Thursday, March 22, 2018

Tabenings - Wet Edition

A Thursday update again! I swear I'm not trying to horn in Madam Kistulot's update day, it's just life gets busy, you know?

Although R/L is a whirlwind, I ain't got much going on in terms of Internet and/or smut. I played the Coceter Chronicles (porn game) for the first time and rather enjoyed it, although I think a bunch of the naughty content was recently stripped out? Because Patreon has decided to crack down on the non-societally approved fetishes (incest, bestiality, and of course mind control because it's rape) so in order to maintain an income stream the developer yanked that stuff. A shame. I enjoyed the game anyway.

And although I think the joke is that the game is pronounced "Cock Eater" Chronicles, I cannot help but pronounce it "Cosseter" Chronicles. Which I prefer, anyway. I dunno, how would you pronounce "Coceter"?

Speaking of video games, I finally burned out on Skyrim again after playing through a bunch of various mods and the Dragonborn expansion over again. Luckily Far Cry 5 is coming out in the next couple of days. Running around shooting people sounds like a nice change of pace. Hopefully my graphics card can handle it.

My spawn is off to a science camp for most of next week, so my evenings should be relatively free for a bit (although there are some girls I know what want to do girls' night stuff, which sounds fun) - hopefully I can leverage some of that into smut time. Depends on how much fun shooting people in the face turns out to be, really.


  1. Not going to lie, I got a little thrill on you considering this my update day. You are always free to hone in on it if it means I get more tabenings than I would otherwise! :)

    Hope R/L has at least been fun as it has been whirly. Windy? A thing, at any rate. I hadn't heard of Patreon doing another crackdown, I'll have to keep my eyes out for that. I still have my own patreon rather... honestly advertised. Might need to consider some caution. Hopefully the game gets its good stuff put back in. Who doesn't like a bit of twisted incest, (i would say no to bestiality but I liked Bitch too much to say it can't ever work even if it takes effort), and delicious mind control?

    Skyrim all modded up can be a lot of fun, and that Dragonborn expansion is so deliciously twisted corruption fuelly goodness. I'm sure there are some good ideas in there...

    I hope your spawn has fun, and that the girls are fun to hang out with, that Far Cry is enjoyable but not so fun that we get more smut... and hey, most importantly of all, that you enjoy yourself :)

  2. I pronounce it like ancient greek Cocytus, hard kays for both 'c's (which indeed ends up with the 'cock eater' pun), but only because I conflated the two words; which might not be the original intent, although erotica usually embraces punny/parodic titles.

    Patreon's move is (as usual in those cases) motivated by their financial backbone; can't openly support unwholesome topics if you want to keep paypal in your pocket! Sadly, this likely implies they won't revert back to their earlier lax content guidelines until a less politically-correct inclined beats them at their own game.
    I wouldn't hold my breath in that regard.

  3. Ooooh skyrim, the few mc fanart/fics out there are all about Miraak. I wish there was more with the volkihar vampires and their hypnosis/thralls. Especially involving Serana she'd be great for being controlled and controlling the DB. Her character is probably where I started thinking about consensual/romantic mc.