago), with the latest Joja Slavebot Personality installed and running her mind.


So that's the fantasy that cropped up there. I haven't worked out what the protagonist is doing during all this. Are they complicit? Appalled yet unable to do anything? I'd like to find some middle ground allowing for Abigail's complete submersion into the timeline above but that doesn't have the narrator as the driver - but I can't think of one offhand that doesn't instead leave them looking foolish or helpless.

Perhaps I will think of something. Taking suggestions!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Smuttenings

So, I just finished the first 24k of Pierced 6c! And it's pretty fucking hot, I think. I can never tell when I write the really explicit scenes, as I wind up jilling interspersed with the writing so that when I am done I don't know if it's hot because the prose is hot or if it's hot because I've been touching myself, BUT... I think this one is pretty hot.

If you like mind control and aliens ovipositing human women, that is. And if you don't... what are you doing here?

Anyway, so it looks like next weekend there will be some sexual payoff in 'Pierced'. Assuming that the rest of the writing goes to plan this week; remember that I like to reach about 40k bytes before releasing an update. Part 6b, from last week, was 56k, which was both the largest so far and really rather larger than I like, by way of comparison.

I won't promise a conclusion this week, given that I just wrote half the damned update on a single sex scene, but hey, I don't think people will be disappointed.

In other news, I sent Uzobono another two scenes for CORE #10 on Friday night, so that's also moving forward, though I daresay she'll be done with them shortly and I will need to get her more. I like to keep her busy lest her volcano goddess heritage surface (as it does when she has nothing to do) and bury a major metropolitan area under flaming liquid rock.

I also need to figure out how to add a links section to the sidebar of this blog, so I can link to her art as well as to my stuff on the EMCSA, Callidus' website, the various fora... a whole host of things.

But for now I am tired, so that will all have to wait for tomorrow. I think tonight-Tabico did some damn fine work.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Pierced 6b is done!

Or nearly. I've given it the mandatory second edit, so I can send it in to Simon this evening and it will be ready for this weekend's update. Huzzah!

I'll aim to give it another polish this evening, depending on time available. Uzobono has caught up to me with the CORE #10 rendering, so I badly need to send her the next scenes for that as well.

Also, I think I may have resolved a years-old problem I encountered while writing 'What Has Been Lost', a story I set in Iago's Middle Urth universe. I published the first part on the MC Garden lo these many years ago, then never followed up with the rest.

Be warned, there will probably be what some consider spoilers in this part. These are the Tabico Secret Files, you have to expect that there are going to be some secrets here.

I'd come up with this nifty story structure for 'What Has Been Lost'; the protagonists are in 'present time' Middle Urth, and they discover an ancient ruin with an olithoi in it. (If you don't know what an olithoi is, go read my Middle Urth stories.) They interact with this olithoi and in the process, experience some of the olithoi's life from hundreds of years before.

So the story was going to be one 'present day' chapter, one historical olithoi past-life chapter, another present day chapter, another past-life chapter, etc, for a total of seven chapters, three of them set in the past. I've written (as in, they're actually done) the first, second, and third chapters, and I know what's going into the fifth and seventh (the present day chapters). I even know the dramatic ending! (Which has been my problem with 'Pierced', really, aside of course from real life taking away all my time.)

BUT I got stuck on the other two past-life chapters! I tried multiple times to start chapter four and just never got anywhere. If I had stuck to my advice which I gave Callidus ("don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good") I could have just dropped the two past-life chapters, written the rest, and no one but me would have ever known.

But somehow I couldn't do that. So the story has hung around, half-finished, for... four years? Something like that.

Happily, I think I've figured out how I can crack that fourth chapter! And the key is: noble houses. I'm writing about the rise of the Witch Queen, and I have to provide enough resistance to her for the story to be dramatic and not a forgone conclusion, but not enough that she would lose. And the way I'm going to do that is: noble houses. The political structure of the city is so factionalized, so riven by infighting, that although they could overpower her (fairly easily) in a straight-up fight, by the time they recognize the threat that the WQ poses, it's too late. She's knocked them down one by one.

So where am I now? Gotta finish 'Pierced', gotta finish CORE #10, and then maybe I can get back to Middle Urth. Oh, though I want to put out the final chapter / epilogue of 'Seed'. And Uzobono would really like for me to do the same for 'Compromise'.

