Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tabenings - Time Warp Edition


Wanna know a secret?

I did some writing again this week! Yay!

Wanna know another secret?

It wasn't Pierced.


See, that's how it goes in the 'smut hobby' world. I write as the spirit moves me, since the spirit comes with no cash whatsoever.

Anywhoo, I had this really strong vision of a scene come to me, and it slotted perfectly into M&A, a 50% finished story I've had around forever. Like, 2007 or earlier. In fact, Synthetic, M&A, and That Which Has Been Lost are all sister stories of a sort, I was trying quite hard to keep my story output up and failing badly, and had all three chugging along at the same time. If I felt like fantasy, I'd write some TWHBL, sci-fi then I'd write Synthetic, and modern era I'd work on M&A.

And I've finished none of them, which is quite sad, really.

Yet! None of them, yet. As I say, I got a good erotic vision last weekend and squeezed it for some good smut writing impetus, so M&A has crawled out of its coma bed and shown a little legs.

Oh, and my trip got called off. One of the people I was to meet with had a stroke. Yeah, sucks. I don't know him very well, but obviously it still sucks.

So I'm at home playing World of Warcraft and eyeing more M&A, or maybe that story I really ought to be working on. We'll see.

If I don't get M&A out at some point it will have ceased to be "modern" and will have turned into historical fiction!


  1. Sorry to hear about the other guy - hope he's doing ok now, jeez. :(

    And hah, I know how it is. "I should really write X! Hey, look at all these great ideas for W, Y, and Z!"

  2. That's a bummer, but if it results in a completed story eventually, I'm all for it! I definitely will not complain... no, I will NOT complain! :D