Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tabenings - Farewell August

Nothing much to report from my end - RL continues to fill my days with non-porn-producing activity.

If you hadn't seen, over on DA, Dollmistress ran a little game in her Gallery wherein commentators got to vote for and against several characters as they tried (and failed) to escape being dolled. It was pretty awesome, though I am equally in awe at her ability to crank out over a hundred sexy renders and story text in a weekend.

I really have to try again to learn how to render. Thus far my efforts have met with frustration, but it's just too appealing a skillset not to acquire. As you are probably aware, I used to make imagealters (rather a lot of them) and was pretty good at it - and it taught me pretty much everything I know about Photoshop, which I now use on an infrequent but regular basis for totally non-smut projects.

If I could figure out how to render characters up to my exacting standards, I could move forward with the game I've been plotting for several years. The zeitgeist in the smut community definitely seems to be with games in this year of our Lord 2016, and I sure do enjoy me some video games - hell, I've even created one, though it had nothing to do with smut. And was written in C. In the 90s.

Anyhow, guess I'll put that on my to-do list:
a) Learn to render, successfully this time
b) Write mailbag blog post
c) Write 'smut sites I visit' blog post
d) Finish 'Pierced'
e) Finish 'Compromise'

Hrm. Maybe I should put it at the bottom.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tabenings - N'est Pas Un Pipe


Well, there's one update left in August, and I don't see a way that I'll be in it. My, shall we say, employer, opted to have me not embark upon the, let's call it, project which I had prepared for, but rather a different one entirely, leaving me scrambling to ready myself before the, shall we say, clients arrive.

I know, I know. Lame excuses. But you will just have to learn that in the Secret Files we are working on a "best effort" basis.

In other news... AWMBH has started up a blog, so if you like gently cartoony sexy mind control illustrations, you might have a gander over there.

I'll update you on the writing front as soon as writing happens; also I need to do a mailbag post because I am running out of room in my brain to remember the responses I wanted to give to certain questions and issues that arose. We'll shoot for that in the next day or so.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tabenings - Whip Cracking

Hmm, it's halfway through August and I haven't done a lick of 'Pierced'. Better get moving if I want to meet my self-imposed deadline! By next week I shall have something written.

Of course, I did spend some time cleaning up 'Codi'; I hope you liked it. I think September's Secret File will be 'Fake Ones', the other story I started spinning up as a Tuesday Tidbit from back in the day. It's a story about breast implants. And brain implants, of course, I mean why would you do one without the other?

I like breast implants. Oh, I know, there are several vocal currents of people who don't like them. And, on the face of it, they're kind of indefensible: surgery - surgery! -  involving implanting foreign objects into your body, just to look more sexually appealing?

But that's why I like them. Sure, I like breasts, but what gets to me as a fetishist is the idea that this individual went to such lengths to be sexier. Yow! That's the kind of thing that in my world people have to get mind-controlled into doing. So visual aesthetics aside, I see fake boobs and my perverted brain is saying "she altered herself for sex" and that's just a turn-on for me.

Anyhow, that's in 'Fake Ones'. Which should be showing up here after I conclude 'Pierced' over on the EMCSA. Assuming I don't run off and join a convent or something before school starts, which does on occasion have some appeal. The closer school gets, the more appealing.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Secret Files - Codi

So! I almost missed my "this weekend" goal, but here she is: Codi!

I hope you enjoy. The piece (I hesitate to call it a 'story') is dripping with yummy future sci-fi mind control visuals and fetish elements. It ultimately doesn't go anywhere, sadly, as it was more of a writing exercise than an attempt to tell a story, but I hope you will enjoy it for what's there.

I'd be interested in hearing people's opinions about what could have, or should have, come after. Once the setup is done, what then? I vaguely recall thinking that Codi would go out to some archaeological type dig and find something that would threaten her obedience, but I'm not sure where I could have taken that. I'd love to hear your thoughts about where the story could go from here.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Painted Nail Tabenings

Got my toes done with green nail polish today!

So, still hoping for August for the rest of 'Pierced', not that I have done a lick of work on that. I have a wholesome family project I am working on and so I've been spending my nights and weekends on that, rather than smut.

Rather than producing smut, that is - I've been playing a bit of Roundscape Adorevia, a fantasy RPG built with RPG maker, and although it lacks any mind control *sigh* it does have a lot of fun fantasy-setting porn.

But I tell you what I'm gonna do - I'll post the three extant chapters of 'Codi' here in the Secret Files this coming weekend. By way of shaping expectations, they don't really go anywhere - I created them more as a 'keep writing' exercise than as a proper story, so was just kind of writing forward without a destination in mind. But they do have a fun atmosphere and good fetish content.

Also, someone mentioned 'Riders 2'. Well... I have parts of 'Riders 2', which was to be an actual story, but I kind of laid out the plot and wrote some of the nasty bits and never actually filled the rest of it in. So it's a bunch of disconnected parasite-MC porn scenes with only the skeleton of a story between them. I'd like to do better for that, to actually add the story bits so there's something there one might actually enjoy.

