Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tabenings - Title Goes Here Edition

Welp, it's Tuesday, and I'm here postin', but I got nothin'. Been a quiet week, smut-wise at least.

In mass media I tried a couple of new shows ('Lodge 49' and 'Disenchantment') and wasn't much impressed by either of them, to the point where I just gave up on them partway into an episode. I have been enjoying the Warcraft expansion, but it seems like every level increase has actually decreased my relative power to the point where even simple mobs now require pulling out all the stops, which is pretty discouraging to be honest.

But we soldier on! Report in if you've seen anything tasty and/or good recently.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Tabenings - Lesbian Ghosts

Aigh! Tuesday again, and here I am posting INSTEAD OF PLAYING WARCRAFT like I want to be. The expansion came out YESTERDAY and of course servers were up and down last night and then I had to work today, because I'm a regular grown-up adult and need to earn money to pay the mortgage, and then this afternoon I had to go grocery shopping and fetch my spawn from her spawn-camp and after this I have to cook dinner and then there's the homeowner's association meeting - when do I get to PLAY WARCRAFT?!


Kvetching aside, though, I did get about an hour in last night between server crashes and so far the expansion is quite good. Although Kul Tiras does feel a bit like Gilneas redux, what with the Dickensian accents and gothic horror and all.

Not much news, smut-wise, although if you like lesbian sex and you like high-quality comic illustration and maybe you like short comics about lesbian sex, then you'll be pleased to know that The Kite has produced a tasty little six page lesbian ghost comic: Stay Close

I've mentioned The Kite here before, and they're still one of the creators whose tumblr I check on a regular basis, in case there is paydirt just like this. Also be sure to check the Stay Close extra page for yummy exposition and more smut.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tabenings - Unveiling the FACs

Ha! It's Tuesday! Guess I won't be failing this week!

So, a discerning reader sent me a nice email asking "where the fuck are those FACs you talked about, like, years ago?"

No, I kid. It was a very nice letter. And effective! I mean it's been what, more than two years since I unveiled "The Secret Files", and right off the bat I revealed that there were these extra story chapters called Fanmail Appreciation Chapters for some of my stories - and then I never produced them! What a tease!

But as I say someone wrote a nice letter asking about the FAC for 'Rouge', so in response here are not one but three additional Secret Files, the FACs for 'Rouge', 'Allegiance', and 'Winter Flesh'. Enjoy!

Or don't - I'm still traumatized by a certain highly esteemed co-fetishist's disappointment. So if you think that reading one extra bit of any of those stories might in any way lessen your enjoyment of the way the are, canonically, on the EMCSA, then just pretend you don't even see the links over on the right there.

Oh, and for Boris, I have also put up the first couple chapters of 'Fake Ones', which was fun to write and I'm not really sure why I didn't continue it. The idea of using the same silicone-based goop to enlarge womens' breasts *and* to coat their brains (making them docile) is still super hot. Or maybe I'm just turned on by efficiency.

Which leaves 'Luthrina', which I have yet to broadly share. I have to say, it is one of my very favorite of my own stories. Both the hoarding and the favoritism are, I think, because it's played for comedy rather than eros. I've sent it to a few people over the years, although I dunno if they liked it. I think it's fucking hilarious.

In other news, CORE #13 is written through scene 11 (of 19), and illustrated through scene 9. I'm realizing that there's a lot of talking in this one, but sometimes that's how the rolling stone crumbles. You can't make a silk purse out of a pig in a poke!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Tabenings - Missed Month Edition

Aigh! I missed all of July!

Shameful, that's what it is. Shameful. Right, I don't generally like to commit to stuff but I shall focus like a laser (a green laser) and have a Tabenings every Tuesday for the rest of August. That's the goal. So let it be written, so let it be done!

So I haven't been utterly idle on a Tabico front - CORE #13 is moving forward, I'm basically 50% done with the writing (working on scene 10 of 19) and Uzobono has been snapping at my heels with the renders. I think seeing it in August is optimistic, but September is well within the bounds of reason.

In other smut news... hrm. Mostly I've been trolling the usual places for naughty pictures. I'm sure there's some that stood out but they're not springing to mind. Kivik updated 'Due Process' which is quite a nice mind control game. Although I have to say, I am deeply, deeply disappointed that they chose not to pursue the 'player character is a slave' route, since I find that by far the hottest. Instead if you are enslaved you get relegated to just another bad end, rather then embarking on your new career as slave-maker on your owner's behalf. Only by becoming the Mistress can one proceed.

I really need to just start making my own games if I am to be completely, utterly catered to even a little bit at all.

