Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tabenings - Title Goes Here Edition

Welp, it's Tuesday, and I'm here postin', but I got nothin'. Been a quiet week, smut-wise at least.

In mass media I tried a couple of new shows ('Lodge 49' and 'Disenchantment') and wasn't much impressed by either of them, to the point where I just gave up on them partway into an episode. I have been enjoying the Warcraft expansion, but it seems like every level increase has actually decreased my relative power to the point where even simple mobs now require pulling out all the stops, which is pretty discouraging to be honest.

But we soldier on! Report in if you've seen anything tasty and/or good recently.


  1. Been re-reading pierced, and all I can say is I love it, and please finish it!

  2. I do have the show for you. Check out Killing Eve from BBC America. About a sexy psycho lesbian assassin (who could ask for more??)who matches wits with British Intelligence Agent Eve, hence the title. Eve is played by Sandra Oh. Found it when Ridley Scott was talking about TV shows so good they are better than movie and he used Killing Eve as his example. When you watch the very first scene you will know that show is unlike any other and what a great character Villanelle, the killer is. You will also know you need to watch more.

  3. With you on WoW. Just got killed A LOT fighting naga at Fort Daelin.

  4. I appreciate these updates no matter how brief. As I have anonymously mentioned before, this site has become something of a gateway for me to other great MC materials.

  5. I would second the suggestion of Killing Eve if you haven't seen it yet.

    I know what you mean about the expansion, it seems to be taking me longer to kill mobs the higher I go too.