Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tabenings - Bowsette Edition

Hey, it's Tuesday!

*blink blink*


Well, fuck September anyway. That was not a great September and, frankly, October is turning out to be mostly about recovering from September so it's pretty crappy so far as well.

However, I do have good news! I am even now (well, I was a moment ago until I stopped to write this blog post) editing the final script of CORE #13. And, in parallel, Uzobono is rendering the very last scene! So it's just lacking the necessary postwork - i.e. putting the images together as pages, adding some special effects, and doing the word balloons - and CORE #13 will be in your sweaty digital hands! Yay!

So in other news a fair amount of fun fetishy stuff has happened. I am totally going to miss a bunch of things, but here are some of them:

1. Dollmistress came out with a bunch more images; a set called 'Last to Awaken' and now one called 'The Thirteen Stages of Processing'.

2. Callidus released a spiffy new animation called 'Fun Room'.

3. Anaximanes had a few releases; 'Factions' was made available to his Patreons but more importantly for us non-renumerative sorts Cereborg chapter three was made available.

4. Dreampaintloon began releasing a bunch of spiffy fetishy drawings for October.

And a bunch more! But you know what, I'll save that for next week. May help with this whole 'resuming blogging' thing.

Another thing that happened was that a sexy new meme was born and exploded - EXPLODED - all over the Internet. I am referring to, of course, Bowsette. (Note: Link goes to Wikipedia page.

So here's the story behind this cutie. A fellow with the handle of Ayyk92, artistically talented but not of any particular fame, posted the following cartoon on Wednesday, September 19th:

Now, if you are as old as I am, you might not know what's going on there. Basically, in the Super Mario series of games, the big turtle fellow is Bowser - he's Mario's antagonist - and he repeatedly kidnaps Princess Peach (in white in the first panel) forcing Mario to trek through hazardous video game level after video game level to rescue her.

Earlier in the month, Nintendo had revealed that for the 'Deluxe' re-release of 'New Super Mario Bros. U' one of the other characters, Toad, had a version called Toadette who got a special power-up, in the form of the pink crown there in panel 3. The power-up would turn Toadette into Peachette, basically a character that looks like Princess Peach but with some of Toad's features.

So you can see what's happening in the cartoon. Peach spurns both Mario and Bowser, Bowser dons the pink crown and turns into Bowsette, and everyone goes on happy dates.

Well, this struck the Internet with the force of a hot, gothy, spiked-collar-wearing atom bomb. Before the weekend was over I personally had collected over forty Bowsette images from really good artists, quite a lot of them deliciously pornographic. Amateur and professional artists jumped in, many of them Japanese, many of them of actual published manga both smutty and non.

Right now, less than a month later, a search on 'Bowsette' on the Rule34 website (because we're all here for the porn, let's face it. You can also search for 'Bowsette' on google and get a shitload of hits if you are somewhere where nipples are frowned upon.) brings up more than 750 images. Less than a month later. And that's just some of the porn.

Also, you'll be interested to know that Bowsette appears in two common models - the blonde, Princess Peach like model as seen above, and a dark-skinned, red-headed model (otherwise the same) for those who think it makes more sense (and/or is hotter) to use Bowser's original coloration. And/or they just like redheads. Which is the camp I fall into.

But take your pick!

Here, lemme conclude with a few of my favorites:



  1. "we're all here for the porn" i will not have such besmirching of my good name. I don't know of this 'Rule 34' of which you speak. *ASIDE* i may have a soft spot for Xcom EMC. *END ASIDE*

    I am sorry to hear you had a rough sept. Lets hope for a fab Autumn.

  2. Welcome back, missed you for that long almost 2 months. And fab news about Core, scratch that amazing news, only one week more perhaps? Maybe even less? Pretty please with a harem slut on top?
    Always love seeing links to other similar content. Can't wait to check them out. Like the Callidus one, spiffy is an understatement imo
    As for Bowsette, it's been interesting seeing something up my ally of kink getting very public and so much positive feedback (someone screaming "Aqua got norted" in the background). There's this lovely comic, not erotic, I've stumbled across where Mario and Bowsette get married and the story starts out as a joke but the artist has turned it into a full blown light drama with Bowsette struggling with her new identity and wondering whether or not Mario really loves her and it's surprisingly heartfelt (but ofc not really being played up for sexiness, though do you really need to try with Bowsette?). Also Bowsette absolutely looks better with red head.

  3. it would also be pretty hot if the princess got corrupted and turned into Bowsette.

  4. Yes! That would be amazing to see!