Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Tabenings - the pre-August edition

Alll-righty then! Another week, another Tabenings!

See? Habit! Use it, mortals!

Well. CORE #10. That was a bit of a clusterfuck, n'est pas? But I think things are settling down, at least in terms of my inner emotional landscape. Additional feedback continues to trickle in, which is nice, and I'm reaching the point where I can consider the entire event with equanimity. Soon I anticipate having perspective on the whole thing.

I'm still confused - and suspect always shall be - about whether the various displeased individuals (there were a number, and their opinions were of weight) were displeased because they felt #10 was the final issue (in which case they had good right to be displeased, hell, I would have been too) - or whether they were (also?) displeased for other (probably valid) reasons. But I deal with stuff like that by an advanced tactic known as 'avoidance' and am not going back to comb it all out.

All the criticism was appropriately couched in terms of specific points of grievance, and there was an accompanying bouquet of reassurance, and I have no issues with anyone's behavior - which was all entirely reasonable - or point of view.

Nonetheless... Drama! I hate drama. So I am mentally putting the whole confusing, sordid affair behind me. Uzobono is off onto her next solo project and we shall reconvene for CORE #11 in the fall. Luckily for those of you who enjoyed the issue creating the CORE stories is a lot of fun for me, because Uzobono is awesome to work with, so it's not a chore to soldier on.

In other, shorter-term news, I'm off for a short vacation trip this weekend, so don't expect anything. In response to various emailed entreaties I am telling people that I shall conclude 'Pierced' before the end of August: there's a stake in the ground for those who like stakes.

Speaking of stakes...

I'd kinda like to work on 'Summer Flesh' a bit, as well - vampire romance seems appropriate for late summer - so hopefully things will gel on that front. I know the beginning of the story, and the end (Tabico knows the end? How unusual!) but I am hazy on the bits just beyond the beginning, so some hashing out will be necessary. One of my usual means of doing so is just to start writing, and see what emerges, and I suspect I will go with that.

Also, another set of Secret Files could easily make their appearance in August. Any preferences?


  1. Yay, you're back! I was admittedly worried that you might take a hiatus after last week.

    Probably for the best to put it behind you. I think a lot of us were indeed under the notion that this was a finish of sorts. It sounds like it is not, in which case I look forward to a future rollercoaster ride! :D

    I don't know what other stories you have stashed away in the Tabico trunk o' mind control devices, but I will read any scraps you deign to give us.

    August and Pierced. Sounds good to me. I had better get back to work on my own story...

  2. Please don't say "clusterfuck". From your mouth it sounds like some kind of mean alien weapon.

    I agree with Shim - looking forward to a next issue of a rollercoaster named CORE. After all, hey, rollercoasters wouldn't be fun if they only ever went up! :D
    And, speaking for myself, I love the story, love the overall craftsmanship and everything about the comic, I really only had that problem that standing alone, this issue made for a shitty ending and wasn't entirely what I imagined. Which is, also (almost) entirely, my fault.
    Next time, clean sheet. No expectations. Extra hype.
    I'll shut up, now.

    Yay Pierced! Stakes are bad! Don't do stakes!

  3. 'ello
    As for preferences for secret files being posted, at some point I read that there is a 10k "sequel" to Riders... so if this true, please? thanks

    1. That sounds like the great mythical beast. I don't think such a thing exists. But if it does, I would love to see it. 'Riders' has always been one of my favorite squick tales.

  4. dear tabico,

    long ago you wrote a story about a woman who wakes up in a post apocalyptic hive, nearly gets her brain cored, and then gets enslaved anyway. i would love to read that again. cody? codi? something like that.

    the bald drones with the cored out brains affected me deeply.

    1. I remember reading that, and that story was Core before Core.

      It isn't on mcstories though, perhaps it was and its one of the secret files Tabico will release?

    2. It wasn't (I checked the Wayback machine. Maybe Yahoo groups, but I'm afraid we are at the mercy of our mistress.

    3. was it in a forum thread?

  5. I've seen two comments above asking for a sequel to Riders (if such a thing exists), and I'd like to third that notion. Hard. (Mobile isn't letting me reply to them.)

    I commented a few articles ago talking about how I enjoy seeing such small creatures dominate fully grown humans. Riders really scratched that itch for me. <3

  6. Vanderbilt from the Garden-

    I'm very keen on "Summer Flesh" as I have mentioned, so I am happy you are thinking of working on it.

    Secret Files-wise, I recall a story you had in a forum post on the mcforum a whil ago where a woman is seduced by listening to her friends being emc'ed. It was fairly short, but very good.

  7. Just read "Allegiance" for the first time, and holy wow.

    Just thought I'd let you know that. :-)