Oh, and I would like to get back to 'Winter Flesh'...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tabenings the Third

Well, last night (Monday) I spent all my free time playing Stardew Village. I suppose it's the way I came to the game (see earlier blog post), but "Stardew" sounds pleasantly kinky to me. The sort of thing you might lick off of an anthropomorphized constellation's pussy.

However, as these things go, my video game urge has fueled my smut urge, and I cranked out more 'Pierced' today. Good news! Part 6b is now 48Kb and has reached a wonderful cliffhanger to end on. Nor did I stop there, and Part 6c is now 7Kb, and we're just about to reach some squicky porn. Hopefully I can write that tomorrow, leaving Thursday and Friday to polish 6b and send it to Simon for you!

It's funny: if I have a video game to play, I write more smut. If I don't have a video game that I want to play, I sit around and browse the web and don't get anything written, despite having all this "extra" time. I guess I am just hard-wired to multitask, and if I'm not switching between things, I'm not doing anything at all.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Chugging Along

Just got back from Captain America: Civil War, and I enjoyed it thoroughly! Oh, I had a few quibbles, but by and large it required no untenable suspension of disbelief and was well-written enough, and the action sequences were excellent.

On the smut front, Pierced 6b is up to 39k, which is acceptable for an update, though it will of course need at least two edits first. Also, I want to end with a zinger scene and I've just reached one, so I'll probably pack that in before calling it an installment. And of course there is at least one more installment further, though only one, I think.

Someone, I shan't say who, wrote me and importuned me not to write Tsugerloi's awakening-into-the-brood offscreen, that is to say they asked me to write it on-screen, to give it some focus and step-by-step attention.

This had not been my original intent; I was going to wave my hand and have Tsugerloi confront Margot with "Sorry, we brood now" (paraphrasing), but since this person cared enough to write and ask, I shall do it the hard way. And it is harder, obviously, I have to be in the right headspace, but if it works (and there's no guarantee) it's definitely a hotter scene.

Anyhow, we'll give it a whirl, so hopefully you folks will enjoy that.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Pierced mid-weekend update

Up to 24k now; got a little done yesterday, a little tonight. The goal is to push hard to release the next installment this coming weekend.

I think I've finally resolved how I want to end the story 'properly'. We'll see when we get there.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Lewd Advertising

So, for what I think is the first time ever, I bought a game because of porn of that game.

I was browsing /aco/ over on 4chan - yes, my secret shame, but these are the Secret Files - and there was a thread for Stardew Valley. I had never heard of it, but hey. Anyhow, the porn was pretty good - here's a fine example - and it appeared to be a farm/romance sim, and I've been suffering from that ennui which I mentioned, so I bought it!

It's pretty good so far. I have some quibbles, but overall it's low-pressure fun. I like supporting independent game developers so dropping $15 to try it out was no problem.

However, as I said, I'd never heard of it until Hey! Porn! Which is an amusing entree into a game, and a sign to media producers of all sorts that shutting down fanart of your content, even smutty fanart, is actually a bad idea.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Incest From Space

So I like incest. Not in real life of course - yuck - but in my smut.

This is a bit of a problem because some of my favorite co-fetishists do not read incest, full stop. Thrall, ferinstance, has it on her verboten list; Vanderbilt won't touch it. And that's a shame, because they write great stuff and I like for them to enjoy my stories. So I shy away from incest a bit more than I might if left purely to my own devices.

That said, I do find it hot, so I do sometimes go there. A good incest story can really hit my buttons - witness If I Was Not You's Continuous/Updatable Neuropositive Therapy. Short, snappy, sexy. Also witty, but that doesn't start with 's'. (The story could have used more sex, IMO, but then I've fallen victim to forever-longer-story disease, so take MO with a grain of salt.)

Recently I dropped a couple of hot redheads, Lynn Thompson and her daughter Calla, into my story Pierced. They do good work there, although they don't bang on camera (and that would distract from the main story themes anyway). However, I'd really like to have them bang, so I put them in a little headcanon that goes as follows:

Title: Lesbian Conquerors From Venus! They Want Our Women - To Want Their Women!

(I'm pretty pleased with that one.)

