Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tabenings - Semi-Communicado Edition

So my email provider is acting up again. It's run on a toaster in a guy's basement (honestly, not much of an exaggeration) and he said something about "hard drive fan" and "need to rebuild". Not sure if it will be back on - well, no, I am confident that it will, what I am not sure of is when - or for how long, etc, etc. So if you are trying to email me, you should anticipate possible difficulties.

I can't complain, I've had it for seventeen years, and never paid a dime. I trust it will be back so am not looking into alternate providers, at least not for a while.

This shouldn't affect ongoing commitments (CORE), although how I will communicate with Uzobono now is an open question. Mebbe deviantart messages or something.

In other news... well, not much other news. Working on the day job, helping the spawn out with homework, grocery shopping. The usual. No good video games at the moment - I'm hoping Mass Effect Andromeda will be good, although given the current dearth of options I daresay I shall be buying it anyway. I did not pre-purchase, of course, because I don't do that. But day one seems quite likely.

Hmm. I miss my email.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tabenings - Penfold Edition

Almost forgot! But didn't!

So, Uzobono is off and rendering the new scenes I sent over, and I said that I'd have the final couple of scenes written this week, so that should happen. Still aiming for that late February / early March release. I'm still astounded whenever I get back these stunning images in exchange for the dry prose I send over.

Also, DollMistress (hence 'Penfold'... 'DM'... get it? Yes I'm old...) updated her deviantart page with some new teasers from 'Replis City Blues', the game she's working on. If you haven't played 'Miss Adventure' (or 'Space Ditz' or 'Overseer') you owe it to yourself to do so; it sounds like we won't see RCB any time soon but I'm sure it will be worth the wait when it arrives.