Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Tabenings - the pre-August edition

Alll-righty then! Another week, another Tabenings!

See? Habit! Use it, mortals!

Well. CORE #10. That was a bit of a clusterfuck, n'est pas? But I think things are settling down, at least in terms of my inner emotional landscape. Additional feedback continues to trickle in, which is nice, and I'm reaching the point where I can consider the entire event with equanimity. Soon I anticipate having perspective on the whole thing.

I'm still confused - and suspect always shall be - about whether the various displeased individuals (there were a number, and their opinions were of weight) were displeased because they felt #10 was the final issue (in which case they had good right to be displeased, hell, I would have been too) - or whether they were (also?) displeased for other (probably valid) reasons. But I deal with stuff like that by an advanced tactic known as 'avoidance' and am not going back to comb it all out.

All the criticism was appropriately couched in terms of specific points of grievance, and there was an accompanying bouquet of reassurance, and I have no issues with anyone's behavior - which was all entirely reasonable - or point of view.

Nonetheless... Drama! I hate drama. So I am mentally putting the whole confusing, sordid affair behind me. Uzobono is off onto her next solo project and we shall reconvene for CORE #11 in the fall. Luckily for those of you who enjoyed the issue creating the CORE stories is a lot of fun for me, because Uzobono is awesome to work with, so it's not a chore to soldier on.

In other, shorter-term news, I'm off for a short vacation trip this weekend, so don't expect anything. In response to various emailed entreaties I am telling people that I shall conclude 'Pierced' before the end of August: there's a stake in the ground for those who like stakes.

Speaking of stakes...

I'd kinda like to work on 'Summer Flesh' a bit, as well - vampire romance seems appropriate for late summer - so hopefully things will gel on that front. I know the beginning of the story, and the end (Tabico knows the end? How unusual!) but I am hazy on the bits just beyond the beginning, so some hashing out will be necessary. One of my usual means of doing so is just to start writing, and see what emerges, and I suspect I will go with that.

Also, another set of Secret Files could easily make their appearance in August. Any preferences?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tabenings - Post-Release

Wow! I didn't post on Friday, I didn't post on Sunday... good thing I have this habit of posting on Tuesdays! Let's hear it for the power of habit, eh? Let that be a lesson to you all!

Now if only I had a habit of writing smut at a set time...

So! The big news is of course the release of CORE #10, available over at Uzobono's DeviantArt page.

NOTE: SPOILERS follow, so if you haven't read the issue, go read it now!

I'm pretty happy with it, although there are a few commentators (a small number, but ones whose opinions are of outsize importance to me) who are displeased with the, shall we say, tone of the ending.

This is of course ironic, given that just recently I was being lambasted for always having the bad guys win. I guess if I displease only some of my audience with any given story then I am doing alright!

I'm actually kind of glad to go the other way with CORE #10 - it gives me some mental leeway to indulge in "bad" endings again. As regards CORE, the medium kind of constrains the message. If I want to write episodic entertainment with a given set of characters, I can't eliminate those characters.

I have looked into the face of Saturday morning cartoons, and they have looked back into me!

I am also reluctant to add more than a handful of new characters in any given issue because finding the art assets for each character - the skin, hair, outfit, face, etc - represents a non-trivial amount of work for my awesome partner in this endeavor. "Oh, we need to introduce 6 more people" -> hours of work I am blithely handing off. So I don't do that.

Also, as regards CORE, I have actually been planning the whole showdown and dramatic role for Lilit for, oh, many issues now. I was going to have my showdown surprise by God, so things were gonna be made to work out that way.

On the other hand, trilby did accuse me of going soft in my old age, and he may have had something there.

So, what's on the drawing board currently? Hmm. I should finish 'Pierced', and indeed that is my intention, but demands for it have intruded on my feedback for CORE and this is causing my mule-like hindbrain to dig in and refuse to write. Yes, I have a grumpy old person inside me. "You want what? Screw you!" But I do need to finish it to clear the decks for whatever I want to do next, and I basically have the entire conclusion done in my head, *and* now I can indulge myself in a

In a what? In a what?

And as usual, I've spent the last 24-48 hours loading and reloading Uzobono's page (and checking the MC Form and MC Garden) to see if anyone liked my story, and although there were a few very nice notes it's never really enough, is it? So I'm also having a fair amount of "eh, why do I even do this?" - which I always do after releasing anything - and will require a bit longer to restore my illusion of an adoring public before I turn my hand back toward smutty endeavors.

So nothing Tabening at this exact moment. The conclusion of 'Pierced', eh, fairly soon. Probably.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tabenings - CORE #10

Yikes! Tuesday and I almost forgot to post! See, that's what happens when you fall out of your constructive habits.

So, what have I been working on smut-wise? Why, this of course:

That's right! CORE #10 will be available this weekend! Friday for those of you who provided feedback on CORE #9, Sunday for the Great Unwashed.

Uzo sent me the semi-finals over the weekend, and I spent some time with final edits and tinkering. When you see the images melded together as pages is really the first time you know whether the dialogue flow worked the way you hoped it would. Mostly it does, sometimes it doesn't. So I've bounced back the last few changes and we should be ready for the weekend. Prepare your body! And, hopefully, your mind!

For those that have been worrying, this is the conclusion of the current story arc, but it's not intended to be the conclusion of CORE. I'm already pulling together the vague clouds of plot for the next issue; as previously, I expect Uzo to spend some time on her own delicious book, Aria of the Hive, and then we'll reconvene afterward.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back in Green

Heeeeyyyy, I can post again! Stupid Google. "Oh, you know the password, but you're not at home, eh? Gimme your phone number. No, I won't send something to your email - gimme your phone number. No phone number? No login."


So! Back again, new and improved, returned to our irregularly programmed schedule. (Anyone remember that song?)

Going on a trip, particularly one such as this one which involved a high level of exhaustion, is an interesting experience - it's kind of startling how quickly it puts one outside oneself. Real life seems far away, and immediate surroundings take on an outsized importance. I became oddly intrigued by the prosaic landscape print in my hotel room, for instance.

Obviously, being me, I've taken to viewing this through the lens of mind control; how placing a subject in unfamiliar, controlled surroundings can have an outsized impact on their mental state.

But enough about the trip. I did have Internet in the hotel, and via Callidus' blog I bumped into someone I had previously been unfamiliar with, 'sleepystephbot'. Check this out:

She has a bunch of other great MC fetish material there, too. Worth a gander, though it only goes back to October 2015.

It's interesting to me that I still occasionally bump into existing material I'd been unaware of. After all, I've been avidly consuming MC porn for decades now, and I dig for it frequently, yet I still now and then find an entire source I'd been unaware of. Let's hear it for the vast resources and hidden corners of the Internet.

No progress report today... but there's been no progress on anything. Well, anything fetish related, I got lots and lots of work done for my real job. Also played a lot of Free Cities, which desperately needs more overt mind control content, but even without it is a reliable way for me to get myself off. Maybe when it hits a stable version I will add it myself.