Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tabenings - Donner Edition

Ah, Tuesday aga-


Well, I'll either fight my way back to Tuesday, or drop off entirely, we'll see. Wasn't a great week for me productivity-wise. It could have been - my spawn was staying with friends so I had all sorts of time this weekend. For a brief, shining moment, I saw my way clear to resuming work on 'Modding' and making real, tangible progress.

But then some stuff hit me and my self-confidence just cratered. Why bother, you know? So I didn't do that.

I did manage to get back on the horse enough this week to give the first, oh, half of CORE #12 the final, final, post-postwork edit. I.e. Uzobono has put the pages together and added the words and the special effects, and I'm just kibitzing for clarity and making small tweaks here and there. I think in 60 or so pages I had 5 comments? Something like that. Uzo is making noises about a release next week; seems feasible to me. So that's good.

Not a lot else to report; I've been enjoying Black Pharaoh's 'Forsaken Souls' smut comic. I do enjoy demonic corruption, although the parasite thingy got less screen time than I would have liked and reading a page a week is sometimes frustrating. Still, good evil fun.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tabenings - Muddy Edition

Hi! Ah, Tuesday again, and I'm pleased to report...

What's that? Oh, uh... Wednesday? No? Oh, um...

Well, welcome to Thursday Tabenings, I guess. But I am still pleased to report that the final script edit has been sent to Uzobono and Uzo's already well into the postwork (special lighting effects, arranging the panels into pages, adding all the zillions of word balloons). Now I just provide whatever minimal final touch-up feedback as the pages come in, and then CORE #12 will be in your hot little hands! If you're the President, that is. For everyone else it will be in your hot normal-sized hands.

So! That's about it for now, I'm afraid. Although kivik is still updating at a furious pace and there's some hot stuff over there - since last week, even - so feel free to mosey along and check out this space again later.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Tabenings - 2018 Edition

Hi! It'sa me, Tabico!

Hm, I can't believe I never thought of that before. It actually scans.

Anyhow, it's, uh, Wednesday, so here's the Tabenings! To be honest it's actually still my intention to post each week on Tuesday, but yesterday I was doing final edits on CORE #12 and was on kind of a roll so that's what I did instead.

As long as I'm being honest, also the last two weeks sans posting weren't Google's fault, either. Although they could have been, fuckers. The holidays came with a triple helping of family issues, and I just wasn't mentally anywhere from which I wanted to post.

But I'm back in my own house and it's 2018, so back on track!

As I hinted at above, CORE #12 is breathing down your neck. Uzobono has finished all the renders and is doing the postwork and page stitching-together, and I am doing the final text edit. (After Uzo renders each panel, I review and revise the dialogue and sound effects, etc, to get the best match with the actual image.) Having it this month is extremely likely!

I've actually been ruminating on our delivery model. As you know by now, CORE issues are huge, well over a hundred pages. Compare this to similar offerings from Metrobay Comics or Mind Control Comix, which are ten to fifteen pages. I'm not denigrating them, mind you, they release more stuff and I like it, I'm just idly wondering if that model might actually be better. I mean, as I am reviewing CORE #12, I observe that many of the individual scenes are narratively complete and really hot - all one needs for a good shlick session - and frankly releasing fifteen scenes at once seems like it may be cheapening the experience as the reader races through them rather than savoring.

Hrm, I think I will posit that as one of the CORE Questionnaire questions this time. Shorter, more frequent issues? Or the phone books we currently deliver?

Also I want to ask which of the 1A - 4D mind control matrix types people prefer, but to understand that question you will have to read the issue.


Alright, time for some smut. Although the holidays sucked in many ways (and were nice in other ways, it wasn't all vicious drama) a girl does have needs and so I did round up some tasty new (well, new to me at any rate) genre porn.

I received a nice email from kivik ( saying how much they liked my fiction and regretting that I had not updated my blog in over a year. To the latter part I could only say "bu-wha?" but I also said "Hey, neat, kivik is back!" And since I hadn't checked kivik's blog in, oh, about a year, I went on over there to have a look, and lo and behold they've been on a bit of an update tear recently. Huzzah!

Then, wanting more, I used one of my favorite tricks. I found one of the images which I had not seen earlier (above) and which was also super hot and I opened that post's "Notes" to see who had "liked" it. Then, since those people obviously had good taste, I went to their tumblr pages to see what else they might have liked.

This led to some old friends, like Haywaine ( and Hayushiba (, which I was glad to see. Always nice to know that people from back in the day are still around. Haywaine, by the way, has a colossal collection of full frontal nudity of lovely young ladies - check out his tumblr and hit the "Archive" link and you will see what I mean!

But, marvelously, I also discovered some new (to me) porn that I really liked! (To be honest, I forget the exact paths I took through the various tumblrs.) The one I'm gonna mention is a recent and excellently productive person with the moniker smut-demon ( who crafts some really top-notch succubus imagealters. Check these out:

There are dozens more where those came from!

Also, near and dear to my heart, smut-demon provided a sadly limited number of really good squick pics. Viola:


and the piece de resistance (I am not going to bother to figure out how to accent grave that):

Oh my, yes. Thanks, smut-demon, for making delicious smut that helped me enjoy my winter break a lot more than I otherwise would have!

Right, that's plenty long. Check out above mentioned tumblrs. Prepare yourself for CORE #12. Tabico, out.