Friday, June 29, 2018

Tabenings - DDR Edition

Hallo again!

I took my spawn to see 'The Incredibles 2' and I have to say, Holy Mind Control, Batman! Wowzers! Of course, none of the mind control was played for sexiness but on the other hand, Mrs. Incredible herself provided a whooole bunch of that. Mmm-mmm.

Anyway I liked it. Also enjoying all of the Rule 34 material which is coming out. A wonderful example thereof is a recent piece by 'John Doe', who was already tops on my list of smut artists. Man, does his stuff ever ring my particular bells. So here's his Elasti-Mom piece (at least, the non-smut part of it, for the full naughtiness you'll need to visit the link:

If you haven't seen his stuff he also has some scrumptious body-control / kinda-mind-control stuff called 'The Bird Cage' (it's on that pixiv link) where some Batman related heroines get covered in latexesque outfits and used as puppets. It's super hot. Also have a look at 'Royal Guard Recruitment'.

My favorite picture of his, just because I loooove female muscle, is this one:

That's from his tumblr rather than his Patreon. Oh my God, I could apply my mouth to that body for the rest of my life.

Heh - I hadn't actually sat down intending to post about John Doe, but then here we are.

So, CORE #13 is a thing that is proceeding. Parts 1-3 are written and parts 1-2 are rendered, so we're definitely off to the races. Uzobono was kind enough to post an image over on DeviantArt for those who like the sneak preview sort of thing:

That there is our central protagonist for the issue. No, not the one in the tube.

Also if you haven't read the posts before this one, Dollmistress' most recent Space Ditz saga has continued so you should definitely check that out.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tabenings - Joon Edition

May! I haven't posted since May!


Well, I'm not dead. On the contrary! I have started CORE #13 with Uzobono - the first scene is written and it's being rendered and I need to get the next scenes out post-haste. The overall plot is also done, that's the first thing that we do. If you've enjoyed the sub-plots about Erin and Yuen and Karo City University, then this issue should be up your alley! Not so much parasites this time - or any, really - but plenty of mind control.

I'm also back to working on 'Modding'; it's such a great concept and I shouldn't let the "what come next at this exact point" issue I'd gotten hung up on stop me - so I haven't. Progress is being made! Not nearly as fast as I'd like, but then I have a life and that life makes demands.

As far as other relevant content goes, if you haven't been paying attention to Dollmistress' DeviantArt page, you should be, as she's spinning quite a wild tale over there.

In other media I'm watching the latest season of Archer, which is good but thus far not superlative. My favorite bit was the line  - and for this to work you have to know that this season is set in 1938 - where Pam says "Yeah, it's a real Catch-22," to which Archer replies "...I don't think that's a thing yet." Ah, the fun we have with the 4th wall!

Bis zum naechsten mal!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tabenings - The Brink Edition

Thaaaaat close to giving up blogging - but not today!

So! Writing productivity is not nearly what it should be, but you might be glad to know that I've fleshed out the plot of CORE #13 (lucky #13) and should be getting the first scenes written shortly. Also turned my attention back to 'Modding' and made some progress there.

Let's see, what else. Callidus has put out some fun new episodes of 'The Black Room'. Just this week Dollmistress has embarked on a new comic release, apparently inspired by Infinity War, with the usual bubbling mixture of fetish and humor. 'Humour' I should probably say.

I know I'm missing some things. In mainstream media I greatly enjoyed Deadpool 2. Their interpretation of Domino really tickled my fancy, and I think Zazie Beetz hit the character just right. Also, I figured 'Zazie Beetz' was totally a made-up stage name until I looked her up and discovered that her father is German, so 'Beetz' is her completely legit last name.

Since then I've been binging on German-language interviews with her on YouTube. I may have a bit of a crush.

Not doing much vidya at the moment; dabbling in some World of Warcraft, mostly, which you can rightly curse for some of my lack of smut productivity. I keep meaning to try out Far Cry 5 but haven't gotten around to it.

