Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Tabenings - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Edition

Ha-HA! I am not dead!

First off, sorry about that. Nothing dramatic happened, but my life just got super busy to the point where things were falling off the plate, as it were. And although you know I love you, when it comes down to it, it's family first, then work, and my porn-writing hobby comes in fairly far down that list. So when the going got hectic, the blogging got cut.

But I'm back! And I shall do my level best to keep updating.

Hmm. Not great news on the 'Modding' front - 16,895 words as I check this evening - and I did a little work on it this evening - so some movement, but that pretty much was on hold for the last month as well. On a different front, I *have* started CORE #12 with Uzobono; the first thirty or so pages are written and Uzo's cranking out the illustrations. So there are a couple of irons in the fire at the moment.

People continue to make the entirely understandable observation that they'd like the conclusion to 'Pierced'. And so would I! So let's not go writing that off just yet, it did take me over a year to get to the coda for 'Seed'.

But for now, let's just go with 'okay, I am blogging and writing smut again' and see how things pick up. My predictions about having more time at this time of year were laughably incorrect, so I shall refrain from further predictions and fall back upon hope.

Also, the solar eclipse was pretty cool.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tabenings - Finally Some Sex Edition

First off, 'Modding' is up to 13,293 words, so there's steady progress. I wrote the first actual sex scene which was nice. Still have a clear vision of where I'm going as well. Hopefully I can really move stuff forward on Thursday.

In other news, um, well, there's not much other news. I recently re-read 'Tether'. God damn that's a hot story. Quintessential trilby else, really: brilliant, prose you want to bathe in, hotter than fuck, wanders around a lot doing whatever really hot shit it feels like. ;)

Uzobono refused my demands for a salary renegotiation, but we're getting started on CORE #12 anyway. Right now we're hashing out the general plot so that Uzo can line up the Poser resources necessary. Feel free to let me know what you want to see, although of course I make no promises!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday Note

Had some writing time tonight; 'Modding' is up to 11,069 words. Got past a sticky point where I was stuck on some non-sex plot stuff. The next bit is clear to me, so I should make more headway this weekend in between all my usual chores.

Going to play some Dungeons and Dragons tomorrow night, so I shan't be writing then. Huzzah for babysitting!

Right now I'm guessing 'Modding' will come in at 38,000 words. Hard to say if that's accurate. And unfortunately as you rightly observed, this is coming at the cost of 'Summer Flesh'. I won't be able to get back to that until I have 'Modding' out of my system.

But I hope you'll like it.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tabenings - Word Count Edition

Herro yet again!

So I am plugging away at 'Modding'. Current word count is 9,535. I think I'm about 33% done with the initial draft. Gotta work through some plot and storytelling before I hit the really hot mind control bits.

Also in initial talks with Uzobono about CORE #12 or possibly another Division universe one-shot, a la Guided Tour. Since we're now into double digits I'm demanding a change in our profit-sharing arrangement. My current percentage is not enough but I figure a few more percent and I can give up the day job.


However, I have to say, if I did want to make some money with my smut - and I do but not enough to overcome the logistical challenges involved - I'd be writing a porn game. You have probably noticed but if you haven't there's a small gold rush going on. Big studios are not going to get near porn with a ten-foot pole so there's a nice wide niche for individuals to create porn games and make a decent sideline at it; for the biggest small games, even a reasonable living.

I can write (or so I delude myself) and I can also code fairly well. Art, not so much, but of course I could Opportunities that.

But if I don't have space in my free time to produce much smut anyway - and I don't, you can see my productivity - working on a game is of course right out. Alas! There are some good ones out there, though; I've linked to several in this space.

Okay, time to get a little more 'Modding' done!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tabenings - IBB Edition

I'm Back, Bitches! It's July 25th and-

Wait a minute. Oh shit, it's August! What happened?

Jet lag, actually. I got back from Italy on the 23rd - the trip was awesome, although mdqp never showed up, which was very disappointing - but ever since then my sleep schedule has been all fucked up. I've been waking up at 5 and practically passing out at 9, urgh. Anyhow, totally missed last week's update because of that.

Also, Habit! See what happens when I take two weeks off and break my update habit? That's right, no update!

I ain't gonna talk about my trip any more than that because this is my smut blog. One thing I will observe is that two solid weeks of no porn and my imagination got real fevered, and out of that I have a new story which I am working on. I don't want to give too much away, which makes it challenging to talk about the story because a lot of its punch comes from the way I handle the genre and the plot, etc. So: there's a new story, I am working on it, and if we are all real lucky it won't take more than August to get it out to you.

