Thursday, February 22, 2018


Not the best night for writing, as it turned out. School event in the evening, then cooking for a work thing tomorrow... but by God I did add a page or two. Let's hear it for a lack of fail.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tabenings - Vorwarts Edition

Hello again!

So I was going to post about how I recently discovered the song 'Testify' by Davie, and have been grooving to it, but then I remembered how the youths are giving up Facebook and I realized that Oh My God I'm going full-on MySpace ("listening to") and yikes how old are you anyways lady! So I didn't. But then I did, didn't I?

It's not better than RATM's 'Testify', mind you, but then what is? I'm gonna veer away from the political ranting that follows onto that statement; that's not what you come here for, is it now.

Speaking of what you do come here for, I am gonna re-launch my Thursday night smut writing initiative. Some PoNA over on 4chins observed that I hadn't come out with a new story all last year other than CORE, and by God I think they're right, so I wanna buckle down and get 'Modding' finished and out into your hopefully sufficiently lubricated hands. Thus, I shall add words every Thursday - ideally, more often - with the idea that perhaps I can get it finished in March. Though I won't wait until March to begin! So watch for a, like, five word update on Thursdays. Hell, maybe just a number.

In other Tabiconic news, I've been enjoying the Netflix series 'Altered Carbon' quite a lot as I've binge-watched it this last week. Much more than I had anticipated to be honest. I read the novels a decade ago but have pretty much forgotten their plotlines and merely remembered the universe, which has worked out well. The show features lots of titties and general nudity - and at least one impressive schwantz - and bad guys getting shot up and Edgar Allen Poe and a general Blade Runner-esque dystopia, so frankly it's been awesome so far. If you haven't seen it, maybe check it out.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Tabenings - Non-Smut Edition


So, nothing going on smut-wise this week. Guess I needed a break; also, I've been dieting, and that may be affecting my libido. Down twelve pounds though!

So let's talk about video games. I've mostly been playing modded Skyrim recently - I tried out the Helgen Reborn mod, and the Rigmor of Bruma mod, and the Bruma mod, and a bunch of other stuff that adds sexy clothes and things. No catgirls yet.

The mods have been okay, although it always surprises me how much effort people will put into these things - voice acting, new character models and objects and skins, not to mention the dungeons and quests, etc - and yet the writing always seems, well, not great. I mean the quests in stock Skyrim are no Grapes of Wrath, but I'd just think, I dunno, that fan-made stuff would be better. Maybe I'm just entitled, I dunno.

Actually what I've enjoyed the most recently is doing some of the base game stuff that I'd never done before, namely to collect all the dragon masks. There were a bunch of large-ish dungeons which I'd never delved! So that was fun. But, of course, I'm done now.

I also picked up Cities: Skylines, because it was $5 on a Steam sale, but I just couldn't get into it. It seemed more like work than like fun. Maybe I'll try again later.

Just today I'm noticing all the sudden buzz around Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which was released today. Or last night at midnight, whatever. It's a somewhat Skyrim-style game only set in a realistic Bohemia of 1402, so no magic and you have to eat stuff or you get weak and die. Although you don't get to design your protagonist - it's always the same guy - I am a huge history buff so a realistic medieval Bohemia might be right up my alley.

Reports are it's pretty buggy, though, so for my $60 I'm gonna wait until they've worked more of that out. Maybe in a month I'll give it a shot.

Right, that's enough nattering for the moment! Have a nice three day weekend and I'll see you next week.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Tabenings - Oof edition

Hey hey! It's Tuesday!

Sure, I straight up missed a week, but... well, it's either get back on this thing or give it up. And don't think I haven't considered the latter! But once again my inexplicable persistence has risen, or lurched, or perhaps slunk, to the occasion, and here I am.

So! By this point you've all seen CORE #12, and by and large people appear to have enjoyed it, so that's good. I am pleased that you liked it.

It's weird that it's only been available for a week and a half; seems like the release date was in the distant past already. Media releases are so odd that way. So much anticipation, and then if one is fortunate a short intense burst of enjoyment, and then it's history, fading in the rear view mirror even before the garbage truck comes for the wrapper.

Nothing new and productive to report tonight. I'll try to get going on the next thing in a bit - I'm hoping doing some editorial work on 'Modding' will fire up the inspiration to finish it, that actually works for me fairly often - but for the moment it's break time. On the smut consumer front I've been enjoying Black Pharoah's 'Forsaken Souls' - did I mention that already? God I have a bad memory - and InCase released something recently that was both beautiful and frustratingly (for me) cock-centric. I'm also about ready to get back into one of Sierra Lee's games - I really enjoyed The Last Sovereign and it's had a bunch of updates since I last played, and her new Kingdom of Deception was fun when I tried the first release several months ago.

Anyhow, hope you liked CORE #12, I'll pick up the next (or more accurately, the previous) thing shortly. Lemme know if you bump into anything else good!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tabenings - Donner Edition

Ah, Tuesday aga-


Well, I'll either fight my way back to Tuesday, or drop off entirely, we'll see. Wasn't a great week for me productivity-wise. It could have been - my spawn was staying with friends so I had all sorts of time this weekend. For a brief, shining moment, I saw my way clear to resuming work on 'Modding' and making real, tangible progress.

But then some stuff hit me and my self-confidence just cratered. Why bother, you know? So I didn't do that.

I did manage to get back on the horse enough this week to give the first, oh, half of CORE #12 the final, final, post-postwork edit. I.e. Uzobono has put the pages together and added the words and the special effects, and I'm just kibitzing for clarity and making small tweaks here and there. I think in 60 or so pages I had 5 comments? Something like that. Uzo is making noises about a release next week; seems feasible to me. So that's good.

Not a lot else to report; I've been enjoying Black Pharaoh's 'Forsaken Souls' smut comic. I do enjoy demonic corruption, although the parasite thingy got less screen time than I would have liked and reading a page a week is sometimes frustrating. Still, good evil fun.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Tabenings - Muddy Edition

Hi! Ah, Tuesday again, and I'm pleased to report...

What's that? Oh, uh... Wednesday? No? Oh, um...

Well, welcome to Thursday Tabenings, I guess. But I am still pleased to report that the final script edit has been sent to Uzobono and Uzo's already well into the postwork (special lighting effects, arranging the panels into pages, adding all the zillions of word balloons). Now I just provide whatever minimal final touch-up feedback as the pages come in, and then CORE #12 will be in your hot little hands! If you're the President, that is. For everyone else it will be in your hot normal-sized hands.

So! That's about it for now, I'm afraid. Although kivik is still updating at a furious pace and there's some hot stuff over there - since last week, even - so feel free to mosey along and check out this space again later.