Okay, will try to get back to weekly updates. Or even more! Also more writing. TTFN!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tabenings - Pre Aria Edition

So, I assume you are all waiting with bated breath for Aria of the Hive #8, which Uzobono shall make available tomorrow. If not, you should be!

I slipped Uzo a fiver and got to see it early, and it's pretty darn delicious. So be sure to clear some space on your calendar.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tabenings - Red Edition

Happy May Day everyone!

I always find it ironic that May first is the worker's holiday in countries around the world, May first being the anniversary of the Haymarket massacre in Chicago. Of course, here in the U S of A - home of Chicago, last time I checked - we couldn't possibly observe a worker's holiday on the same day as other countries (i.e. U.S.S.R.) because that would be Godless Communism, so instead our Labor Day is in September.

Anywhoo, I missed another week last week, so shame fills my tiny, tiny heart. I shall endeavor to do better!

In smut news, I hope you all saw zorkmeister's 'Community Property' on the EMCSA last week. It would be insufficiently strong to say that it's "based on" my story 'Community', but not really accurate to call it a sequel. More of a vignette with the same characters.

ZM was good enough to reach out to me for permission and I gave him an enthusiastic green light. In general I am happy to have people use my settings, but shy away from other folks using my characters. ZM gets erotic depersonalization so well, though, that I was happy to have him play with 'Community'. Plus we've been swimming in the same pool for so many years now it's really just professional courtesy.

Hmm, not sure that swimming pool metaphor is the most savory, considering. Ah well, too late now!

Also hope you saw Anax's short but delicious comic story, 'Slugs and Bugs: Invasion'. Not sure what the best link for it would be, but I read it over on exhentai so that's what I've provided. Obviously you'll need to be into mind controlling parasites, but then you're here, aren't you?

Other than that, happy spring and all!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tabenings - Yoga Edition

Well, now I straight-up missed a week! Le sigh.

Not a lot to report but I did see something on my Facebook feed that was really rather NSFW but also totally worth watching: Latex Yoga.

Yes, Latex Yoga. It's exactly what you think it is, and when I have ascended to Fetish Valhalla I shall watch it for *hours*.

This one's from Reflective Desire, to whom I think I've linked before. They're excellent.

Also, if you like 'Adaptation' and would be interested in seeing something similar but illustrated, and with mushrooms rather than wasps, you are now totally in luck. A person with the handle 'Kazu' has uploaded a super hot - if you are perverted in the ways I am perverted - illustrated story called 'Cordyceps' to their Pixiv account.

It's probably easier to read at e-hentai, but here's both:

Furthermore, there were some great additions over at the EMCSA last weekend. Let me state here that I generally observe a policy of not specifically praising stories on the EMCSA not because I don't enjoy them or don't feel that they deserve it, but because I am terrified of overlooking ones that I should point out and thereby slighting authors who totally deserve encouragement. So rather than discourage someone by utterly inadvertently saying nothing about a great new story, I just don't say anything about any new stories - at least, in public. If I have the time I will sometimes send a quick email of encouragement.

But it was a big update last weekend, with lots of good stuff.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Hello again!

Not a lot to report hereabouts, but I do have good news for the inattentive among you: Callidus has a new manip series posted! And it's really good! Go enjoy it!

Let's see, what else is going on. Alfie has been updating again, although it's been too long without sex so hopefully we'll get some soon. Mmm, what else? I enjoyed Ready Player One, although it's definitely "young adult" rather than grown-up science fiction. Fun story, though, and the visuals were superb.

Oh, and some kind commentator (I need a wittier word for that) left some links on last week's post, let's have a look at them: - I had not seen this artist before, she's very nice. Awfully large eyes, though. - This site does some weird stuff in my relatively locked-down browser, so I can't see it. Or rather, I'm not willing to allow enough scripts to see it.

Alice in Rubberland - I believe - Oh yes, I've followed Rob for years. YEARS! He's also present on DeviantArt as well:

Thanks for the recommendations!