Saturday, June 18, 2016

Secret Files: The First Installment!

And here they are! The first batch of actual Secret Files!

They took a little work to post because I write in Notepad - yes, Notepad - and use manual line breaks which keep the text in a fairly narrow column. This works great (apparently) when Simon converts the text for posting on the EMCSA, but for my purposes here I had to go through every line and kill the line breaks wherever they happened within a paragraph, which was often.

You're welcome!

First up we have 'Deeper Than You Think', from 2002. As mentioned, this was posted in Vice's Yahoo group back at that time - and he illustrated it for me with three fantastic hand drawings, which I have included!

Secondly, another Vice-related story, 'Ziim: Masks', from 2005. I wrote this one as a 'Thank You' gift for Vice, who had been posting (and has continued to post) wonderful Poser images of mind-controlled pretties for many years. I don't recall the specific pics which inspired the story, but there were some (Nov/Dec 2004 I suspect). And, conforming to the cycle of smut, Vice himself subsequently made some illustrations based on the story, which was based on his illustrations.

And thirdly, a never-before-seen (unless you are trilby else, in which case: call me) story: 'Radiance'. It's high fantasy with a butt-kicking heroine, crossed with Lovecraftian mind controlling horrors from beyond the stars. Sadly, it's only part one, but it stands on its own pretty well.

So, enjoy! Let me know what you think!

I'm serious! More feedback = more Secret Files! Less feedback = fewer Secret Files! That's right! I can take them away! Mwah hah hah!


  1. A plethora of riches! I'll have to make some more comments when I've had a chance to...digest. :)

  2. Can't wait to read these!
    Especially since we can't get an update for Pierced now till July as EMSCA is not posting again till then.
    So we will get more Pierced and Uzo's art in July. Gonna be hot!

  3. Ziim was awesome, my fave of the three thanks to the permy enslavement techniques depicted. Deeper also great, really liked the writing throughout. Also had nice call-forward to Frozen, mentioning salad plates seven years early.

    Not so sure about that Radiance tale. The ending was a bit dark for my taste, all those poor slaves and their evil masters being defeated by heroism and cunning. That sort of thing just won't do, should have been censored or localised for MC audiences. At the very least given an "R" rating for excessive and gratuitous scenes of rescue and rehabilitation. :)

  4. Ziim and Deeper are a blast from the past! I was always sorry there was never any more of both. Different but yummy parasite fun (mmm pods and jellyfish).

    I will post another comment on Radiance once I've finished reading. Thanks for sharing!

  5. ...and back. What?! Good guys win? Must be temporary, right? Right?

    Interesting setup, I'd love to see more of these comet masters. :-)

  6. Deeper Than You Think - For some reason I'm feeling this sensation of Deja Vu, as though I've read this tale before...somewhere. I've been online reading these types of stories since the late 90's, so I suppose it's a vague possibility, though I simply don't recall - I've forgotten more tales than I've read at this point. I shouldn't confuse this with thrall's excellent octopus story - though, sadly, that tale is no longer posted on the MC archive.

    At any rate, a highly enjoyable tale. We never do find out what happened to the first poor unfortunate soul who encountered the jellies, but I suppose she's sleeping with the fishes now (ho ho). Possibly one of the reasons the jellies figure out who to expand their reach. The idea of them hiding themselves in hard to see places within the human body is quite hot. I think that would be mightily uncomfortable in real life, but as an MC tale it's a hoot. Love how their hosts get altered to have MC powers after they've been afflicted!

    Ziim: Masks - It's a bummer that this tale only had one part, but that part is amazingly hot! The temporary MC via monster control tickles the right MC buttons, and the idea of permanent body mods really starts the engine right up. It's too bad we don't get to see what the end result of the body mods will be! They'll probably have to be invisible to be proper infiltrators, though - and isn't that a shame!

    Radiance - I'm really digging this tale, too. The scenes with the queen and all her servants lazing around while the warrior tries to suss out the situation are amazing at driving up the heat levels. I agree with another commenter that having them taken out of their MC bliss is a travesty! :)

    I had some random ideas - perhaps when the meteor gets closer, the extradimensional being on board is able to start manifesting parts of itself. It can then implant otherworldly tentacles into the brains of the people it wants to control, sort of like ethereal mind controlling hands. Perhaps they're only visible via a magical lamp or some sort of dust, otherwise you can't tell who's infested.

    The extradimensional being is probably trying to get off the comet because it's in an orbit that's getting pulled closer to a sun that will destroy the comet entirely. I imagine that the being itself wouldn't die, living in another dimension, but its ability to manipulate things in the 'Radiance' universe would be diminished.

    Perhaps at the end of the tale the comet gets melted in a sun and they *think* it's been destroyed, but in actuality it has managed to implant its personality as a seed into the warrior that will slowly grow and make her the servant of the extradimensional being. Lot's of awesome possibilities!

    All in all, a great bunch of hot tales! I wish I hadn't scarfed them down so quickly!

