Friday, June 23, 2017

Tenebrous tape

It's Friday night and I should be on the dance floor watching television and going to bed early, but I saw something yummy and wanted to share.

I had not heard of the Black Tape Project before, but... mmm. Mmmmmmmmm.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tabenings - Almost Late Edition

Yarg it's Tuesday! I'll have you know I was getting into bed when I remembered that I was supposed to post something. And by God here I am posting something, when I could be already tucked into my nice... soft... zzzz....

Anyways, let's see. Still working my way through The Last Sovereign (see last post). Lots of going back and reloading to get the "best" results. After I finish that up, I may be about ready to pick up Mass Effect: Andromeda. I wonder if there's some DLC lined up I should wait for.

Hmm, if you hadn't seen it - or heard it, I guess - Anaximanes posted an interview with Callidus on his YouTube channel that's worth a listen. Some more neat pictures from Telsis on his DeviantArt page, this time with Rouge-like latex nurses. Steri-Nurses, to be precise.

Okay, I'm going to bed. I've resolved a plot point in my head for 'Flesh', so although it will be hard to write (I hate being mean to my characters), I should be able to drive the plot the direction I want it to go.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tabenings - Harem Edition

So that's going fairly well, albeit slowly. I've been spending some of my free time recently playing The Last Sovereign, a pornographic RPG Maker game. It's... well, it's really good. Although frustrating.

Sierra Lee's writing is excellent, and her plotting is better - really, Bethesda, look at this game and then look at Fallout 4 and hang your head in shame - but there are a lot of hidden mechanics and it's really aggravating to find yourself with a bad or mediocre result at one point due to something you missed six hours of gameplay earlier. I've restarted from saves a number of times and it's getting old.

That said, find a good walkthrough and give it a shot, if you are fine with textual porn. And why would you be here if you aren't? But if you like naughty pictures - and I do, a bunch - she also has two other games with actual drawn porn in them, Noxian Nights and the recently inaugurated Kingdom of Deception. The KoD intro is fun, though a bit short, and personally I don't get into prostitution as a fetish so it's a bit lost on me. Orcs, sure, but whoring is 'meh' as far as I'm concerned. Not that it's mandatory, but if you want the small amount of smut in the KoD intro you kind of have to go that route.

All the games are free in one of the usual Patreon models, where the most recent content is for folks what pays their money and the earlier content is freely downloadable.

More 'Flesh' shortly.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tabenings - Minimalist Edition

So! The trial balloon has been released, as the observant among you probably noticed. Slow going to start, but I had to spend time looking some stuff up. And I forgot just how much I change things during editing - but then, you can witness that in action. I was gonna do some more tonight, but now it's late already. *frowny face*

I guess I'll keep things short this week, since I'll be back around on the other 'T' day. Adios!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday night again! Nattering time.

Hmm. Nothing really suggesting itself. I want to discuss my opinion of Patreon and its effect on the mind control smut ecosystem, but that's going to take more brainpower than I can currently muster. Iago sent a very nice - and detailed, holy cow - note about CORE #11 and in my response I wondered if he might give me an assist with 'That Which Has Been Lost', which he then offered to do, so now I kinda need to take him up on that don't I? Argh, where to find the time.

What I ought to do is set up a writing habit - not just this stream of consciousness blog posting, fun as it may be, but something like the original 'Tabico's Tuesday Tidbit' where I actually do some writing, just to get something down. Hrm. Not happening tonight, but maybe on Thursday... that would be alliterative...

Of course that does raise the quality control problem. Before I publish to the EMCSA I always edit my work at least a couple of times, and my edits are often fairly transformative. Whereas this sort of thing would be purely first-draft rough stuff, and if I did that with a story I want to actually publish, well, you dear reader would have your experience altered by seeing it first here, with all the warts and false starts, and then who wants to read it over again if it's just polished a little?

Then again, if I never write it at all, it doesn't do a whole lot of good that it didn't show up ugly to begin with. So maybe we'll try that. Lemme see what's in my bag.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tabenings - Why Are You Like This Edition

Another post saved by habit! I think "it's late, I want to watch last night's Daily Show and Late Night with Colbert and then hit the hay... oh, but it's Tuesday and I should post something. Eh, nothing much to say... can I just do it tomorrow?"

And the answer is no! Doing it tomorrow means that it won't get done!

So here I am.

Topic, topic... ah here's one!

As you have doubtless observed from the last few weeks, I snarf for porn on a regular basis. Generally I come back with between a few and a bunch of yummy finds - I'm like a dragon, man, lying on a hoard of mind control / lesbian / hot nekkid women pictures - but nothing that really flicks its finger between my legs. The sort of thing where I have to exert effort NOT to get off, as compared to working myself up to orgasm.

But then there's the infrequent instance that I bump upon something that just smacks its hand on my buttons, for reasons I mostly understand but still mystify me as to why they have such erotic power over me.

I encountered one of those this week!

It's just four pictures - actually, one picture with minor edits and dialogue changes to make a sequence - but, WHAM.

I understand to a first approximation why I like it:
  • Raven. Oh, is she hot to me. That grey skin, that attitude, I just, rrr. Rr.
  • Human cow fetishism. If you've read 'Herd Instinct', you know I swing that way. I love big tits (though I love small ones as well) and I love the whole 'domesticated animal' angle.
  • Scary intellection reduction. This is where it gets skeevy - and also so, so hot. I can't explain it, rationally it is ridiculous and frightening yet my libido is whistling and stomping its feet and waving its handkerchief.
  • Enthusiastic participation. Also intellectually a total baffler - yet one of my most powerful hot buttons. She wants this? WTF? And Oh God Yes.
As I say, if I try to understand why those last two points are so hot to me, I can't. Volunteering to have your brain shriveled up, leaving you a placid cow - no one would ever do it and it's really pretty horrifying. And yet DANG do I find it a turn-on. Ach, so helpless against how hot it is.

This is probably part of the reason I keep my mind control fantasies firmly behind the computer screen, where I can enjoy them without having to worry about how they get along with anything in real life. When folks ask me if I've tried hypnotism or do any sexy role-playing, the answer is "absolutely not" - because the kind of stuff I like just doesn't translate well to real people. And I don't want it to.

Luckily, I also don't need it to. When it comes time for morally questionable fetish smut, Raven is there for me, letting my imagination dance hand in hand with my libido down the slippery road to orgasm-town, with no requirement whatsoever that I take into consideration anything that might muddy up the picture.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tabenings - Mid May Edition

Herro again!

So at least habit is clearly helping with this Tuesday thing, but we both know that what you want is not me nattering at you about random things but rather more salacious story writing. I gotta figure out a way to get some smut writing back in my life.

The problem is, Tabico daughter doesn't go to bed until nine, and I can't get into the zone writing if I'm worried about her walking in to see what I'm doing and finding this sort of stuff on the screen. So that means no writing until night time.

And at night I'm tired. Whine. I work weekdays and do errands and chores all weekend... when do I get a block of a couple of hours when I'm not tired and not vulnerable to "hey what'cha writing?" in my life? The answer is: I don't.

Barring the invention of Lokisday, I'm just not sure what I'm gonna do. One ray of hope is the summer - although the spawn will be around even more frequently, my work schedule does change potentially allowing me to be at home on a weekday or two. That's how I was able to work on 'Pierced' last year, and the majority of CORE #11 as well - my work schedule didn't cover all five days.

But until then I just gotta see what I can do with weeknights. There's gotta be a few more hours in here somewhere...