Sunday, July 10, 2016

Back in Green

Heeeeyyyy, I can post again! Stupid Google. "Oh, you know the password, but you're not at home, eh? Gimme your phone number. No, I won't send something to your email - gimme your phone number. No phone number? No login."


So! Back again, new and improved, returned to our irregularly programmed schedule. (Anyone remember that song?)

Going on a trip, particularly one such as this one which involved a high level of exhaustion, is an interesting experience - it's kind of startling how quickly it puts one outside oneself. Real life seems far away, and immediate surroundings take on an outsized importance. I became oddly intrigued by the prosaic landscape print in my hotel room, for instance.

Obviously, being me, I've taken to viewing this through the lens of mind control; how placing a subject in unfamiliar, controlled surroundings can have an outsized impact on their mental state.

But enough about the trip. I did have Internet in the hotel, and via Callidus' blog I bumped into someone I had previously been unfamiliar with, 'sleepystephbot'. Check this out:

She has a bunch of other great MC fetish material there, too. Worth a gander, though it only goes back to October 2015.

It's interesting to me that I still occasionally bump into existing material I'd been unaware of. After all, I've been avidly consuming MC porn for decades now, and I dig for it frequently, yet I still now and then find an entire source I'd been unaware of. Let's hear it for the vast resources and hidden corners of the Internet.

No progress report today... but there's been no progress on anything. Well, anything fetish related, I got lots and lots of work done for my real job. Also played a lot of Free Cities, which desperately needs more overt mind control content, but even without it is a reliable way for me to get myself off. Maybe when it hits a stable version I will add it myself.


  1. Thanks for the Stephbot info! Alway good to find a new source of material.

  2. Hooray, welcome back! I will have to investigate the materials you've posted, I haven't seen the artist or that game.

    I'm about three chapters into my fan fiction now. That's going to have to bake for quite a while longer, though, I'm afraid. I have too many words to write!

  3. Free Cities you say? This piqued my curiosity.

    Feel free to completely gloss over this. I'm guessing your first three Future Societies are Pastoralism, Egyptian Revivalism, and Chattel Religion?

    1. You got Pastoralism right, but then also Paternalism (and I rarely play one game long enough to get more than two). I also, unusually for me, generally play as a male, so I can continuously impregnate my ever-growing harem of devoted cowgirls.