Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tabenings - Eleven Point Two Edition

Greetings yet again! I just sent off the first draft of CORE #11 parts one and two to Uzobono for initial look-over and rendering, so things are underway! Right now I have, let's see, fifteen parts outlined, so that will give you a sense of the progress, which is to say there's a long way to go.

Haven't done much else in terms of smut; there are some difficulties in my personal life at the moment, and they are keeping me out of the headspace I generally need to be in for writing.

One thing I have done is I finally got around to playing Princess Trainer, which was enjoyable. It's a smut game by some Russian fellow named Akabur, and it's based on the Aladdin film from the House of Mouse. Basically, Jafar won, is now the ruler of Agrabah, and you are given princess Jasmine and told to turn her both (a) obedient and (b) slutty.

Fortunately, there's a "school" in town that sells classes which do exactly that - how they do it is a bit vague - so you do various quests and amass money and turn Jasmine into a dolled-up tramp, along with two other girls you meet along the way. It's enjoyable and smutty if an obviously male-centric male-power fantasy; the art is nice and the gameplay good. I liked it.

Between Princess Trainer and Free Cities, I really wish I had the impetus to create a 'Mind Trainer' game, where you use the various tropes and tools of the EMC genre to bend someone into the slave you want them to be. You start out with some cash, you buy and then upgrade various enslaving technologies and of course slaves - who start out rebellious, of course - and earn money with them in various ways to continue upgrading and refining your enslaving technologies.

Why, just off the top of my head you could have:
  • drugs
  • subliminals
  • hypno-machines
  • hypnotists (e.g. other slaves, yourself, outside contractors) 
  • cybernetics / implants
  • surgery / physical modification
  • squicky mind-control critters
Aimed at:
  • personality modification
    • obedience
    • fetish implantation
    • likes / dislikes
  • personality erasure
  • libido enhancement / reduction
  • memory implantation / erasure
  • sexual orientation
And in all sorts of combinations, intensities, etc. Much more fun than "I had her whipped a lot and now she loves me" IMO.

But of course talk is cheap and ideas are cheap - the real coin of the realm is effort. And I don't see myself wrestling through Twine or Ren'py any time soon.

But hey - CORE #11 is underway!


  1. I'm mostly looking at that list and thinking up achievement names. XD

    "It's still me in here": Create a slave with >90% obedience and >90% original personality.
    "This unit obeys": Reduce a slave to 0% original personality.
    "Whatever you want": Give a slave all six fetishes.
    "It's the coffee that'll get'cha": Create a slave using only drugs.
    "Catchy backbeat": Create a slave using only subliminals.
    "I didn't ask for this": Create a slave using only cybernetics and implants.

    And so on. ;)

  2. That sounds very intriguing. I've tried my hand once or twice at creating such a game, but the level of involvement is so extreme, I just haven't found the motivation to build out an entire project with so much else going on!

    I've more or less figured out Twine, but every time I pick a project back up again, I'm a few versions behind and I have to figure out how to upgrade the version of Twine I'm out. I'm afraid it's a bit hopeless, perhaps I should stick to plain stories or try writing on chyoa.com at some point.

    Princess Trainer is quite a good game, though I had to draw the line at the (I believe optional) quest line where one of the girls you train looks a bit underage.

    Looking forward to the next CORE, whenever it's ready!!

  3. So when are we going to see more of the lovely world harvesting aliens from the Weapon series? That has to be my favorite! And I'd especially love to see a female mind going through the entire processing but somewhat resistant to the total mind control in a locked in sort of fashion.

  4. In this proposed EMC game, there needs to be betrayals and serial recruitment too, of course.

    I downloaded and tried Free Cities this afternoon, and next time I looked up it was 7 hours later.

    Yeah okay, that is pretty absorbing :D