In the event, no Venusians are on screen. The backdrop is that Earth is being invaded by LCFVs, forcing evacuations, and our protagonists Terri Smyth and her daughter Veratrine take in a couple of refugees from the invasion: none other than Lynn and Calla Thompson!

These are an alternate universe Lynn and Calla, who are here not broodslaves but rather fifth columnists for the LCFVs, spreading lesbianism behind the lines of the resistance forces.

And that's basically the story. Calla seduces Vera, with the aid of some hypno-gadgets, at the same time as Lynn seduces Terri; Vera's induction into the Lesbian Fifth Column proceeds a little faster (she's young) and we ultimately get a scene where her new mindset is revealed to her wavering mother, who finally gives in, and is led not only to acceptance of her new attitude but also a big squishy incest-pile; and at the end of the story as usual everyone is blissfully happy with their mindset. Tabico Happy Ending get!

I'm riffing on several influences - trilby else's Venusian Lesbian invasion story, Golden, for one. I can still picture the curly-haired girl wearing nothing but her sock from that one. Rrr. And also a real classic, The Pyramid, a short and direct-to-the-point story of a pyramid-shaped device that turns women into lesbians, no muss, no fuss. Visually I'm humming from the key of InCase, who did a (it's futa but I won't hold that against him) hot redheaded mom/daughter tryst, and a second one on  the same theme I picked up somewhere - I can't figure out who the artist is, if you can, let me know.

Of course, those are Lynn and Calla - for Terri and Vera I'm thinking brown hair and blue eyes, another favorite combo of mine. Rrr.

Anyhow, yet another idea for the idea bucket. This one does have the promise of being relatively short, though.

Broke the Block

Good News, Everyone! You'll be making a delivery to Facehugger Four, the Implantation Planet!

But seriously, after yesterday's mopey post about my failure to pick Pierced back up, I managed to write about a third of the next update today! Dunno what it is in words, but it's 15K on the drive (that's how I measure progress). So that's good! If I can keep up the momentum, I should have a deliverable installment (which is not to say the rest of chapter six, which will be at least two installments) by early next week! I dare not say by this weekend, lest the terrible hand of jinx fall upon me.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tuesday Tabenings the Second

What is a 'Tabening', anyway? Sounds like... there was a movie... ah yes, the Highlander that didn't happen. Yeah, we don't want to go there. Let's envision it more like a 'happening'. Or maybe a 'ravening'. Yeees, that's the ticket. A yawning maw in the earth, eager to consume.

So, progress report. Although CORE moved forward yesterday, today has not been productive. I should be working on 'Pierced', I mentally have the next things to say all lined up and ready, and I just can't write. I just, I just need to, there's this... something, stopping me.

What's odd is that I seem to get into these funks when I lack for distraction. I don't have any video games that I'm playing right now - and I yearn for one, but they all seem "meh" at the moment. I had a big burst of work-related activity recently but that's died down. I just sit at my computer and don't feel like doing anything. It's bad. I have the time, I should get shit done, but instead I don't. Probably some manic-depressive thing, only not, you know, serious.

Ah, well. This too shall pass. Mebbe tomorrow the ol' fingers will work again.

Monday, May 2, 2016

CORE #10 update

Just sent Uzobono three of the "interstitial" chapters for CORE #10. That brings the issue up to about 60% written; hopefully I can push 80% by the end of the week. We're aiming for a June release at this point, which means I need to have the script completed for rendering within two weeks. She's rendering as she gets it - so the first three parts have been rendered already - but that's about the turnaround time between the last part, the final text edit (in which I edit the initial text to best match the actual art), and the captioning and lettering.

I tell you what, I have never seen anyone render such high quality art in such a short amount of time as Uzobono. I worry that I am preventing her from achieving some great thing - curing cancer or writing the Great American Novel - by consuming so much of her time and energy with delicious smut. Then, of course, I reflect on how much of my time I spend on smut, and, well, that's enough introspection for this evening.

And I'll observe again how motivating it is to have someone for whom you have to produce. Who was it who said that deadlines are wonderful for concentrating the mind...? Oh, great, it's a quote from Star Trek (TNG). I thought I was being all literate, but instead I am simply a huge nerd. Unsurprising. Anyway, the need to fulfill commitments is a useful goad for slackers such as myself, and is proving so yet again.