Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tabenings - Hey Look Over There edition

Greetings once again! Well, no news on the smut front this week, so I thought instead I'd link to a couple of the smutty webcomics I enjoy consuming! Not that I'm trying to distract you or anything.

In no particular order:

I Roved Out in Search of Truth and Love (http://www.irovedout.com/)

Rupert Everton's extremely naughty fantasy webcomic. I have no idea where it's going, plot-wise, as there's fucking every few pages and after each bout thereof they seem to introduce some new tangent, but the art is delicious and the writing is fun. My very favorite episode is not actually on the webcomic site, but rather over at RE's Hentai Foundry page, a short piece called "Maeryll Says". Page 9 is one of my favorite things ever.

Alfie (http://buttsmithy.com/)

InCase is another artist who does gorgeous work; the plot here is much more sensible, though it moves slowly due to basically being a skeleton for lots of detailed fucking. But it's all so nice that I can't wait for each issue and religiously reload his Alfie WIP page to see what's coming next. For my predilections, of course, the chapter six lesbian encounter is by far the best, but even the male homosexual stuff - which is not my cup of tea - is really well written and drawn.

The site navigation is pretty atrocious, if you haven't read it before you should go below the current strip and use the 'Select Chapters' pull-down menu and read from Chapter One. Only then use the usual 'Prev / Next' etc. links at the top.

InCase also does great pin-ups and other art, though a lot of it is futa which I find annoying. But I can bitch about the 2010s futasplosion which somehow got all over everything and spoiled a lot of otherwise promising porn in some other blog post.

A couple of lesbian romance comics which I follow...ed, until their updates ground to a halt:

Alien Hand Syndrome (http://ahs-comic.com/):

Engaging and just enough of a tease, but it's slowed down catastrophically as the creator has succumbed to some sort of malady. :(

The Night Belongs To Us (http://tnbtu.com/):

 Hrgh how I wish this one was still going on. So much tease not to deliver on! But a fun read nonetheless.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tabenings - Not December Yet edition

I just sent off the next part of CORE 11 to Uzobono, which brings us up through part four (of fifteen). Hey, it's double what we had last week!

In other news... well, there's not much other news, honestly. Thanksgiving was nice, although there are family difficulties at the moment which I shan't get into. There are some yummy silver-painted girls in the music video for "Everything Sucks" by the band Dope, which has apparently been out for years but I only discovered it this weekend.

Mmm, I do like me some silver-painted girls. There's a silver-painted skin texture for the Victoria 4 Poser model which I have to say is almost enough to get me to try out 3D modeling again. The paces I'd like to put her through...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tabenings - Eleven Point Two Edition

Greetings yet again! I just sent off the first draft of CORE #11 parts one and two to Uzobono for initial look-over and rendering, so things are underway! Right now I have, let's see, fifteen parts outlined, so that will give you a sense of the progress, which is to say there's a long way to go.

Haven't done much else in terms of smut; there are some difficulties in my personal life at the moment, and they are keeping me out of the headspace I generally need to be in for writing.

One thing I have done is I finally got around to playing Princess Trainer, which was enjoyable. It's a smut game by some Russian fellow named Akabur, and it's based on the Aladdin film from the House of Mouse. Basically, Jafar won, is now the ruler of Agrabah, and you are given princess Jasmine and told to turn her both (a) obedient and (b) slutty.

Fortunately, there's a "school" in town that sells classes which do exactly that - how they do it is a bit vague - so you do various quests and amass money and turn Jasmine into a dolled-up tramp, along with two other girls you meet along the way. It's enjoyable and smutty if an obviously male-centric male-power fantasy; the art is nice and the gameplay good. I liked it.

Between Princess Trainer and Free Cities, I really wish I had the impetus to create a 'Mind Trainer' game, where you use the various tropes and tools of the EMC genre to bend someone into the slave you want them to be. You start out with some cash, you buy and then upgrade various enslaving technologies and of course slaves - who start out rebellious, of course - and earn money with them in various ways to continue upgrading and refining your enslaving technologies.

