Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Sum of the Parts

When I was a much younger Tabico, trash day was Monday morning. Because of this I used to sneak out on Sunday night, cut through the Robinsons' yard and over to the condos just outside our subdivision, because there was an apartment there where, now and then, the inhabitant would throw out Playboys.

This was back when the Internet was young, you see, at the very dawn of the WWW, and porn was so much harder to come by. You could really only find it in printed form - and if you were a teenager, doing so was often quite an effort.

To make things more difficult, this was also before it was broadly okay to be gay. I knew at the time that I (also) liked girls, and liked nekkid pictures of them, but for a young lady in the mid 90s it was simply too risky to have any sort of real stash of girly pictures, lest questions be raised that would be too painful to deal with. And trading for girly mags - which is what I assume the boys did - was right out.

So I had a few, well-hidden, copies of Playboy, all of which I'd found discarded and snuck home with, heart in my throat. Now and then I would get paranoid that they would be discovered and throw them all out. Then, later, hornier, I would go hunting for more.

Now this fellow in the condos didn't just get the monthly magazine; he also got the all-picture special editions, which took things to the next level in terms of naughty picture payout. And one Sunday night I discovered one such issue in his trash and took it home to enjoy.

It was very nice, of course, but there was one full-page shot of a woman - I don't recall the name, I believe she was Australian - who was gloriously naked on some beach, just kind of standing there, and she struck me in an interesting way. She was... funny-looking. I don't mean ugly, on the contrary she was gorgeous - I mean, she was in Playboy for God's sake - but she had a collection of features that generally speaking I didn't find attractive. Her hair was wet and slicked back (I *do* like wet, slicked-back hair, oh how I do, but that's tangental) and it showed off that she had large, round ears. Her lips were large and full and almond-shaped rather than bow-shaped; she had prominent eyes, and very conical breasts with smooth puffy nipples. It was also obvious that she was quite tall, but not tall and lean, very long and smooth-looking. I dunno. Seal-like.

Now, she was very pretty - downright beautiful - but she was also a collection of features that I didn't, generally speaking, find attractive. If you'd asked me to design a woman I would have chosen almost none of the particular types of features she possessed. And yet.

And yet.

I looked at her picture and thought "huh, how odd-looking". And then I thought about her, and went back and looked, and thought about her some more - this all took like a week or two - and eventually realized that I found her to be really, really, really hot.

So in terms of jilling off, that magazine became basically all about her. And I would never have thought that, upon my first impression, she would become my 'it' girl, but something about the combination of her features all together really pushed my buttons. She just... *insert 'dat ass' picture here*

Which leads me to Rivaliant.

Rivaliant is an excellent 3D modeler and artist, and also a fan of shortstacks and bubble butts. Generally speaking, the girls that he designs are not my type. Very well done, but not particularly 'hot' to me.

Except... for Silk.

There's something about his tiny, albino, rabbit-girl OC that just slams its hand over and over on my libido console. I don't know what it is, exactly. I'm not into Lolitas. I'm not an ass woman particularly - I do love and appreciate a good booty, but I'd probably describe myself as more of a boob lover and Silk is a bit shy in that department - and the character model takes 'bubble butt' to a ridonculous extreme. I *do* like her unsmiling demeanor - I'm a sucker for cool, emotionless girls - and I'm a big fan of unusual skin color. But if you'd described her to me, and asked me if I would find her hot, I would probably have said "doesn't seem like it."

And yet... *dat ass*

Hell, I find her sexy enough that I wrote a (short) story about her, though until now no one would have linked it and her. If you want to read it, I hid the story in Captain Skel's Lilith Device, though he also doesn't know that. Well, he knows the story is there, I mean, he put it in, he just doesn't know the inspiration. You'll have to play a while to find it.

Unfortunately for me I am limited in my ability to use a credit card in pursuit of my fetish smut. So if for some reason you have random money or deviant art points lying around, you could certainly do worse things than to spend them on the January 2016 Silk in the Dollroom set and send it to me.

Bad Tabico, no begging! That's more than enough brain-dump for now! Have a loverly day!

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