    1. Pssst... You can find most stories removed from the Archive on the Wayback Machine. Unfortunately, by some divine piece of marketing, the final chapters of Thrall's big peice aren't on there.*

      *IK I should be supporting our fantastic creators through amazon e-book purchases, but buying smut, no matter how high-grade (god do I want to get my hands on it) is simply not possible for me right now.

    2. I have the money now, so I'll be buying from proper channels if I want to read those tales again. :)

  7. Final thoughts on the formatting difficulties. You should be able to use a Regex (Regular Expression) to remove the unwanted line breaks and preserve the wanted line breaks.

    That would require using a program that has a larger feature set than Notepad, however. I recommend Notepad++ ( - because it's free and it works. :)

    For example, if you have text that looks like this:

    Some text in a sentence
    there was just a line break

    Here's a new paragraph
    with another line break

    You can use the find/replace functionality in Notepad++ with this Regex to replace just the line breaks you don't want: (?<!\r\n)\r\n(?!\r\n)

    In the 'Replace' dialog, you would select 'Regular Expression' as the 'Search Mode,' add in the Regex above to the 'Find what' box, and add a single empty space to the 'Replace with' box, then click on 'Replace All.'

    What the regex is saying is effectively - find all line breaks that don't have a line break before or after the line break. This should locate all single line breaks as they occur within paragraphs. Then you're replacing them with an empty space instead of the line break. Using this methodology with the above sample text yields this:

    Some text in a sentence there was just a line break

    Here's a new paragraph with another line break

    Anyway, just food for thought if you have to do this again!

    *Disclaimer - If you're using a UNIX based system instead of windows, line breaks are represented as \n instead of \r\n

  8. Ziim:Masks was my favorite of the three. It was the one I most wanted to be finished, because there is so little serious superhero mind control stories out there.

    The offerings out there tend to veer on the silly, and Ziim seem like the Brood from X-Men, a very underutilized trope in superhero stories.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful stories!

  9. Vanderbilt from the Garden-

    I liked Radiance best. The hyper-competent heroine made it compelling as there was a sense of "maybe she can get out of this." The Lovecraftian element to the emc was a nice touch as well, I particularly liked the way staring through the lens got the Queen. The seduction of everybodyelse by putting a jewel on them was a bit abrupt, but that's quibbling for more sexy scenes more than anything. Great dialogue between the protag and the Queen.

    I had read Zim:Masks somewhere online before. I thought Zim:Masks was a fun superheroine story and the four-legged mind controllers recalled "Blue" to me. I felt the weakness of this one was a weakness that a lot of superheroine stories have, which is that the protagonists aren't that bright really. I liked the two submission scenes with Calico and Dare Damsel (we didn't really get to see the other one).

    And then . . . ARRGH! JELLYFISH!

    Since jellyfish were serious nightmare fuel when I was a small child, I read this as horror. The opening scene was genuinely chilling. The rest was ugh-no-ack-urgh-ew-ick-nonono. All very well-written and told of course, but definitely hitting the horror button for me.

    Overall, I'd be eager to see more of Radiance and the sword-heroine and Queen. I think Zim is also a story with potential, although I think the returning heroines should be a bit more on-the-ball for dramatic purposes. For personal squick reasons, I feel like my jellyfish mind control quota has not been satisfied.

    Thanks for posting all the stories, great to read more of your stuff as always!

    1. That's funny, because for me, stuff that plays on my phobias/dislikes such as Icky-Squicky, Deeper and that-wasp-one-I-can't-remember, is hotter than the usual ball-of-tentacles monster hypno stuff.

    2. I agree. Lots of my niches and turn-ons come from stuff I wouldn't want or fear to happen to me in real life.
      Well, naturally nobody wants to get raped by jellyfish IRL >.< But even the subtler stuff that actually COULD happen and if it did, it would be really frightening, is really intriguing on paper.
      There is a very thin line between repulsive and incredibly hot.
      And there are only a couple of authors who works with phobias as good as Tabi does.
      And I am really enjoying these gulps of hot. And I think this is actually worth releasing on the EMCSA, too. Something like "Quick and dirty anthology 2.0"

  10. Three Tabico pieces discovered all at once is a bit of a treasure trove - I would think that obvious to anyone who was here anyway. However, I respect Tabico's request for feedback. Of the three, "Deeper Than You Think" is by far my favourite. squick wasn't in my (known) catalogue of ... turn-ons, prior to reading "Adaptation". Now, I seek it out. See what you do? So jellyfish that hypnotize, control, and invade? Front row with popcorn, please. It also has what I consider some trademark (and enjoyable) Tabico-isms - 'what are you doing to me?', differing inductions/seductions, and eventual acceptance and enjoyment. Certainly the other two were enjoyable, though I'd want to see the second chapter of "Radiance" to see just how well - or poorly - the temptation is resisted. Well done, and a delight to discover. Thanks!

    Saint Germain

  11. Now that's a nostalgic blast from the past.