Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Apply Directly

So I had intended my previous post to be the last post of 2018, and what with the whole "not updating for months" thing that seemed like a pretty good bet.

Buu-ut, as is frequently the case when I'm away from home and therefore wind up in an extended "no-schlick" period, I've been having some pretty kinky dreams, one of which was so tasty I wanted to capture some of the imagery and I figured I would capture it here and thereby share it with y'all.

I'm sure you've probably forgotten my little outline for a story based on the game Stardew Valley. I posted it back in 2016 and it hasn't yet turned into a story. I, however, have not forgotten it, as I still think it's a smoking hot idea and also still occasionally use it for the aforementioned schlick sessions. Come on, a hot nubile gradually converted into a sex robot, and dressed in blue latex? Rawr.

Tying into this is a recent enjoyment of women who have some of their hair shaved. I think Natalie Dormer did it - ah yes, here she is with that hairstyle - and I saw some tasty nekkid photos of a Suicide Girl who also had shaved the side. Let's see, this was after tumblr bowdlerized itself so she must be.... here.

Now, with that in mind, we return to the brain implants from my story outline above. As so often happens I pull from trilby's work, in this case the incredibly powerful 'Hive' (Tabico pours out a small vial of Chris Chris' honey fluid in memory of her absent comrade). So the brain implants are, in my vision, plastic orbs the size of a half-egg. I'm thinking opaque plastic with maybe some points of light that turn on and off inside them.

Our heroine has returned from the Joja facility with her first brain implant, the irrevocable primary step on her way to becoming a plastic pleasure appliance. It's located on the side of her head, on that shaven patch, a glossy plastic bump whose dimly seen lights shift and pulse in time with the activity being monitored and controlled inside of Abigail's head.

But, and here's the new part, one implant is not the end state. No, now Abigail is only transitioning to a plastic appliance. Over the next two months, she returns to the Joja conversion facility for additional implants. The second is on the back of her head; the third on the right side. When she returns from the third implant her beautiful blue hair is tied up in a tight knot atop her head, revealing the shaven rear and sides and the three plastic half-orbs that pulse softly all around her circuitry-riddled brain.

And then, one month later, our farm-owning protagonist (who, by the way, in my fantasies is a muscular female, and even as Abigail is undergoing her transformation into a Joja plastic appliance, is undergoing her own transformation from Joja-hating independent farmer into a Joja farming asset, dedicated to providing her new corporate masters with all the produce they tell her to grow. Abigail is, of course, totally dedicated to abetting this transformation) returns home to discover the former Abigail standing nude and mindless in the center of the room.

Her beautiful blue hair is piled in a complicated knot atop her head, showing the three brain implants encircling her head. And in the center of her forehead, in perfect counterpoise to the implants, above and between her utterly blank eyes, is a smooth, half-egg sized divot, indicative of the Joja corporation's total removal of the plastic applicance's free will.

At the rear of the smooth cavity is a silver-edged socket. A plastic egg with a small plug clicks easily and firmly into the docking port, and now the plastic appliance that once was Abigail has four brain implants, encircling her head.

The front implant contains a personality chip. The plastic appliance standing in the farming asset's living room has arrived with several of them: maid, dominatrix, adoring bimbo. One of these orbs, a stunning royal blue color, will even equip the plastic appliance with the external traits and mannerisms of a young woman once named 'Abigail'.


So! Thought I'd share that. I really ought to turn that fantasy into a full-fledged story. Even if we all know the ending.

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2019!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Tabenings - End of Year Edition

Well! I didn't want the year to end without a final 2018 blog post, so here it is!

Let's see... it's been a while and a bunch of stuff has happened. Not least of which, Uzobono and I released CORE #13: Outreach. If you somehow were unaware of that, go get it!

I am of course a delicate snowflake, so as you have witnessed I slunk right back into my shell after producing it. Reaction was largely positive but not 100% carrying me through the streets on the fans' shoulders, so as is my wont I threw down my quill and stormed off. Okay, not really. Anyhow, if you are here reading this you will probably like it so have at.

In much more recent news, tumblr rid itself of all porn. This is a severe blow to me because Tumblr was one of the half-dozen pillars of my porn consuming habits, and I have yet to figure out how to once again find the naughty artists on my regular update-check circuit. Many of them have migrated to Twitter, so I have gone over there, but the interface is more awkward and it will take some time to get used to.

Hmm, gosh, what else. I purchased and played through Thronebreaker, a card-based video game set in the Witcher universe. I enjoyed it, but not enough for a second playthrough. Other than that it has been mostly World of Warcraft, although for the upcoming holidays I purchased Factorio on a friend's recommendation so we'll see how that suits me.

Back to smut. Other than the tumblr-pocalypse I'm not recalling any big events or releases, at least in my subgenres. Of course, it's been... yikes, two months, so there's probably stuff I am forgetting. Lemme see what's in my collection from that period...

  • GreenT posted an absolutely magnificent animation of a buxom terminatrix in a clear plastic uniform over on his DeviantArt page
  • I know nothing, absolutely nothing, about HomeStuck. I tried, once, but it was just baffling and the characters and stories seemed totally unrelated to each other so I gave up. However, I really love the areolae on the renders that BreedingDuties produces. He had a tumblr up until this week, but now can be found at Newgrounds and Pixiv.

  • Speaking of Pixiv, I was over there nosing around and whilst searching using the 'goblin' tag, I found some really excellent goblin - heroine mind control. The artist is Iryda, you will want to check out the combat set first, and the naughty mind control set second.
 But gosh, a lot of what I snaffled the last two months was from tumbr. Le sigh.

Anyways, I hope you all have a happy holiday season and a marvelous new year. Perhaps I'll even resolve to return to weekly updates in 2019! Come back and find out.