Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tabenings - Yoga Edition

Well, now I straight-up missed a week! Le sigh.

Not a lot to report but I did see something on my Facebook feed that was really rather NSFW but also totally worth watching: Latex Yoga.

Yes, Latex Yoga. It's exactly what you think it is, and when I have ascended to Fetish Valhalla I shall watch it for *hours*.


This one's from Reflective Desire, to whom I think I've linked before. They're excellent.

Also, if you like 'Adaptation' and would be interested in seeing something similar but illustrated, and with mushrooms rather than wasps, you are now totally in luck. A person with the handle 'Kazu' has uploaded a super hot - if you are perverted in the ways I am perverted - illustrated story called 'Cordyceps' to their Pixiv account.

It's probably easier to read at e-hentai, but here's both:



Furthermore, there were some great additions over at the EMCSA last weekend. Let me state here that I generally observe a policy of not specifically praising stories on the EMCSA not because I don't enjoy them or don't feel that they deserve it, but because I am terrified of overlooking ones that I should point out and thereby slighting authors who totally deserve encouragement. So rather than discourage someone by utterly inadvertently saying nothing about a great new story, I just don't say anything about any new stories - at least, in public. If I have the time I will sometimes send a quick email of encouragement.

But it was a big update last weekend, with lots of good stuff.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Hello again!

Not a lot to report hereabouts, but I do have good news for the inattentive among you: Callidus has a new manip series posted! And it's really good! Go enjoy it!


Let's see, what else is going on. Alfie has been updating again, although it's been too long without sex so hopefully we'll get some soon. Mmm, what else? I enjoyed Ready Player One, although it's definitely "young adult" rather than grown-up science fiction. Fun story, though, and the visuals were superb.

Oh, and some kind commentator (I need a wittier word for that) left some links on last week's post, let's have a look at them:

https://midniyt.deviantart.com - I had not seen this artist before, she's very nice. Awfully large eyes, though.

https://digitalcybergirl.com - This site does some weird stuff in my relatively locked-down browser, so I can't see it. Or rather, I'm not willing to allow enough scripts to see it.

Alice in Rubberland - http://www.fetishdreams.com/ I believe - Oh yes, I've followed Rob for years. YEARS! He's also present on DeviantArt as well: https://aliceinrubberland.deviantart.com/

Thanks for the recommendations!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tabenings - Painted Eggs

Herro! And happy spring break to those of you what has it!

I swear to God I keep meaning to get back to Tuesday, really I do, but then stuff happens and it's late and...

Anyhow, good news!(tm) Remember 'Mind Worms'? Gosh I was young. That was back in grad school, I think. Sweet fancy Moses.

But anyway, Draphy, a long-time co-fetishist of mine - and ours - has made a rendered comic of it! And it's quite good!

Here, go check it out:


(I think I got the image to be a link. If it doesn't link, go here: https://draphy.deviantart.com/art/Mind-Worms-736790186).

I'll say it again, I love it when people riff on my work. Draphy asked permission, being a considerate human being and all, and I of course happily granted it. There are quite a few creators who don't like other people making use of their material, but as I've said before, I write what I want to consume. So if people make more stuff like that, I am happy!

That said, please don't pick up one of my stories and continue it, or write another story with the same characters - that would be going over my personal line. But writing in the same universe, or making reference to the characters, or adapting the actual work (as seen above), that's all fine. Ask and ye shall receive (permission).

Hope everyone has a Wormy Easter!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tabenings - Wet Edition

A Thursday update again! I swear I'm not trying to horn in Madam Kistulot's update day, it's just life gets busy, you know?

Although R/L is a whirlwind, I ain't got much going on in terms of Internet and/or smut. I played the Coceter Chronicles (porn game) for the first time and rather enjoyed it, although I think a bunch of the naughty content was recently stripped out? Because Patreon has decided to crack down on the non-societally approved fetishes (incest, bestiality, and of course mind control because it's rape) so in order to maintain an income stream the developer yanked that stuff. A shame. I enjoyed the game anyway.