Why, just off the top of my head you could have:
  • drugs
  • subliminals
  • hypno-machines
  • hypnotists (e.g. other slaves, yourself, outside contractors) 
  • cybernetics / implants
  • surgery / physical modification
  • squicky mind-control critters
Aimed at:
  • personality modification
    • obedience
    • fetish implantation
    • likes / dislikes
  • personality erasure
  • libido enhancement / reduction
  • memory implantation / erasure
  • sexual orientation
And in all sorts of combinations, intensities, etc. Much more fun than "I had her whipped a lot and now she loves me" IMO.

But of course talk is cheap and ideas are cheap - the real coin of the realm is effort. And I don't see myself wrestling through Twine or Ren'py any time soon.

But hey - CORE #11 is underway!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tabenings - Ignition Edition

Woo, sliding in under the wire again. Thank you, habit!

Well, I've done a bit more on M&A, and I'm laying out CORE #11 and writing the first couple of scenes so that Uzobono can get started. As usual I'm the bottleneck; she's over there shooting me irritated glances (note: from several states away) and amusing herself trying out Daz Studio (or is that DAZ studio? Is it an acronym?) and wondering what stupid expensive props I'll ask for next.

But CORE #11 is underway, and there should be solid progress to report on it shortly.

I've realized that I haven't posted any more Secret Files here and I'd been meaning to. I think perhaps for Thanksgiving I'll post one of my very favorite of my own stories, 'Luthrina'. It's a fractured fairy tale, much more humorous than erotic, and I am very fond of it. Hmm, though as it is finished perhaps sending it to Simon would be the more appropriate course of action, and I can leave the Secret Files for more "bits 'n bobs" sort of things.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tabenings - Election Edition

Well, it's election night, and I'm all freaked out watching the coverage, so nothing witty in the Tabenings this week. I just... how can we... how can so many people... gah! So terrifying.

Anyhow, hopefully the sun will rise tomorrow, and there will be additional mind control smut in the future.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tabenings - Synthetic Edition

Hello again! Well, it's November! My time looks to be freeing up a bit-

-no, no promises. I will do what I do and then we shall see where we are.

In other news, though, Uzobono has produced another magnificent and ridonkulously large mind control comic book in the Division universe. If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to download it right now!

I helped a bit with the text editing, so am always pleased to hear feedback about how good it is.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tabenings: Tylmarande Edition

Not a lot going on smut-wise this week, I spent much of the weekend working on someone's costume for Halloween. No, not mine, I have plenty already in my closet.

Fun discussion from last week on video games and their possible mind control / corruption themes. I am as it turns out a big fan of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, and have re-installed it (and applied the fan patch) a couple of different times. I can rarely bring myself to fight through the interminable Hollywood sewer, but I do love me that Heather, rrr. There's a mod I apply to her, 'nigh-naked Heather', and... well. Rrr Heather. Also a fun game aside from that, I've rarely seen its equal in sheer atmospherics.

I also did Star Wars the Old Republic for six months or so when it came out - some fun corruption there, including as mentioned the girl who joins the sentient bugs (Tabico? Enjoying girls turned into bugs? Who would have thunk?) I understand that there has since been an update or two which allow for same-gender romance (at least, of a specific NPC) but thus far that hasn't been enough to lure me back in. I did enjoy several of the different class story arcs, though, at least one of which (Imperial Agent) played with mind control liberally.

And I do recall that set of Silithus quests! Mmm Cthulhoid Bug Overlords.

Now one instance of video game corruption that hasn't come up, but was exceedingly powerful to me - and those who recognized the name in the title are nodding their heads - was from Neverwinter Nights, the isometric Dungeons & Dragons based game from 2002. Aribeth de Tylmarande, smexy elven paladin, is seduced and corrupted into a Chaotic Evil blackguard during the main story quest.

At this remove, a lot of that storyline was pretty forced, and the seduction was sadly not all that seductive, more "look at how badly they treated you - why not join team CE?", but at the time good damn did it push my buttons. I loaded and replayed and loaded and replayed the scene where she gives in and converts to evil oh so many times.

And then in the Hordes of the Underdark follow-up campaign, you can find her wicked spirit in the underworld and get her to sign up with your party, either by returning to the light side (*roll eyes*) or remaining as a wicked, wicked, naughty girl (*rrrr*).

Heh. I'm tempted to go play it again right now just for that, and I don't even own the game any more.