Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Meaning of the Secret Files

People often - well, occasionally - okay, once or twice - write me asking if my stories on the EMCSA "are it". I.e., do I have any more stories, anywhere else?

And the answer is, "not really, but sort of".

There are three sets of other stories that have seen the dubious light of the Internet.

Back in the day, I used to post something to one of the MC fora every week called "Tabico's Tuesday Tidbit". It was a small snackerel of writing, which I used as a motivator to get myself to write something, anything, as compared to sitting around on my butt and not writing, which was (and is) an easier state of affairs. At least two unfinished stories came out of that.

I think I still have some of those around here somewhere - yeah, there's "Codi" and oh, there's "Fake Ones". Neither of them are finished (as with so much of my smut) but if there's interest, they could again see the light of day. I think G.O.O. Boris Ludmenkov was a particular fan of "Fake Ones". Hell, he's probably the only person who remembers it.

So there are those. Secondly, also back in the day, I attempted to increase the level of email feedback I was getting by writing extra chapters for some stories, and sending those extra chapters via email to people who wrote me that they'd enjoyed the story. I called those the "FAC"s, for Fanmail Appreciation Chapter. There weren't a lot of those, but there are additional chapters for 'Allegiance', 'Rouge', and 'Winter Flesh'.

The 'Rouge' one killed the whole idea, inasmuch as I sent it to one of my favorite people, Dollmistress, and apparently it went completely against the grain of what she had enjoyed in the story and was icky and bad and how could I do that to her? So after a good crying jag and a pint of Ben & Jerry's I decided to do away with the whole FAC program, and had all the FAC elves shipped off to a sweatshop in Jakarta.

(Seriously though, I love DM and it's not her fault I am a clumsy storytelling oaf. And she did the best 'Rouge' visual adaptation, like, ever - which I just realized could be considered to be damning with faint praise, so let me be clear, it's awesome and I love it - so her opinion carries serious weight around these parts, let me tell you.)

And lastly there is 'Luthrina', a comedy mind-control adventure story I wrote and have only ever shared with a small coterie of EMCSA authors. That's right, we swap things amongst ourselves. And talk about you. Or at least, we did. Once.

Anyhow, the point of this post is not to tease you, but rather to say that here at Tabico Secret Files we will be at some point sharing these dubious goodies with you. Once I figure out how to do so. And if it suits my whim. And if you're nice to me. But the point is, thence the name of the blog.


  1. http://www.asstr.org/~lostboy/OtherAuthors/Ziim1.html

    This was one if my old favorites that never seemed to find its way into other archives

  2. You've been holding back on us!!! :D

    I know very well what it feels like to finish a major work and get lukewarm or not feedback, primarily because the readers weren't happy with how it turned out. I have to frequently remind myself that I'm writing these tales because I enjoy them, and I want to see more of them exist. Still, good feedback always helps.

    You might consider releasing a 'director's cut' of some of these tales at some point. I can guarantee you'll have a readership.

    In terms of older works - was 'Ziim - Masks' one of yours, too? What's still available online in (very old) archives is incomplete, but I must say I still quite enjoy that tale...and now that's making me want to re-read it.

  3. So that's why I'm banned from Jakarta. It all makes sense now...

  4. Oh yes, Ziim is one of mine! I wrote it for Vice back when his collection was over at Yahoo Groups, as it was inspired by some of his images.