Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tabenings - Yoga Edition

Well, now I straight-up missed a week! Le sigh.

Not a lot to report but I did see something on my Facebook feed that was really rather NSFW but also totally worth watching: Latex Yoga.

Yes, Latex Yoga. It's exactly what you think it is, and when I have ascended to Fetish Valhalla I shall watch it for *hours*.


This one's from Reflective Desire, to whom I think I've linked before. They're excellent.

Also, if you like 'Adaptation' and would be interested in seeing something similar but illustrated, and with mushrooms rather than wasps, you are now totally in luck. A person with the handle 'Kazu' has uploaded a super hot - if you are perverted in the ways I am perverted - illustrated story called 'Cordyceps' to their Pixiv account.

It's probably easier to read at e-hentai, but here's both:



Furthermore, there were some great additions over at the EMCSA last weekend. Let me state here that I generally observe a policy of not specifically praising stories on the EMCSA not because I don't enjoy them or don't feel that they deserve it, but because I am terrified of overlooking ones that I should point out and thereby slighting authors who totally deserve encouragement. So rather than discourage someone by utterly inadvertently saying nothing about a great new story, I just don't say anything about any new stories - at least, in public. If I have the time I will sometimes send a quick email of encouragement.

But it was a big update last weekend, with lots of good stuff.


  1. I can definitely appreciate wanting to be careful with EMCSA praise when you've got a name like you do. I suppose I probably should be careful too, but I mostly try to take that to just be really encouraging. Still, your method doesn't seem bad at all! :)

    That latex yoga vid is all kinds of hot looking. I may need to watch more of it. Repeatedly. Good inspiration for an idea in there, somewhere...

    I look forward to giving Cordyceps a look! I hadn't stumbled across that before. Pixiv would be a bit obnoxious for a story this big. Plus the torrent works for it so you can just use windows picture viewer or another program of choice!

    You were missed last week, but hey, you got back to Tuesday! Guess I'll be stealing your Thursday slot this week, look out! :)

  2. Suggested reading is always helpful. A comment "there are a couple of good reads on a page of updates" is less so. Why worry about offending those not mentioned? Even the best writers don't write great pieces every time they sit down, and that isn't taking into account the nuances of erotic preference that is at play here. There are certain stories that could be VERY well written and super hot for one reader but I might never read it because it's a subgenre that doesn't hook me. I think most people are aware of that. At the same time I might try something new if given a specific recommendation to do so.

    If anything being omitted from a list might spur an author to try harder to be included- especially if the recommendations were regular (monthly?). I once continually wrote contributions to an author I admired until I finally got included. Made my day!

    I would love a short list of stories that were notable to you from the past month! It's not saying the others weren't worthy of recommending or good, but here are a few that immediately came to mind, after a month (so no pressure to even boil down the best in a single update).

    But come on, don't fear of offending. Let us in on what makes you tick. That's part of the point of this blog isn't it? Chances are, since we're faithfully following you it will make us tick, too. Also, even if some egocentric author does get offended for being left out- chances are they read the updates too and might appreciate a good story they missed and perhaps even some inspiration for their next pursuit.

    Ok I'm done. Don't be afraid to speak your mind.