So for the time being, don't anticipate that one appearing here in the Secret Files. But there is something there, and it's not irrational to hold out hope you might see it.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Backdrop of Doom

As mentioned, I am also intending to use this blog to jot down notes and ideas - and this is one such!

Being old, I played a video game back in the day called "Myth: The Fallen Lords". It was a hell of a lot of fun mostly because my friend and I played through the single player campaign co-op. You weren't really supposed to - you could only play missions co-op if you had beaten them on single player - but we discovered a cheat code that "insta-won" any level, so we would start a level in single player, insta-win it without even looking at it, quit, and then play it in multiplayer, which was much, much more fun.

The game was platoon-level real-time strategy in a fantasy world; your troops were elven archers, dwarven grenade tossers, and crazy barbarians with claymores. The bad guys were various humanoid monsters - orc and goblin type stuff, but creepier. It was fun to play, and the world-building was well done. It was also challenging - there were lots of ways to fuck up, the bad guys were hard and you had to hit them just right, and your forces carried over between levels so if you only just eked out a win, you weren't going to succeed on the level following.

Now, if you're worried about spoilers for a game that came out in 1998, you will want to skip the next bit.

One of the things I most enjoyed about the game, perhaps oddly, was the ever-growing sense of doom that came with each mission. You see, you would "win" any given level - and then discover that, elsewhere in the world, the bad guys were marching from triumph to triumph and just rolling over all your allies (who you'd thought were fairly tough) and pretty much everyone but you. You'd start rescuing people from some city while the good-guy army dealt with a bad guy army up north. You succeed in the rescue, and learn that the good-guy army was totally obliterated by heretofore undreamed of amounts of bad guys. You'd cut through some local groups of bad guys to avoid being entrapped - and then learn that the entire north half of the good guy country had been overrun. You'd retreat again and discover that other kingdoms you'd hoped to get help from would not be sending any help because not only had they been conquered, it had been achieved through impossible dark magic that twisted their citizenry into still more monsters and those critters were now coming for you.

The news just kept getting worse, even as you succeeded in desperate mission after desperate mission.

It was awesome.

Anywhoo, I was recalling that experience and thinking that it could be a fun backdrop for a dark fantasy erotic mind control story. The small group of protagonists learn of an evil plot to take over world (using lots of delicious mind control and corruption) and set out to foil said plot. They discover along the way (as they are going from place to place attempting to learn what is really happening and what if anything they can do about it) that the plot is totally already underway. And then the news reports start rolling in about cities and then kingdoms being absorbed into the suddenly very real mind-slave empire.

Could be some lovely scenes of various former allies and contacts being reached out to (via magic radio / palantir / crystal ball) only to discover that they are now eager slaves of the Witch-Queen.

"i belong to Her now; serving Her is my life's purpose. You are fortunate you could still contact me. Most humans here had nothing in their minds of worth to Her and have been transformed into drudge (note: 'drudge' as a group noun), but some of us had information or skills that could be made to serve Her. i was fortunate enough to be one of those. Mmm, it took Her only an hour to bend my soul. Now i am Her creature forever. i was so stupid to try and resist. Surrender, all of you. Join me."

And all that coming from someone that only a while ago had helped our protagonists and sworn to fight the WQ to her last breath. Delicious. A few repetitions of that sort of incident ("Not you too!") and you've really got an oppressive/erotic atmosphere!

Throw in a possible means of stopping the WQ if only our heroines can figure out what it is and reach it in time, a secret traitor or two, and you've really got a story.

As it happens, I do have a dark-fantasy-overrun-by-wicked-goddess universe ready to hand - the above plotline would work really well when paired with 'The Loosing of the Dark' for instance - but I'm kinda-sorta leaning towards the heroines managing to scrape out a win, which is not something I'd do to dear Sauriann. Although she was defeated, once, in the WQ era, and is actually staging a comeback at the "present" time in Middle Urth. Would have to be a new story, though; it won't mesh with what I am doing in 'That Which Has Been Lost' (you'd like a link for that one, wouldn't you?) so I can't work it in there.

And, more pertinently, I have other story ideas higher in the queue. Still, worth putting down for possible reference.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Post Vay Cay Tabenings

Well! Back from a quick long-weekend vacation, more worn-out than when I left. It was nice, though.

I see people have been commenting and feeding back - it's appreciated. Scanning through, I see various mention of story options... hmm, yes, yes... yes, I think 'Codi' would be a fine choice for this month's Secret File. Be warned that it doesn't go anywhere, but it's pleasantly atmospheric and many people haven't seen it.

So mote it be!

Not sure when I'll post that, perhaps this coming weekend.

Some more fun stuff over at Beep Boop Art, if you haven't been following that one. And Uzobono is embarking on the next installment of  'The Synthetic Evolution', if you're a fan of folks getting turned into sex dolls.

And I think you are.

Nothing much happening here; gotta pick 'Pierced' back up if I hope to have it concluded this month. But first, I've got a good five days of smut accumulation at my usual sources to peruse! So if you'll excuse me...