And although I think the joke is that the game is pronounced "Cock Eater" Chronicles, I cannot help but pronounce it "Cosseter" Chronicles. Which I prefer, anyway. I dunno, how would you pronounce "Coceter"?

Speaking of video games, I finally burned out on Skyrim again after playing through a bunch of various mods and the Dragonborn expansion over again. Luckily Far Cry 5 is coming out in the next couple of days. Running around shooting people sounds like a nice change of pace. Hopefully my graphics card can handle it.

My spawn is off to a science camp for most of next week, so my evenings should be relatively free for a bit (although there are some girls I know what want to do girls' night stuff, which sounds fun) - hopefully I can leverage some of that into smut time. Depends on how much fun shooting people in the face turns out to be, really.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Tabenings - Mainstream Edition

Howdy-ho! It's Tuesday again, and... uh...



Anyway, checking in. Spring break is around the corner so the potential for some writing is there, we'll see if I can deliver or simply fail yet again. Let's discover together!

In other news, I've been enjoying the hell out of the music video for DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels 'Nobody Speak'. If you aren't afraid of some startlingly foul language, you really should check it out:


I enjoy the song, but really it's the acting that raises this from 'like' to 'love'. Those guys are fantastic.

Only encountered Run the Jewels recently; they have the main song on the Black Panther soundtrack ('Legend Has It'), which is also excellent. Was investigating their catalog when I bumped into 'Nobody Speak'.

And speaking of foul language, I also recently finished reading 'The Barrow' by Mark Smylie. I've been a fan of Smylie for a long time, due to his comic book 'Artesia'; the book is stand-alone but set in the same fantastically detailed universe. From the theology to the history to the criminal underworld, it's a thousand-faceted jewel. Also holy shit is it pornographic. If you don't object to more dick sucking than a Castro whorehouse on free MDMA night, you should definitely check it out.

If you do object, I'm kinda curious how you wound up here. 😀

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Tabenings - Maerzen Edition

Good news, everyone!

Let's see. If you hadn't noticed, Callidus recently posted a new episode of the Black Room podcast for you to check out. Which you should do.

Also, as brought to my attention by an attentive commentarioir on this very blog - and thank you for that - thrall appears to be back! Yowza!

Additionally, Anaximanes just recently updated the free version of his most recent game, Cult of Corruption, with a Patreon version update apparently in the very near future.

'Modding' is up to 24,337 words, so slow progress but not zero. I just need a couple days off where I am not fixing the plumbing or taking the kid to a wildlife refuge or shopping or... or anything, really. I cling to hope.

Also I recently saw a hot parasite/egg-laying manga, "Alien vs. College girl - what's born from one's anus". Now, I'm not particularly into butt stuff, but I am into alien eggs, so pretty hot IMO. And the artist Ishimiso has done some other parasite (and butt) related stuff which is also in an art style I quite like and features parasitic aliens.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tabenings - Trimm Edition

Tuesday again, and I am taking time out of my busy schedule of rebuilding after the downfall of the Incubus King to fulfill my blogging duties! That's right, I'm playing The Last Sovereign again. My previous foray was back in July or so, so there's a bunch more content and my old save worked just fine.

I confess, I'm a bit of a min-maxer and since I hadn't really optimized from the very, very start, and TLS is a game where prior actions have huge and often unanticipated impact on later developments. For instance, TLS is an RPG Maker game where the enemies don't respawn, and therefore it's actually important to fight all the trash patrols to maximize your experience. Didn't know that for a while. So although I am doing very, very well in terms of positive outcomes, I'm not doing optimally, and that does bug me a bit.

Nonetheless, extremely fun game even with my anal retentive playstyle. Kudos to Sierra Lee for her writing!