The title is "Modding".

It has *nothing* to do with early 60s Brits riding Vespas.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tabenings - Hiatus Incoming

Hey folks! Happy fourth of July!

I'm gonna be taking a little vacation for a while, off to the homeland of mdqp. I doubt I'll be doing much Internet while there, so please behave yourselves as best you can in my absence and I'll see you again on the twenty-fifth.

This is not to rule out additional posts this week, but I'm already stressing out about forgetting things so we'll see how it goes.

On the good news front, I've been doing a teensy bit of final editorial review for Uzobono, so you shouldn't be surprised when that next issue appears sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tabenings - Maria Edition

I've been working my way back to 'Pierced', recently - lots of people - well, a few people - want me to finish it, and I want to finish it, and I know what comes next although I am waffling badly on the ending.

As you are probably aware, Half Shim wrote a yummy riff on 'Pierced' titled 'Incubated', which slid neatly into my "reliable shlick" folder. As I have long maintained, I write the stories that I want to read / get off to; but for whatever reason reading my own stories doesn't really do it for me (the two exceptions being 'Adaptation' and 'Fitness'). So what is best in life? Having someone else write a story much like mine but not by me. And 'Incubated' went right into that bucket, oh yes.

I could name a number of other stories - 'Hornet's Nest' ferinstance - but that would be sliding away from the main thrust of this post.

So the other night while I was entertaining myself, wink wink, I imagined up a little riff on 'Incubated' and figured rather than just yammer at you this Tabsday I'd share that with you instead. It ain't much but, hey, maybe you'll like it.

One never knows what specific notes in a smut story will really hit the buttons - one of my favorite bits in 'Incubated' is the not-particularly-important scene where Alys, in a public restroom, finds a janitor who has been grabbed by one of the crawlers. Maybe it was the uniform, but I can really picture it in my mind. So whilst entertaining myself I mentally expanded upon the scene to add more, you know, hardcore porn.

Here's the original scene:

The first few stalls were empty, the toilets sitting there like silent sentinels. It was about halfway down the row that she found a victim. It was a woman, in her natural mid-thirties, no rejuv. She was wearing a gray janitorial uniform with the name ‘Maria’ printed in cursive above her left breast. Her mouth was jammed full of alien tail, her shiny cap staring back at Alys like a polished bowling ball. Her chest rose and fell, the alien’s legs twitching, but she was otherwise comatose.

Alys was surprised that the sight had gotten her aroused again. Not something she had expected after killing a gross alien and finding more evidence of their infiltration. Moreover, seeing the infested janitor was giving her a feeling of rightness. It was disconcerting—she couldn’t resolve the strange cognitive dissonance.

She shook her head. Couldn’t do anything for the lady now, their best hope still lay with getting the power back. Backing away, she was about to leave when the tail of the alien started to withdraw.

There was a wet slurp as it pulled out, the poor woman’s neck bulging as the articulated tail unfurled. It curled around the woman’s neck like a necklace. The rough segments, wet with saliva, dangled with a latent threat. The last section popped out of her rounded lips with a spurt.

Her frozen mouth twisted into a smile. She started to speak with a slight accent, her voice rushing out in a whisper. “The Brood speaks...obey. Listen to the Brood...obey. Worship the Brood...obey.”

Alys was frightened, but also—intrigued. It was so hot to watch the alien manipulate the former custodian’s thoughts. Did the alien squirt an egg into her brain? Had it tunneled inside? What would it be like to wear an alien controller and have her mind trained for obedience? Her bad thoughts displaced with an obedient core? Her thighs clenched.

The strange thoughts frightened her as much as they intrigued. Both her mind and body were starting to agree that being enslaved by the aliens was very fun, almost necessary. She needed to get out of the bathroom before she stripped down and masturbated in front of the brainless custodian.

I could get into how much fun the prose is ("being enslaved by the aliens was very fun, almost necessary") but that would distract from my purpose here. In 'Incubated', Alys, unnerved and aroused, hurries back to her friends.

In my mind, that just takes a little longer:


Her head capped by the crawler's carapace, Maria continued to whisper, utterly unaware of Alys' emotional turmoil. "Obey. Yes. Submit. Yes. Join..." Her voice caught, and when she resumed her soft off-world accent was suddenly more pronounced. "N.. n... no. What is... What is... nnn."

'She's fighting it,' Alys realized. 'It's inside her head - physically inside her head - like a tongue in her brain-" the mental image sent another inexplicable thrill through her sex - "but some part of her is still resisting."

