Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tabenings - Brief Edition

Tuesday again!

Nothing to report, sadly. Life in Springtime is kicking my ass, basically - it's sports season again for my spawn, and end of school year activities, and yard work, all on top of the humdrum laundry and shopping and cooking... the boring miscellania of modern life. I barely scrape together a few hours a week to play video games, much less write porn.

I finally finished the Blood and Wine expansion of Witcher 3, and it was awesome. Did I already write about that? I can't remember. Vampires everywhere - just like Santa Carla, and a Tabicookie for whomever gets that reference - and fun storytelling. I wish we saw AAA titles like that more often, I don't know how the billion dollar games industry manages to only reach those heights once every couple of years.

I also did get to see the Ghost in the Shell movie, and enjoyed it. It wasn't awesome - there was too much simple stupidity, to the point where I could have dramatically improved the script in a week - but the main thrust of the story was well executed. The visuals were generally nice. The two assholes behind me in the theater who would not stop whispering to each other, those guys need to get Horrible Face Cancer and die ASAP though.

I shall try to have something smuttier to discuss next week!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tabenings - Round Edition

Sweet Fancy Moses, is it Tuesday again already? Sheesh.

So, let's see... not much to report on the smut production front. I've been playing and enjoying Roundscape: Adorevia. Mmm, that Meredith is such a spicy minx once she's got a little corruption in her. Rrrr.

Oh! But more importantly, Callidus has released a new episode of the Black Room! Yes! You should go listen to it right away. He talks about Sleepy Gimp, his own latest manip 'Failsafe', some tumblr stuff, and has more of his interview with Jukebox! And a few kind words for CORE #11. You should check it out.

Let's see, what else... oh yeah, I mentioned last week that I had some questions about your impression of certain elements in CORE #11. Now, if you haven't participated in the official questionnaire, you should go do that. It covers general topics that help Uzobono and I shape the direction the series is going in. And by answering it, you'll get CORE #12 days earlier than other people!

But I had some more specific questions about a couple of things we introduced in #11. To whit: the Mindshaping Drone, and the Bunnygirls.

What did you think about them? Were the character designs visually good? What might have worked better for you? How about the characterization - did they have enough specific character and life for you? I'm curious as to people's impressions of them. Feel free to just put down whatever observations come to your fingertips.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tabenings - Post Release Edition

Hey, there's a title field up there! Only been using this Blogger thing for, oh, six months now and this is the very first time I notice I can actually title a post. Let's see what happens.

So, CORE #11 is out! You should go read it, if you haven't, but I expect anyone who is here reading this post already has. If not clicky-clicky for link:


And then hit the "Download" button on the right.

In related news, we'd really like to know what you thought about CORE #11, so you can leave notes here or you can fill out the official questionnaire. The questionnaire has the advantage that, if you fill it out, you will get your copy of CORE #12 early!

For questionnaire, clicky clicky:


And in unrelated news, Anaximanes has posted a video to his YouTube channel about me! And that is over here:


He had, not unreasonably, hoped that I would provide verbal responses to his questions, but sadly I only provided text, so you don't get to hear my 80s valley girl tones in the video. On the other hand, he got an actual voice actress to read my responses! So there are WAY fewer "um"s and "uh"s than there would have been had I done it. Altogether it's very nicely put together, and you should check it out.

I also have some questions of my own about your thoughts on CORE #11, but it's late and I'm bushed, so I shall save those for another post - which would mean at least two posts in a week! Woo!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tabenings - Eleven edition

So it's done! CORE #11 will arrive on Wednesday for those prescient enough to provide feedback on CORE #10, and on Friday for the rest of you hoi polloi.

Me, I'm sore - got back to working out after six months of not, and now I am all achy and weak like a kitten. But it's a good weak, I guess. Also gym time always has that undercurrent of sexiness for me - witness 'Fitness' - there's nothing that hits one of my big red buttons like the idea of a muscular woman enthralled. That combination of strong body and enslaved mind, mmm.

Sadly I don't think we have any of those at the gym I go to - you have to go to Equinox for that, and I can't afford $200 a month for a gym membership.

Anywhoo, hope you enjoy CORE #11 - it's a little off-beat, and I think a little longer than it needed to be, but there are some hot scenes in there and some fun moments, and Uzobono's art is as gorgeous as ever. And after you've read it through a time or two, don't forget to read it through with an eye towards providing us with your feedback.