Other than that the writing has been slow going, my lifestyle still lacks the open and unmonitored time periods I need for good smut writing. There are lots of upsides to being a parent but time for adult activities is not one of them.

But I did have a fun thought whilst on my way home today, which was instigated by hearing the classic L'Trimm song 'Cars that go Boom' on the radio. And let me just say: if you don't enjoy 'Cars that go Boom', well, I'm afraid I have no use for you. Because boom.

Like most people, I suspect, when I hear someone mention "L'Trimm", other than window-cracking bass I immediately think of slang terms for vagina. "Trim", right? Surely I'm not the only one who knows that usage. "That is a classy piece of trim?" No?

Anyway, in addition to turning up the speakers I got to thinking about my own usage of crotch-descriptive terms and figured I could make a blog post out of 'em. So here goes.

I will observe that this is all my own opinion, of course. This is very gut-level emotional-resonance stuff, and there are a number of other people's stories who make perfectly hot usage of terms which I may seem lightly disparaging of.

Pussy. This is the classic. I mean, it's pretty much my go-to descriptor. The baseline. The default. Which is interesting since it was originally clearly a cute-ish nickname, but I think long usage has turned it into the normatived noun.

Vagina, on the other hand, sounds... clinical. Well, not quite clinical, just... abstract. Intellectual. Removed from experience. "I want it in my vagina" is precisely the sort of thing that the over-educated stiff who winds up not reproducing at the start of Idiocracy would say. So in my smut it's pretty much 'pussy' except for the bits that are intended to be analytical.

Quim. That's a funny one. In my mind it's always written in a curly pink font with lots of swirls and hearts. A bit too "tee-hee" to be something I would use in my authorial voice, although there's certainly a place for it in the toolbox.

Bunny. Something that a bimbo would say, and in particular a bimbo from the 1970s. Not sure why one fuzzy animal term caught on and another remained a bit off-beat, but there it is. No one in my stories would ever say "Look how wet my bunny is" without a pout from bubble-gum pink lips and a t-shirt that was waaaay too tight over artificially round boobs.

Twat. Not a huge van of twat, although it has some uses. As a word it just has weird mouthfeel. It seems wetter, larger, fatter. The sound a frog makes when it lands. Nothing wrong with it, and I use it from time to time when the scene seems to fit, but... not my favorite.

Cunt. Ah, the hard stuff. Currently one of the heavier insults, which I think has bled over into the usage, making it harder, dirtier, more serious. Very useful for precisely that reason, although not a good place to start from. You have to work your way up to cunt. Also, there was a Poser-illustrated comic book by Briareos some years ago which had a sex-zombified woman hunting down another woman, who was hiding, and the sex-zombie was snarling "I can smell your cunt" and for some reason that's always stuck with me.

Trim. I have got to use trim more often. Although, to be honest, it is terribly out of usage and would require a setting I'm unlikely to actually use in my stories, such as a 1980s cocaine party. I really like trim, though, and I'll tell you why - it's actually my favorite style of pubic hair. I am super partial to that quarter of an inch electric razor cut. I like totally shaved, don't get me wrong. I like it a lot. And good pussy is good pussy. Not a huge fan of ungroomed but I don't roll it out of bed. But that short stuff which you can just rub your nose across, that short-skirt long-jacket no-panties look... rrr. Trim.

Fanny. I'm sorry, brits, but... no. Fanny is an cute colloquialism for butt. Little old grandmothers tell their giggling grandchildren that they must behave or they will have their fannies paddled, and it's an entirely innocent thing, and yes I know what you think it means and how twisted that makes it all seem but I'm an American and I just can't read it any other way. Fanny pack.

Right, I think that's enough for now. I could go on, obviously, I haven't mentioned 'slit' or 'box' or even gone near the uncountable amusing but rather contrived nicknames, but I've got three new kingdoms to get running and a harem to bang. And I like the harems. The harems that go bang.