The janitor's hands, lying limp on the floor, twitched. Then, jerkily, they rose, bending at the elbow, the hands reaching for the woman's breasts, fingers alighting on them, squeezing.

"Brood is," Maria gasped through glossy lips, "pleasure. Brood is.... master. Nnn..."

Alys watched the grey-uniformed woman awkwardly grope her own breasts and felt her cheeks flush.

Why was this so hot? Why couldn't she stop staring?

Why did she want to...

The idea bloomed inside Alys' own mind like an expanding star. The crawler needed to distract Maria with pleasure. It was in fact using the woman's own body to do so, but awkwardly. What it needed was...


Alys, already bent almost double to stare, let her knees sag to the ground. She swallowed hard, but something inside her, some... need... told her that she really wanted to do this, that... that... that doing this was really, really, really what she wanted to do. She was juicing like crazy, she could feel her own squishiness, and poor Maria just needed to, needed to cum, so that she could obey...

Now on her knees, Alys put a hand forward, between Maria's splayed legs. Then another. She crawled forward until she could smell the janitor's flesh, until Maria could have easily taken hold of Alys if only she could see.

Or think.

Maria squeezed her breasts again. "Obey. Brood." she mumbled.

Alys reached forward and took hold of the big brass zipper at Maria's neck.

When she began to pull down, Maria froze.

Alys wasn't worried about that. About what Maria might do. Alys... needed... to do this.

The zipper went down, and down, to Maria's waist. Maria's mouth was still moving, slowly, but not in speech - she was making 'o' shapes, and closing them, as though she were absent-mindedly sucking on something.

Alys, back on her haunches, reached forward with both hands and pulled the jumpsuit open. Maria was wearing a lacy pink bra, dark nipples very visible, aerolae peering over the top of the lace. Alys reached up, slid the shoulder straps off onto Maria's arms, and pulled the cups down, sliding the entire bra downward. Maria's breasts came free.

Alys leaned forward. She was panting.

Her pursed lips closed around Maria's left nipple.

Maria shivered and spoke: "Yessssssss..."

Alys suckled at Maria's tit, using her left hand to grope the other. This was so hot, so incredibly erotic, molesting this woman - this staff woman - as she lay helpless on the floor while her brain was consumed.

No, not consumed - reprogrammed.

Why was it so hot?

Alys suckled, and squeezed.

Maria's breath had sped up. "Obey. Brood." she whispered. "Worship. Brood. Become. Brood."

Alys suckled, and squeezed, and reached between her own legs; she almost came from the very first touch. She was just a tool, helping this woman, helping her to become-

A gentle hand alighted on Alys' head.

"Eat. My. Pussy." the glossy lips said.

Alys whined and let the nipple pop wetly from her lips. Maria's face was tilted towards the ceiling, but her hands were at her shoulders, sliding the uniform sleeves down her arms.

Alys took hold of the grey fabric around Maria's waist and knee-shuffled backwards on the concrete floor, pulling the uniform with her. The dark-skinned woman arched her back, raising her ass from the ground, and the uniform pulled smoothly away, revealing Maria's white panties - lacy bra or no, she apparently hadn't had plans that evening.

Alys stared at the white panties, a huge damp spot making them almost transparent over Maria's labia.

"Suck," Maria's lips demanded.

Alys hooked her fingers into the panties and pulled them down, revealing a neatly trimmed black pubis over completely hairless lips. Lips glistening with wet.

She needed to do this.

With a helpless moan, Alys lay down on the concrete floor and pushed her mouth into Maria's pussy. Maria's body jolted, and she made a strangled noise of appreciation.

Alys began to lick, and suck, and feed on Maria's wonderful pussy.

As she lapped away, Maria's lilting voice continued.

"Obey. Brood. Drone. Brood. Yes. Yes. I am a brood drone. Yes. Yes. I am a brood drone. Yes."

How wonderful that must be.


Alys smacked her lips and looked groggily down at the woman in the stall. She looked like she had just been fucked, her janitor's uniform wadded between her knees, her legs splayed open, her pussy bare and glistening and delicious-looking. Her pink bra was pulled down her torso revealing marvelous breasts sagging just perfectly to either side.

The crawler attached to the woman's head glistened in the dim lighting. Alys had a sudden desire to lie down, to press her own naked flesh against the woman and suck on her glistening mouth as she finger-fucked her until-

Alys shook her head. What was happening to her? She frowned. How long had she-?

She needed to get out of this bathroom before... before.

Dizzy, Alys turned from the obscenely splayed woman and stumbled towards the exit.