Sunday, December 18, 2016

Brief Update

Although I'm more of a 'trunks' person myself. Ha!

So I'm up hecka early before our drive to the 'rent's house this morning. Hopefully I can blog from there, if not, have a great Holiday season and I'll see you in 2017.

I've sent Uzobono the script for CORE 11 up through scene eight... but I've also reorganized things a bit so that there are now seventeen scenes. So not quite halfway there, although I may pull in some stuff at the end or just cut it entirely, so we'll probably wind up with 15-16 scenes total. We should be able to keep working on it during the break, but as always no promises.

Still, it's exciting to be working on it. Rhinociraptors! Albino bunnygirls! Although, technically, the rhinociraptors take place offscreen.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tabenings - pre-Holiday edition

So Uzobono just sent me (well, yesterday) the renders for the first scene in CORE #11 and they look fucking awesome. I have to say, it's so fantastic to be able to write something, send it over to Uzo, and then receive back images that are not just what I had in mind but better than what I had in mind.

If you wonder why I've only produced a couple of stories - and been shoddy about finishing them - in the last several years, but have managed to reach CORE issue #11, you need look no further for your explanation. The sheer awesomeness of working with a gifted illustrator simply cannot be overstated. The payoff for my writing is right there, days later, arriving in my inbox and totally beautiful. No wonder I manage to get my lazy ass back into gear and write the next scene, and the next.

So currently the script is up to scene four (inclusive), and the renders are down for scene one. I should have another few scenes over to Uzo by tomorrow. The current plan is for a total of 15 scenes, so we're definitely looking at 2017 but probably not too far into 2017.

In other news, mmm, let's see. Gonna be at the parents' house for the winter break, and I dunno how that will affect my blogging. In fact, recalling my issues this summer, it's entirely possible that you shan't hear from me (unless we are corresponding via e-mail, e-mail still works) until next year! Though I hope that won't be the case. Farking Google and their "sure you have the right password but your IP address is different so give us your cell number" fuckitude.

In any case, if I can't blog between now and January,  have a great Holiday season. We'll know by next week.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tabenings - Hey Look Over There edition

Greetings once again! Well, no news on the smut front this week, so I thought instead I'd link to a couple of the smutty webcomics I enjoy consuming! Not that I'm trying to distract you or anything.

In no particular order:

I Roved Out in Search of Truth and Love (

Rupert Everton's extremely naughty fantasy webcomic. I have no idea where it's going, plot-wise, as there's fucking every few pages and after each bout thereof they seem to introduce some new tangent, but the art is delicious and the writing is fun. My very favorite episode is not actually on the webcomic site, but rather over at RE's Hentai Foundry page, a short piece called "Maeryll Says". Page 9 is one of my favorite things ever.

Alfie (

InCase is another artist who does gorgeous work; the plot here is much more sensible, though it moves slowly due to basically being a skeleton for lots of detailed fucking. But it's all so nice that I can't wait for each issue and religiously reload his Alfie WIP page to see what's coming next. For my predilections, of course, the chapter six lesbian encounter is by far the best, but even the male homosexual stuff - which is not my cup of tea - is really well written and drawn.

The site navigation is pretty atrocious, if you haven't read it before you should go below the current strip and use the 'Select Chapters' pull-down menu and read from Chapter One. Only then use the usual 'Prev / Next' etc. links at the top.

InCase also does great pin-ups and other art, though a lot of it is futa which I find annoying. But I can bitch about the 2010s futasplosion which somehow got all over everything and spoiled a lot of otherwise promising porn in some other blog post.

A couple of lesbian romance comics which I follow...ed, until their updates ground to a halt:

Alien Hand Syndrome (

Engaging and just enough of a tease, but it's slowed down catastrophically as the creator has succumbed to some sort of malady. :(

The Night Belongs To Us (

 Hrgh how I wish this one was still going on. So much tease not to deliver on! But a fun read nonetheless.