Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tabenings, Ganesh Edition

Oh snap, it's Tuesday again! How did that happen?

Ohh right, there was a holiday yesterday. Ganesh Chaturthi! Also Labor Day, if you're in the States.

Well, as is too common around this time of year, I've got nothing new to unveil. I already directed you to Dollmistress' excellent and fun recent renderventure, as linked in last week's Tabenings.

As usual with erotic mind control stuff like that, it inspired some naughty spin-off ideas; and this seems like a reasonable place and time to elaborate on them! Having nothing else to report anyway. None of them are jelling into a coherent narrative, but it's worth putting some pins into them for examination.

The tale ends with Mel being turned into an incubation drone, her mind deliciously cored out. This elides in my mind towards pregnancy, and I was thinking how yummy it would be to have a story wherein a group of refugees from the Evil Mind Control forces are taken in by those opposed to the malevolent slavers, but the innocent women/children they admit behind their defenses include a goodly number of pregnant women - who are in fact not pregnant, but have inside them the actual advance agents of the EMC forces.

There's obviously some good bio-squick there; the creatures nestling in their hosts' wombs would have control not only of their hosts but could also have some telepathic MC powers which they would use to enthrall, then enslave, the defenders of the redoubt. And they could have all sorts of icky tentacles or eyes on stalks or whatever which could emerge, glistening, from their hosts' vaginas, to brainwash their new hapless victims.

A particular angle that this snippet evokes in my conception is some serious depersonalization. In general with mind control, even heavy mind control, the subject is assumed to retain some sense of self-worth, even if only as a tool for her Mistress. But in this case, the hosts could have been mentally broken down so much that they see themselves as having no intrinsic value at all - they are merely sheathes, sheltering disguises which their masters wear and might discard as they see fit. And in their remodeled minds, that is as it should be.

To reiterate - this is what the hosts truly believe. Without rancor or disapproval. They've been ego-wiped so thoroughly that they look at themselves, dispassionately, as totally disposable. "I am a slave husk; I have neither will nor desire. The Masters command and I obey. My body will serve their purposes for as long as they desire; then I shall die."

Mmm. Definitely something there.

Secondly, and not particularly related, the coterie of protagonistas which DM set up for us also set me to thinking of a similar 'commandos versus mind control' sort of scenario.

Posit powerful Mind Controllers who, let's be honest, really rather out-class our heroines, much as in DM's Space Ditz universe. Said Mind Controllers can use hypnotic / telepathic powers and pretty much enslave anyone they encounter without a lot of difficulty. For some valid reason they don't run the world - perhaps there aren't that many of them - and our heroines have some small defenses against them but nothing that would withstand direct woman-to-Mistress confrontation.

But! It has come to light that once upon a time the Mind Controllers had some enemies, competition as it were, of a more powerful but less cerebral sort. They got the upper hand over these rivals and, unable to destroy them, locked them away some while ago.

Our heroines have recently learned of the existence of these imprisoned but possibly still puissant entities. And now you can see where this is going - the crew of heroines must infiltrate the still-guarded locale where these enemies-of-their-enemies are locked away and, if possible, enlist their aid.

A desperate mission, to be sure, but what alternative is there?

And of course during the infiltration things will go slightly wrong and some of them will be suborned by the Mind Controllers; possibly some started out as traitors, either knowingly or unwittingly, and will betray their comrades to their Mistresses as soon as the time is ripe. But of course through pluck and luck, success is had, and the vault breached - but what is locked away down here that is frightening enough for the pursuit to stop?

And will whatever it is be helpful? (Well... it will certainly help itself to the delicious minds delivering themselves to it...)

Anywhoo. Some random thoughts there, of the sort that spark off of lovely striking material such as DM's set of renders.

Outlook for my near-term smut productivity is low, but I shall as always keep you posted here, in the Secret Files!


  1. Wow. That is a terrific treatment! A really fun idea and so many of the blocks already in place. I hope we see that one on The Archive one day as I'm sure it would be a terrific yarn!

    1. Hey, haven't seen you around in a while, what have you been working on?

      P.S. What happened to the film you were working on?

  2. Both scenarios are delicious! They could certainly spark the imagination, but I can't let them. There is too much that needs to be worked on already!

  3. Your first idea reminds me of the Genestealers within the Warhammer 40k universe - there are quite a few depictions of how being infected affects the personality and ego of humans such that they act like disposable shields for their offspring.

    The second idea is something I've been thinking about as a plot twist within the Space Ditz universe for ages. The idea that amongst the "living trophies" the Enthasa have kept intact from past conquests (e.g. Gorgona, Zara, Midas etc) there would be someone or something dangerous enough to defeat them. Or that the Enthasa were in fact not moving from system to system as conquerers but instead are fleeing from an even more powerful force that is the whole reason they're driven to enslave whatever they encounter (i.e. they need the supplies/personnel in order to stay one step ahead and survive). I'm not sure what form these even more powerful creatures would take, but the two main options would be either something entirely robotic or some kind of squicky parasitic species. I've already explored the latter a little in Miss Adventure and the Space Ditz Rebellion demo (i.e. Scamp and his species) but ultimately don't think that concept is far enough removed from the Enthasa and their diverse range of enslavement methods.

  4. Splendid ideas you've crafted!

    The concept of coring out and husking is one that you excel at, especially involving headstrong and strong willed heroes. I hope we can see this idea come to fruition sometime.