There's a rotation of various smut artists whose tumblrs I drop in upon on a regular, not to say nightly basis. One I don't think I have yet mentioned is idelacio, who has a very particular visual style which I quite enjoy, and applies it to various naughtiness involving a stable of copyrighted characters, e.g. Teen Titans, Mowgli, Supergirl, Ben 10, Penny from Inspector Gadget, etc etc. Rather a lot of it does involve femboys, which I am disinterested in, but there's also a bunch of naughty girls. In the last few days he posted a naughty Hermoine character whom I find RRRRrrrrr. A deatheater tattoo on her mons? Sign me up!

In non-smut news I had a very nice vacation with my spawn, and am now making myself ready for Battle for Azeroth, the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion by figuring out how all the controls work again. Which cooldown is that on? What spells do I have now?

Friday, June 29, 2018

Tabenings - DDR Edition

Hallo again!

I took my spawn to see 'The Incredibles 2' and I have to say, Holy Mind Control, Batman! Wowzers! Of course, none of the mind control was played for sexiness but on the other hand, Mrs. Incredible herself provided a whooole bunch of that. Mmm-mmm.

Anyway I liked it. Also enjoying all of the Rule 34 material which is coming out. A wonderful example thereof is a recent piece by 'John Doe', who was already tops on my list of smut artists. Man, does his stuff ever ring my particular bells. So here's his Elasti-Mom piece (at least, the non-smut part of it, for the full naughtiness you'll need to visit the link:

If you haven't seen his stuff he also has some scrumptious body-control / kinda-mind-control stuff called 'The Bird Cage' (it's on that pixiv link) where some Batman related heroines get covered in latexesque outfits and used as puppets. It's super hot. Also have a look at 'Royal Guard Recruitment'.

My favorite picture of his, just because I loooove female muscle, is this one:

That's from his tumblr rather than his Patreon. Oh my God, I could apply my mouth to that body for the rest of my life.

Heh - I hadn't actually sat down intending to post about John Doe, but then here we are.

So, CORE #13 is a thing that is proceeding. Parts 1-3 are written and parts 1-2 are rendered, so we're definitely off to the races. Uzobono was kind enough to post an image over on DeviantArt for those who like the sneak preview sort of thing:

That there is our central protagonist for the issue. No, not the one in the tube.

Also if you haven't read the posts before this one, Dollmistress' most recent Space Ditz saga has continued so you should definitely check that out.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tabenings - Joon Edition

May! I haven't posted since May!


Well, I'm not dead. On the contrary! I have started CORE #13 with Uzobono - the first scene is written and it's being rendered and I need to get the next scenes out post-haste. The overall plot is also done, that's the first thing that we do. If you've enjoyed the sub-plots about Erin and Yuen and Karo City University, then this issue should be up your alley! Not so much parasites this time - or any, really - but plenty of mind control.

I'm also back to working on 'Modding'; it's such a great concept and I shouldn't let the "what come next at this exact point" issue I'd gotten hung up on stop me - so I haven't. Progress is being made! Not nearly as fast as I'd like, but then I have a life and that life makes demands.

As far as other relevant content goes, if you haven't been paying attention to Dollmistress' DeviantArt page, you should be, as she's spinning quite a wild tale over there.

In other media I'm watching the latest season of Archer, which is good but thus far not superlative. My favorite bit was the line  - and for this to work you have to know that this season is set in 1938 - where Pam says "Yeah, it's a real Catch-22," to which Archer replies "...I don't think that's a thing yet." Ah, the fun we have with the 4th wall!

Bis zum naechsten mal!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tabenings - The Brink Edition

Thaaaaat close to giving up blogging - but not today!

So! Writing productivity is not nearly what it should be, but you might be glad to know that I've fleshed out the plot of CORE #13 (lucky #13) and should be getting the first scenes written shortly. Also turned my attention back to 'Modding' and made some progress there.

Let's see, what else. Callidus has put out some fun new episodes of 'The Black Room'. Just this week Dollmistress has embarked on a new comic release, apparently inspired by Infinity War, with the usual bubbling mixture of fetish and humor. 'Humour' I should probably say.

I know I'm missing some things. In mainstream media I greatly enjoyed Deadpool 2. Their interpretation of Domino really tickled my fancy, and I think Zazie Beetz hit the character just right. Also, I figured 'Zazie Beetz' was totally a made-up stage name until I looked her up and discovered that her father is German, so 'Beetz' is her completely legit last name.

Since then I've been binging on German-language interviews with her on YouTube. I may have a bit of a crush.

Not doing much vidya at the moment; dabbling in some World of Warcraft, mostly, which you can rightly curse for some of my lack of smut productivity. I keep meaning to try out Far Cry 5 but haven't gotten around to it.

Okay, will try to get back to weekly updates. Or even more! Also more writing. TTFN!