Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tabenings - pre-Holiday edition

So Uzobono just sent me (well, yesterday) the renders for the first scene in CORE #11 and they look fucking awesome. I have to say, it's so fantastic to be able to write something, send it over to Uzo, and then receive back images that are not just what I had in mind but better than what I had in mind.

If you wonder why I've only produced a couple of stories - and been shoddy about finishing them - in the last several years, but have managed to reach CORE issue #11, you need look no further for your explanation. The sheer awesomeness of working with a gifted illustrator simply cannot be overstated. The payoff for my writing is right there, days later, arriving in my inbox and totally beautiful. No wonder I manage to get my lazy ass back into gear and write the next scene, and the next.

So currently the script is up to scene four (inclusive), and the renders are down for scene one. I should have another few scenes over to Uzo by tomorrow. The current plan is for a total of 15 scenes, so we're definitely looking at 2017 but probably not too far into 2017.

In other news, mmm, let's see. Gonna be at the parents' house for the winter break, and I dunno how that will affect my blogging. In fact, recalling my issues this summer, it's entirely possible that you shan't hear from me (unless we are corresponding via e-mail, e-mail still works) until next year! Though I hope that won't be the case. Farking Google and their "sure you have the right password but your IP address is different so give us your cell number" fuckitude.

In any case, if I can't blog between now and January,  have a great Holiday season. We'll know by next week.


  1. have you considered starting a Patreon? i think the promise of monthly cash can do wonders for motivating writers (and creators of all kinds)!

  2. Totally understandable, and I will, of course, NOT protest when your collaborations with Uzobono produce such fun material!

  3. I'm thinking that Google flags activity that comes from "distant" IP's (i.e. from another city), while allowing local traffic to go through unimpeded. Other social media platforms do this as well. This is why you probably don't get the warning/security questions if you log into an account from the Starbucks close to home, or from a public network at your workplace, but get blocked if you're using the hotel wifi in Salt Lake City, and normally live in New York.

    A VPN might solve your issue. I use HMA, which allows me to select from a list of virtual servers in cities across the world, giving me a "local" IP even though I'm not in my home city. You do have to pay for decent provider (boo), but on the plus side, a VPN encrypts your traffic, which is not a bad thing when you're on a public/hotel network.

    You can probably get a 30-day trial for most of the good providers, which would allow you to see if they're a good fit for what you are looking for.

  4. Merry winter holiday to you too!

  5. 2017 is looking great already!

    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you!