Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mid September Tabenings

Well, it looks like even over on 4chan they've given up on seeing an end to 'Pierced', so I guess it's about time I got off my ass and wrote one! Ending that is, not an ass. I don't even know how you would write one of those.

Also, given my recent dearth of smut activity - entirely explicable, mind you, given RL commitments that ramp up this time of year - I'm thinking I may go back to some sort of 'Tidbit' paradigm. Since I do a blog post on Tuesday, maybe Thursday would make sense. For the alliteration.

Other than promises and intentions, though, nothing to report on here this last week. Well, nothing from *me*. I can report that I've seen not just one but two stories - very nice, smexy stories - that other writers - very nice, smexy writers - have done based on or related to my stuff, and that you will probably be seeing the delicious fruits of their labors in the very near future.

Also I've been playing Pillars of Eternity, since it was on sale on Steam recently, and... well, I'm underwhelmed. The mechanics are fine but I've just not been pulled in by the setting. If you want to go dark and morally uncertain in your game's fantasy world, that's fine, but then you particularly need some levity and uprightness to create contrast - even if you plan to tear it down for effect later. Eh. They made an actual game, and I did not... but it would have been better if they'd hired me, that's all I'm saying.

Anywhoo, I'll get some prose bubbling or my name's not Tabico, see if I don't.


  1. Three, I think, if you count the tribute/pastiche I (Zyzzyva) will be putting up in a week or two. :) (Unless that was already the second.)

  2. Are you going to do some sort of "Here are the stories inspired by my work" announcement once they come out? Curious what "stuff" they based their writings of.

    1. Mine is called 'Incubated' and it is based on the 'Pierced' universe. The first two chapters will be posted the week of the 24th.

    2. I'm not sure if she was referring to the scene I (Slanador) shared, it will be a story based around a parasitic alien invasion (a bit Pierced like I suppose) where humans grow tentacles that they can control other humans with via a orifice that grows on top of / into their head. The females grow the tentacles. The males just grow combat tentacles. Nice for protecting their Queens, I spose.

    3. I am a huge fan of your 'Milk Society' stories, and this one also sounds right up my alley! Looking forward to it!

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  4. High praise indeed! I hope everyone else enjoys my story, too!

    That's too bad for 'Pillars of Eternity.' I have a copy (I backed the Kickstarter), but haven't yet played a lot of it. Too busy playing Overwatch and The Witcher 3. There's no doubt I would enjoy it better if you were the creative consult. :)

    Good luck with your prose! I have yet another good story idea, but it is not flowing...yet.

  5. I think what Obsidian was going for was a "darkest just before the dawn" vibe for the beginning. The starting areas are pretty bleak, although there's one companion you can get early on who inserts several levels of levity. The other starter companion you can get can bring humor, but he's mostly the straight-man-with-a-bad-past.

    I don't know far you got, but after you've gotten to midgame, the quests can get a little bit silly, your dialogue choices can get tongue-in-cheek, and your party begins to crack jokes with/at each other 50% of the time.

    That being said..."Pillars of Eternity" is totally a grimdark, ultrableak game with no redeeming value. You should totally not play it until you've finished "Pierced" (and maybe a few others). I'm saying this with /absolutely/ no ulterior motive or bias. P: